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“You know you are a writer when…” – 12 Writers Share When They Felt Recognized and Seen


Can’t help but zero in on every grammatical error you see? Analyzing ads in public to figure out if you could write it better? Fighting the urge to red-pen any document that comes in front of you? Yep – if you’re guilty of these then it’s a serious tell-tale sign that you write for a living (or as an awesome side hustle). 

At some point in all of our careers, the penny drops and we find ourselves using our work expertise in everyday life. 

So naturally, we were curious about what that exact moment looked like for our MALWriting community. We headed to our socials to find out and, just so you know, it was nothing short of hilariously relatable!

Here’s what our writers had to say when we asked them to finish the sentence of, 

“You know you’re a writer when…”

  1. “All of your friends and family come to you when they need something written, ie. Resume, Character Letter, Letter of Reference, etc.”
  • Frandal Bellmon., Facebook
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  1. “On a more comical note, I knew I was a writer when I had to wake myself because of a work-related habit. I would find that I was dreaming about interviewing someone and, in my sleep, I was nodding and saying “yes” or “mmhmm” – as I do irl – to show the person that I’m listening or paying attention” 
  • Tanya Manus., Facebook

A brand new talk show could be the next career path for you, Tanya. Let those dreams become a reality – we’re here for it! 

  1. “You have that ‘extra little notebook and pen’ scattered onto nearly every flat surface of your home. Not to mention your iPhone Notes app being full of ‘better not lose it’ ideas…Oh, and you ghostwrite and edit for thought-leaders and speakers so much that you finally gave in to making it your niche on social media!”.
  • Kate Grace., Facebook

Ahh, the infamous Notes app of every writer that proves more precious than gold itself! The unorganized keeper of every love letter, poetic thought, opening line, and draft of unsent tweets.

  1. “You know you’re a writer when you get a creative brief with a “content to beat” link…and you wrote the content! (Career highlight: check✅)” 
  • Belynda Cianci., Facebook

We see you, Belynda! 

Image link: https://imgflip.com/i/6vvlnw


  1. In the dreaded “day job”, you proofread any letters circulated from management and send them back with red pen corrections”
  • @penandpaper1989., Twitter
  1. “You get your first negative review on something you published!”
  • @JustinBamforth., Twitter

Ah – One of the serious indications that you’ve truly made it! 

  1. “You pay your bills with your words.”
  • @FreedomMMC., Twitter
  1. “…plots or angles come alive when you’re in the shower or when you’re half-asleep but nothing pops up the moment you’re in the office, staring at your pc screen.”
  • @Tiatsele., Twitter
  1. “You create back stories for random strangers you meet.”
  • @bint_Taliat., Twitter
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  1. “You notice grammar errors EVERYWHERE”
  • @CCAllsop., Twitter

Nothing pains us writers more than seeing confusing similar spellings, or – dare I say it –  a misplaced comma. It can feel like a lot… or alot or allot…ah, forget it! 

  1. “You can sell words” 
  • @Se7venDayz., Twitter

You absolutely can! There are a ton of ways to make money writing online – check out our tips and resources to help you survive and thrive in the world of freelance writing. 

  1. “You have several manuscripts in Google Docs waiting to be polished, with the next one swirling in your brain.”
  • @julia_bizwriter., Twitter

Google Docs = the creative cache of every writer where ideas and drafts reside – until the deadline hits, of course. 

And that’s a wrap! Thank you to our awesome MALWriting community for sharing their experiences as career writers.

We want to hear from you! Whether it’s filling up your Google Docs with countless ideas, receiving some pretty unforgettable feedback, or breaking those “writing rules” – we’d love to read about your big moment. Leave them in the comments to see if the rest of our writers can relate! 

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This guest post was written by Zara Choudhry, Founder of AnonymouslyZara.

Edited by Omer Redden, Editor-in-Chief.