10 Best Articles for Writers — November 2010

Carol Tice

Top 10 Articles For WritersWhen I’m not writing for clients or for this blog, I read a lot of articles about how to improve your writing or your blog. Most of us writers began as avid readers, didn’t we? I still consider myself a learner, soaking up everything I can about our craft and how it’s best practiced in this fast-changing, new-media world.

When I find great articles, I tend to retweet them. And I recently realized that means I can easily create a fun post on the best articles for writers each month, by scanning back through my tweetstream.

Here’s the first edition — my 10 Best Articles for Writers for November. I will not be including any articles or blog posts I’ve written, either for this blog or elsewhere.

If folks enjoy this, I’ll do it as a regular feature, so please leave some feedback and let me know if you find this a useful post.

The Talmud teaches that it’s important to give full credit to sources, so I am mentioning both the author and the site where the post appeared, so you can see at a glance who was involved in creating these insightful articles.

Without further delay, here are my picks. They may not all have initially published this month, but I discovered them in November. They’re listed alphabetically by title, since I can’t possibly rank them. All great information.

  1. How to Fill a Hole in Your Schedule — the Query-Free Freelancer Way – by Jennifer Mattern, on All Freelance Writing.
  2. How to Plan a Successful Blog – A Step-by-Step Guide – by Annabel Candy on The Daily Brainstorm [NOTE: This post is no longer available.]
  3. How to Remove Emotions From Your Writing Business – by Anne Wayman on About Freelance Writing
  4. How to Sprint to Your Blog’s Tipping Point – by Stanford Smith on Pushing Social
  5. 13 Tips for Beginning Bloggers (which I learned the hard way) by Gretchen Rubin on ProBlogger
  6. 10 Typical Questions From Writers (that are really just fear in disguise) – by Emma Newman on Write for Your Life
  7. 7 Ways to Improve Your Writing — Right Now – by James Chartrand on Copyblogger
  8. Top 5 Query Mistakes Freelancers Make – by Linda Formichelli on Renegade Writer [NOTE: The Renegade Writer blog is gone now.]
  9. Why People Should Stop Updating Their Blogs – by Jered Slusher, on Virgin Blogger Notes
  10. Why You Shouldn’t Write for Revenue Sharing Sites – by Carson Brackney, on FreelanceWritingJobs

Have I missed any great articles about writing or blogging this month? If so, feel free to leave us a link in the comments below. I’d like these posts to serve as great reference tools for learning about the craft and business of freelance writing.

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  1. Zahra Brown

    The good? I was just about to make one of the top 5 query mistakes, so this post helped.
    The bad? Now my blog roll is getting too big!

    • TiceWrites

      Well, great to hear this post rode to the rescue just in time! Linda is the author of the Renegade Writer's Query Letters that Rock…and is a total cool authority on this topic.

    • TiceWrites

      I've heard 2 theories on blogrolls — I subscribe to the one that it's helpful to share other good sites with your readers, and that it helps you connect with other good writers who might add you to their own blogroll. Reading my analytics I've learned that some other bloggers who have me in their blogroll send me a LOT of traffic! So I want to reciprocate.

      Others say you shouldn't put anything on your blog that navigates people away from your blog and to someone else's. But I'm not that paranoid. I think we all need to become successful by helping each other here in the blogosphere.

  2. @pushingsocial

    Excellent list Carol. Looking forward to browsing and reading these articles over the Holiday!

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Stanford! Great to see you visit my blog. I'm digging lots of your stuff…and trying to get my lazy teen digital-design student to get me a subscribe mouse-over tab for the bottom of my posts like you got. Since I have a kid who does martial arts too maybe that was one reason I particularly enjoyed that post. Love your stuff I see here and there all around our great Interwebs.

  3. Linda Formichelli

    Thanks for including my post, Carol! FYI, the link to Jennifer Mattern's post leads to a different article.

    • TiceWrites

      Well darnit — everybody just go on All Freelance Writing and search for it then if you would…as it happens I am nearly 48 hours into a massive Seattle blackout following a snowstorm and gale-force wind event. So I'm here on a friend's computer just quickly checking things. I'll try to fix once my power's back up and I regain control of the computer…

      • Linda Formichelli

        Wow, good luck! I did do a search for that post and it was a good one!
        My recent post Thank you!

        • TiceWrites

          I've fixed the link for it now — hopefully working properly. Apologies all!

      • TiceWrites

        OK, I am FINALLY back on the Interwebs after a nearly 48-hour power outage, and have fixed Jenn's link. Should be working and going to the right post now. Apologies!

  4. M. Sharon Baker

    Great idea Carol! Saves me time from reading your twitter stream to see what great stuff I've missed when I'm swamped. And great for your site as well with additional links to great resources you've found.

    One place you may want to add to your reading list is Judy Dunn's Cat's Eye Writer Blog, which mixes writing, blogging and social media. Judy, a copywriter, is in our neck of the woods, and across her desk is her husband Bob, aka Mr. WordPress. Both are a great resource for writers and bloggers.

  5. Cheri

    You asked us to let you know if this post was helpful. Absolutely. Please keep doing this. Reading it made me feel like there was someone out there helping to filter through all things that there are to read. I'm a new subscriber, and think you should keep doing posts such as this. Thank you.

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Cheri — glad to hear you liked it! I read this stuff anyway, so I think I might as well boil it down into a best-of each month. Fun feature — and makes a quick library for me if I want to go back to any of these gems.

  6. @AnneWayman

    Thanks so much for including me in this list. Every time I think I've got a handle on bloggers who blog well about writing I'm delightfully surprised to find more.
    My recent post 108 Things I’m Grateful For

  7. sondibruner

    I found this post helpful and would definitely read posts like this on a regular basis. Thanks!

    • TiceWrites

      That seems to be the consensus, so I'm definitely going to make this a regular feature! I found it fun to compile, too.

  8. Walter

    This is just what I need. I've been blogging for a year yet I still find good writing to be difficult. There are times when I write good content, but oftentimes there are bad. I just need a guide to get me through and thanks for providing some here. 🙂
    My recent post Fed up with your job Stop torturing yourself

  9. Annabel Candy

    Hey Carol, just noticed you tweetedfour months ago this and I’m featured. Sorry, had a bit of a tweet fail there but glad I caught up with you in the end:) Thanks so much for including me, I’m so glad you found that post useful. I’m writing more and more about blogging these days because all of us writers need to hone our blogging skills.

    Great to see you doing a fab job here and thanks again for including me. It’s great to tweet you:)

    • Carol Tice

      Great to connect with you Annabel, whenever it happens!


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