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Writer’s Guide To Clickbank: 3 Steps To Success

Jackie Pearce

When it comes to making money as a writer, offering affiliate products can be a great way to get started.

If you have a website that is doing well and attracting readers, or a social media following, it makes sense to sell them things that can make their lives better. It is also a good way for you to make some money, which can help you spend more time writing.

In this writer’s guide to Clickbank, we will be going over the basics of how the site works, how you can start to make money by offering other people’s products, how to sell your own products, and some other tips to master Clickbank.

What Is Clickbank?

ClickBank is a digital marketplace where you can sell your own digital products or sell other people’s digital products and make a percentage of the sale.

As you can imagine, it is a great way for a writer or blogger to make some extra money on the side or even turn it into a full-time gig with the right amount of focus and effort.

Instead of doing all of the work to create your own products, you can instead sell products of other people, which is a great way to get started making affiliate income.

If you have not done that form of monetization for your writing, how affiliate sales work is for every product you sell, you get to keep a percentage of the sale. Since the products are digital, you can sell an endless amount and often the product creator will let you keep a larger percentage compared to if it was a physical product (since there is no cost of item).

For writers who want to make money with affiliate marketing, it can take a lot of time to go out there and hunt for individual affiliate programs. Clickbank brings them all home under one roof so you have thousands of options at your fingertips.

As of writing this, Clickbank has over 4,000 products for you to offer to your audience. Of course, not every single one of them would apply to your niche but it is still good for you to know.

Here’s a Writer’s Guide To Clickbank

If you have done the hard work of gaining an audience or you have people who care about what you want to say, being able to make money can help you keep your writing career going.

Being able to make money will give you more time to create more things and write more content, which is essential to making it sustainable.

Even if you just decide to do it on the side, making extra money can help a lot of people. Plus, if you find products that really help your readers, it is a win for everyone.

You can also sell your own products, which is a great option for writers to make more sales since other people on Clickbank can sell your own products.

How To Offer Clickbank Products On Your Site

It is a given that you will need to sign up for a Clickbank account before you start to hunt through products. Make sure to get that done first and then you can go through the rest of the steps.

Search through products in your niche

There are thousands and thousands of products on Clickbank and it might take you quite some time to sort through them all. Thankfully, there are categories which can help you narrow it down and find a product that works best for you.

You can also see reviews of some products to get an idea of how other people like the product as well.

This can help you pick one that will help your audience and that they will love as well. You might even find multiple products that you would love to offer to your audience.

Check out the product in detail

The first thing you will want to do is to make sure that you are offering a product you stand behind.

While Clickbank will take down spam and fake products, outside of that, they will not check out the validity of a product or the advice in it.

That will be your job before you offer a product to your readers that you do not actually stand behind. You might have to buy the

Figure out their terms

Every affiliate offer will offer a set percentage of affiliate income, which you will want to look up. Sure, if the product is really good, you might not care if the percentage is small.

However, some products can offer a big affiliate income which might provide more incentive to you as an affiliate.

If you want to offer a product on Clickbank, you will first want to read through their overview to get the ball rolling.

There are three types of products you can also sell on the Clickbank platform:

  • Digital products
  • Physical products
  • Recurring products

For a summary of what else to do, here are the steps to follow (there are more details in the link above):

  • Pick what you want to sell on Clickbank
  • Gather your necessary legal documentation
  • Double-check to see if your product is compliant
  • Buy a domain name
  • Build your pitch page
  • Create a “thank you” page
  • Test your payment process
  • Create a Hoplink for your affiliates
  • Put it on the Clickbank marketplace
  • Submit it for approval
  • Once approved, pay the activation charge
  • Optimize your process from there

They also have over 200 million customers, to give you an idea of how many people are shopping on Clickbank. That is also a good idea of what could happen if you put your product on that platform.

Tips to Master Clickbank and Common Mistakes

One of the most common affiliate programs for bloggers to join is the Amazon Associate account, which lets you get income from products sold through your links on Amazon.

The problem with this program is that the affiliate income rates are abysmal compared to other programs.

Picking products that are not a good product

One common mistake writers make is picking products that are not high-quality. You can hurt the trust with your audience if you pick a product that makes them upset. Be sure to do your due diligence.

Selling products that do not make sense

Another mistake a lot of writers make is either trying to sell products that are not a good fit for their audience or now trying to sell too many products. Both of those options scream that you are trying so hard to make money and it can come off as desperate.

What To Do Next?

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