Nonfiction Author

The best writing career for you according to your quiz results is … Career Nonfiction Author!

Based on your quiz answers, you are probably someone who has extensive expertise or life experience, with a business-savvy background, and a desire to make an impact by helping people solve problems.

As a nonfiction author, your business comes first, and your book can be one of the most important assets to help you grow and thrive as an entrepreneur. Writing a nonfiction book is an exciting, effective way to gain authority in your industry and to reach a broader audience while helping people solve problems in the process.

Many nonfiction authors turn their expertise and experience into a lucrative, rewarding career. Through books, business owners can increase their prospect pool, gain new clients, and become an industry authority in their field.


For entrepreneurs and business owners

Share your expertise

Sell more of your services and/or product

Leave an impact

Build industry authority


Competitive field

Can be difficult to monetize

You’re running a business

Requires extreme self-discipline

Easy to lose focus

What should you do next?

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