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Top 10 Articles for Writers — December 2010

Carol Tice | 25 Comments

Top 10 Articles For WritersReaders liked my top-10 articles for writers list in November, so it’s going to be a regular feature. Thrilled to have a chance to help readers of this blog discover some wonderful other thought leaders on writing and blogging.

As I go, I’m refining my selection criteria — I want to present a fresh variety of voices, so I’ve decided no one author can have more than one post in the top 10.

Drumroll please…and heeere they are, the top 10 posts for writers in December 2010 (listed numerically/alphabetically by post title):

1.  4 Tips to Help Freelance Writers Earn a Living — by Laura Spencer on Writing Thoughts

2. 5 Ways to Promote your Blog: What You Should Be Writing Besides Blog Posts — by Rebecca Osberg, on We blog better [NOTE: As of 11/2016, this post no longer exists.]

3.  8 Steps To Better Focus — by Anne Wayman on About Freelance Writing

4. 10 Lessons I Learned by Gaining My First 1,000 Subscribers — by Onibalusi Bamidele (He’s 16, people — get schooled!) on Daily Blog Tips

5.  How to bring hundreds of new readers to your blog — by Judy Dunn on Cats Eye Writer [NOTE: As of 11/2016, this blog no longer exists.]

6.  How to “Fake it ’til you Make it” (Without Being an Unethical Schmuck) — by Jennifer Mattern on All Freelance Writing

7.  How Your Prospect’s Brain Becomes Your Secret Persuasion Partner — by Marcia Hoeck on Copyblogger

8.  Inspiration vs Obligation: the Great Creativity Debate — Georgina Laidlaw, content manager for ProBlogger

9.   Say No Like a Pro — When You Must Turn Down New Business —  by Shari Weiss on CompuKol Connection. [NOTE: As of 6/2017, this article is no longer available.]

10. Writing Goals: Get Rid of Disabling Beliefs — by Angela Booth on Angela Booth’s Fab Freelance Writing Blog

What were your favorite articles about writing this month? Feel free to add more article links in the comments below.

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25 comments on “Top 10 Articles for Writers — December 2010

  1. Rebecca on

    Hi Carol,

    I stumbled across your blog on Copyblogger and was SO excited to see one of my posts on your blog! Now the Internet really feels small to me 🙂 Thank you so much for including me on your list, and you are officially on my Google Reader now. I can't wait to peruse your back posts and read your future ones.

    • TiceWrites on

      Hi Cathy — funny you should ask. Intense Debate does not allow me to let people I've previously OK'd post without moderation in future…which is driving me slowly nuts. This weekend, I'll be switching back to WP default comment system, so the problem will hopefully be resolved by next week.

  2. Cathy Miller on

    Thanks for the list, Carol. I have some on my RSS feed so i had the pleasure of reading them, but there are quite a few (for me) new ones. I am always looking for interesting reads – like Anne, I just wish I could find the time for everything I wanted to read.

    I'm going to check out my new discoveries (thanks to you). 🙂
    My recent post Amazon Takes on Miss Manners

    • TiceWrites on

      Yeah, the joke at one publication I worked at as a staffer was we'd ask newbies what they're most-desired superpower was…and mine was always "the ability to clone myself."

      • Katherine Swarts on

        I kind of would like "total recall" memory; then I'd never have to spend another dime on a book or video download, would just have to glance at something once in the library/bookstore/Internet/TV rerun channel and then have it waiting in my own brain, in perfect detail, whenever I needed it.
        My recent post Top 10 Articles for Writers — December 2010

    • Katherine Swarts on

      I liked your ATMM post, Cathy, and I think the gift registry idea is great. (My immediate family still exchanges "what I want" lists every year, though the rule is you don't send one until asked.) But if you want it to pass the "Miss Manners test," better drop the part about "the perpetually single"; I've followed her column for years and I have a feeling her response would be "The world of etiquette doesn't owe anyone special favors to compensate for bad luck."
      My recent post Top 10 Articles for Writers — December 2010

  3. Marcia Hoeck on

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks so much for including my first Copyblogger guest post in your list! That is so so so cool. And congrats to you for being one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2010 — now THAT has to be a real high. I plan to kick back the rest of the day and poke around all these terrific articles and blogs — can't wait to read about the earning strategies.

    I'm doing a no-cost webinar series this month, "How to Have an Indestructible Business," ending January 5th at

    Happy to meet you,

    • TiceWrites on

      Welcome to the copyblogger guesting gang!

      So far my reaction to the top10 win is more like …a combo of freaking alternated w/disbelief. Most excited to team w/ other winners to do stuff…stay tuned!

  4. Patrice on

    Where have I been all this time? I had no idea a wonderful blog like your existed. I'll be back to soak up all the information I can handle. I'm so glad you write this blog!

  5. Anne Wayman on

    Hi Carol… glad to be included in this list for sure… we need another article called something like how to find time to read everything we should or would like to – hugs – and my feed is broken sigh

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