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Writing for Money? Here’s What You’ll Earn in 2019 [Audio]

Carol Tice

Writing for Money: What You'll Earn. Makealivingwriting.comI bet you didn’t know that I can see the future. It’s true! If you’re writing for money, now that it’s April, I can tell what your writing income will be this year.

Sound crazy? It’s really simple.

Once you know the secret, you’ll have a good idea what you’re likely to earn from writing this year, too.

I wanted to talk you through this, so I’ve put together a short audio recording that demonstrates my fortune-telling abilities.

Give it a listen…and then you’ll know what your checkbook will say at year-end. You’ll also find out what to do if you’d like to see a bigger number than my forecast reveals.

What you’ll earn writing for money

Take a listen, and I’ll explain how I can already tell what you’ll make, writing for pay this year.

Listen: My First Quarter Predictions for Freelance Writers’ Income.

Did that surprise you?

If you’re one of those people who don’t like to listen to audio, here are the show notes:

Do a little math. Add up what you earned in the first quarter of the year. Multiple by four, and you have your projected income for this year.

Evaluate. What do you think of that figure? Does it make you happy, or maybe terrified?

Plan. If you don’t like your projection, it’s time to think of how you will change the outcome.

What could you change in your marketing, to make it more effective? How will you connect with more or better clients? Do you need to target a different type of writing client?

Document. Put your new plan in writing and create a weekly check-in time to review your progress. Now’s the time to course-correct, while the year is still fairly young, and there’s time to do marketing that can pay off well before year-end.

If you don’t have an accountability buddy yet, who you can call weekly to keep you on track, you can get one here.

Earn more writing for pay

I have a philosophy that we writers work hard for our clients. It’s really not worth doing this career, if you’re not getting well paid! It needs to add up to a solid income. (If you don’t know what to charge, check out this post on how to figure out your daily rate.)

The end of the first quarter is a great time to firm up your income goals for the year — and make a concrete plan for reaching them.

What will writing for money earn you in 2019? Let’s discuss your goals in the comments.

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