Level Up Your Freelance Skills with These 18 Writer Organizations

Evan Jensen

Ever thought about joining one of those writer organizations?

You probably have. Sometimes trying to find freelance writing jobs can feel a little like living on a deserted island that happens to have a wifi connection.

You spend a lot of time working alone. Besides client calls and interviews with sources, you might not talk to many people besides your family, or your pet.

Sound familiar?

Writer organizations can help bridge the gap of working in isolation.

But more importantly, writer organizations can connect you to a community of other writers and freelance professionals, writing jobs, training, and a host of resources to help you grow your business.

And you don’t have to look far to find a writing organization designed to help you dominate your niche.

Travel, science, health, education…there’s an organization for almost every type of writer to help you develop your skills, and ultimately move up and earn more.

So which of the many writer organizations should you join? Check out this list to help you decide:

Should you join? Benefits of writer organizations for freelancers

If you’re on the fence about joining a writer organization, take a closer look at what they have to offer and what you get for a monthly or annual membership fee. Writer organizations can help you:

  • Get tips and info about the business and craft of freelance writing
  • Make connections with other writers in your niche
  • Find prospects and freelance writing jobs
  • Tap into resources, benefits, and training that might be out of reach for you as a soloprenuer
  • Ask for advice from editors, legal counsel, and writing professionals
  • Stay on top of trends, news, and developments related to the type of writing you do
  • Give yourself an excuse to plan a tax-deductible trip to a writing conference

1. American Medical Writers Association

Did you know only 12 percent of adults in the U.S. can pass a basic health literacy test, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? Part of the problem is the complexity and jargon of health information. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says the American Medical Writers Association.

If you want to develop your freelance career as a medical writer and improve content and communication for patients, consumers, and healthcare providers, check out this niche organization.

Founded in: 1940
Annual membership:
Includes: Member directory, free training, job board, discounts on conferences and events

2. American Society of Journalists and Authors

Last year the American Society of Journalists and Authors celebrated it’s 70th year as an organization that was created to represent independent journalists and non-fiction writers.

Fun fact: It didn’t start out by that name. It was originally called the New York Society of Magazine Writers. The primary purpose back then? It gave writers a way to compare pay rates at consumer magazines, says Executive Director of the American Society of Journalists and Authors Alexandra Owens.

Founded in:
Annual membership:
Includes: Networking, job leads, professional development, mentorship opportunities,  emergency fund program for writers, discounts on conferences and training

3. American Society of Professional Copywriters

Florida-based writer Dennis Taylor launched the American Society of Professional Copywriters after a 40-year career in advertising, public relations and journalism to help writers develop copywriting skills. “Membership is about the cost of one specialty coffee per month for the year, but is sure to kick-start your occupation more than the caffeine would,” says Taylor.

Founded in: 2017
Annual membership:
Includes: Mastermind group, monthly copywriting tips newsletter, awards program, discounts on coaching, certification

4. Authors Guild

If you’re a published author, have a book contract, or want to write a book, but need help navigating the publishing world, Authors Guild is your writer organization. “Our mission is to support working writers,” says Authors Guild President James Gleick. “We advocate for the rights of writers by supporting free speech, fair contracts, and copyright. We create community and we fight for a living wage.”

Founded in: 1912
Annual membership:
Includes: Publishing industry news, workshops, marketing and social media training for book promotions, writer website tools, and discounted liability insurance for media professionals

5. Education Writers Association

Here’s a sobering fact. In the United States, about 16 percent of high school students drop out before graduation, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Why is that? And what can be done about it in the classroom or by elected officials to change that? It’s the kind of education-related issues journalists have been writing about and reporting on for years. Do you write about education on a local, regional or national level? Take a look at this niche writer’s organization.

“We want to strengthen the community of education writers and improve the quality of education coverage to better inform the public,” says Education Writers Association President Greg Toppo.

Founded: 70 years ago
Annual membership:
Includes: Education listserv to share ideas and sources, monthly webinars, database of education experts, resources for writing about education issues, discounts on seminars and workshops

6. Freelancers Union

Did you know an estimated 57 million people in the United States are independent contractors? That’s a lot of people, and many of those are creative types like writers, journalists, and designers. Want to connect with other freelancers, collaborate on projects, or check out affordable health insurance options? The Freelancers Union can help you with all three of those things.

Founded in: 1995
Annual membership: Free
Includes: Discounted health, medical, and other insurance plans, network of freelance professionals, resources for independent journalists, writers, designers, and more

8. Freelance Writers Den

What has 300+ hours of recorded trainings and has served nearly 12,000 writers since 2011? The Freelance Writers Den, created by Carol Tice (a/k/a the founder of this-here blog). The Den is the Lynda.com-style, all-you-can-eat learning and support platform for freelance writers looking to grow their income — fast.

Whether you’re a newbie or a mid-career, working freelance writer, the Den can connect you with other writers, get feedback on pitches, offers monthly live events, 24/7 forum help, and more. Notice an opening to join The Den? Seize the day. The doors to join are only open to the general public twice a year. It’s one of the few writer organizations where membership is month-to-month, no obligation, leave anytime — plus, there’s a 7 day tryout refund guarantee.

Founded in: 2011
Monthly membership: $40
Includes: Bootcamps, podcasts, and resources about the business and craft of freelance writing, pitch reviews by professional writers and editors, job board, coaching, and more

9. Media & Content Marketing Association

Is content marketing hot? Take a stroll across the Interwebs, and you’ll see every brand and business from small mom-and-pop shops to billion-dollar corporations tapping into content marketing to get more likes, shares, follows, subscribers, and customers in a variety of different ways. The secret: great content combined with smart marketing. If that’s your style of writing, check out what the MCMA has to offer.

“We’re devoted to helping our members achieve excellence and success in media and content marketing through education and networking opportunities,” says MCMA President Jeff Hartford.

Founded in: 1970
Annual membership: $75
Includes: Networking with content marketing professionals, continuing education, industry trend updates, discounts on industry events, and more

10. National Association of Independent Writers & Editors

One of the most popular features for freelancers that the National Association of Independent Writers & Editors (NAIWE) offers is a plug-and-play website builder. But you’ll also find resources to help you develop your skills, along with proven systems you can adopt to earn more as a writer. Fun fact: Carol Tice is the 2019 resident content marketing expert for NAIWE (which she recommends as an affiliate partner).

Founded in: 2007
Annual membership: $99
Includes: Writer website builder, networking opportunities, training materials, webinars, and discounts on products and services

11. National Association of Science Writers

When romaine lettuce started making people sick because of e. coli contamination earlier this year, public health officials ordered the leafy-greens be pulled from the shelf. Thank a science writer for learning about it before you munched on this mistake. Or maybe you covered this for us.

What followed the initial outbreak was a long list of stories, graphics, videos, and tutorials designed to help people understand the risk factors of e. coli, how produce can get contaminated, and the science behind what happens if you are exposed to this bacteria. That’s just one example of the intersection of journalism and science writing the National Association of Science Writing is proud to be part of.

Founded in: 1934
Annual membership: $88
Includes: Access to a network of 2,300-plus science writers and editors, job leads, free access to scientific journals, monthly newsletter, and discounts on travel and training

12. National Writers Union

What’s the difference between the National Writers Union and other writer organizations? It’s the only labor union that exists for freelance writers. And it’s primary objectives, make sure you get paid fair wages, navigate bad-client issues, provide contract advice to prevent you from getting burned, and protect your rights and your work.

Founded in: 1981
Annual membership: $12.50 to $400, based on annual income
Includes: Press pass, discounts on health and medical insurance, contract advice, free legal counsel for writing-related issues, webinars, workshops, and more

13. Outdoors Writers Association of America

General interest magazines may be nearly dead and gone, but that hasn’t slowed the popularity of outdoor magazines, niche blogs, reality shows, and sales for outdoor gear and equipment companies. In fact, a recent U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Report shows the outdoor industry generates an estimated $887 billion in spending annually.

And that means there’s ample opportunity to succeed writing about camping, backpacking, kayaking, hunting, mountain climbing, wilderness survival, and much more. Do you write about the outdoors? This is where you’ll find writers and editors in your niche, and connect with potential clients, and sharpen your skills as an outdoors writer.

Founded in: 1927
Annual membership: $150
Includes: Job leads, monthly newsletter and tips about outdoor writing and industry trends, grants for continuing education, client-dispute resolution services, annual conferences, and discounts on products and services

14. Public Relations Society of America

You write for a client that’s just received an infusion of investor funding, launched a new product, recruited a heavy hitter to take over as CEO, announced an acquisition, or achieved a milestone. How do you get the word out? A PR campaign with press releases, interviews, and digital marketing.

Every step of the way requires great writing. Or maybe you’re a journalist or freelance writer who knows the smell of a story from one whiff of a press release. If you’re on either side of the fence, the Public Relations Society of America may be your writer organization.

Founded in: 1947
Annual membership: $115 to $295, based on experience
Includes: Free training and webinars, discounts on conferences and events, monthly newsletter about issues and trends in PR, networking opportunities, discounts on insurance and other products and services

15. Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network

Ever wonder where you’ll find author, freelance writer, and writing coach C. Hope Clark? Two of her hangouts include Make a Living Writing (check out her recent advice about how to earn more), and the Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network. SPAWN was created to help authors with the process of writing, publishing, and marketing fiction and non-fiction books.

Founded in: 1996
Annual membership: $75
Includes: Book promotion services, The Chicago Manual of Style Online, monthly tips on book marketing and industry trends, expert interviews, and more

16. Society of American Travel Writers

Blame it on Ernest Hemingway. He’s one of the most recognized travel writers in American history, and wrote extensively about life outside the U.S. from one romantic adventure to the next. His personal solution to writer’s block: “I would stand and look out over the roofs of Paris and think, ‘Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence…”

Travel for recreation has certainly changed dramatically since Hemingway’s most prolific years. But travel writing is still a thriving niche for freelancers with opportunities to write for consumer magazines, in-flight magazines, travel agencies, resorts, and more.

Founded in: 1955
Annual membership: $125 + application fee
Includes: Networking opportunities with travel writers and marketing professionals, training and development, monthly newsletter about travel writing and industry trends, discounts on insurance, products, and services

17. Society of Professional Journalists

Where would we be without a free press and journalists willing to track down sources, dig up information, and write about the issues, trends, and people that impact daily life? Think about that for a minute. If you’re a freelance journalist, SPJ has your back. It’s one of the oldest writer organizations in the United States, and was created to help protect First Amendment rights, the free press, and foster ethics and excellence in journalism.

Founded in: 1909
Annual membership: $75
Includes: Professional development, networking opportunities, job board, awards program, legal counsel, Quill magazine with news, information, and trends about the journalism industry

18. Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing

It might be hard for you to imagine a time when business news didn’t dominate the headlines. But when the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing was founded, Inc. magazine didn’t exist. And it would be 20 years before every major metropolitan city would have its own business journal. It’s founding mission: promote superior coverage of business and economic events and issues. And that’s still the focus of the organization 55 years later.

Founded in: 1964
Annual membership: $60 to $75
Includes: Networking opportunities, professional development, updates on industry news and trends, awards program, annual events

Tap into the benefits of writer organizations

The next time you’re feeling like you’re working on a deserted island that happens to have a wifi connection, tap into your writer organization to check in with other freelancers, stay motivated, and level up your marketing efforts to find your next great-paying client.

What’s your experience with writing organizations? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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  1. Judith Norris

    Hi Evan,

    What a terrific resource! You are correct, freelance writing can be lonely. My two shelter cats only bug me at the computer when they are hungry. I started a Facebook Group called Riverview Writers to connect with other writers. I see some, more needed, results. Maybe if RW had some sort of contest. Thank you for any suggestions.

    • Evan Jensen

      Hi Judith,
      Thanks for taking a look at this list of writer organizations.

      I’m not the expert on this. But if you’re trying to build your own community of writers, consistently reaching out, being helpful, can go a long way.

      Carol has done an amazing job of that with Make a Living Writing and the Freelance Writers Den, and helped many writers gain confidence, learn skills, and you know…make money writing.

      Keep going.

  2. Cam

    Great resource list! I may consider joining a group or two. I agree, Writer’s Den is an excellent resource!

    • Carol Tice

      Glad you’ve found the Den helpful, Cam!

  3. Sumit Chakrabarti

    A really useful write-up. In fact, all the posts on this site are excellent.

    Do you have any post regarding self-publishing ebooks. I am looking to self-publish in a few months from now. It would be helpful. Thanks.

  4. Jack

    Thanks so much for this list.

    Do these associations accept members from African countries or rather other countries that have writers?

    What other associations can be beneficial for writers in Africa?

    • Carol Tice

      I’m sure I don’t know — maybe you could do a little research and tell us, Jack?

  5. Wendy Meyeroff


    Mostly a great list, but you left out the only one I’ve stayed with for over 20 years: the Editorial Freelancers Associations. It’s just what it’s name says: true freelancers (or contractors, consultants…whatever small biz name you’d like).

    EFA was of the first to have online classes and a great online “meeting” place. (The latter’s on Yahoo.) We trade insights on everything from grammar to legal smarts to chats offering great winter soup recipes. Books our own folks write, special events (including local chapter meetings)…oh I could go on.

    HQ is in NYC but we have members across the USA and even beyond. Here’s the site: http://www.the-efa.org. Oh and I’ll brag: I wrote my latest book, for EFA, last October: “Web 1.0” all about getting back to basics of contents and design…and deciding what you can/should do yourself. (And yes, I wrote/designed my own.)



    • Carol Tice

      There are certainly dozens more organizations we could have named, but focused on writer rather than editing here. Thanks for weighing in with this, Wendy!

      • wendy meyeroff

        I can understand Carol. We keep having a debate at EFA ’cause LOTS of folks perceive we’re really all editors. Nope. Many of our members are writers: fiction/non-fiction. Science/science fiction. Mysteries in real labs and those that are make-believe. And so on.

        Heck–if you want an article, happy to provide. And I’ll remind our board members we have to meet this challenge. Thanks again. Love your insights! Wendy

      • Evan Jensen

        I compared a lot of lists about writer organizations to develop this post, and tried to boil it down to ones most relevant to freelance writers. But there’s probably over 100 various types of writer/editor/freelance/independent contractor organizations out there.

  6. Raunak,s Health

    Well writing. this is such a good article. i really loved it.
    Keep it up.

  7. Katherine Swarts

    Those whose specialty is writing (or ghostwriting) nonfiction books might also check out the Nonfiction Authors Association, (its website is its name plus dot com).

  8. Jared James

    There is no better way to learn and polish the content of your then surrounded with the likeminded people I am an Outdoor blogger, love to know other outdoor bloggers 🙂

  9. Sharon Tharas

    This is a great resource! Do you know of any organization that specifically deals with writing in a Sales and Marketing organization where the documentation is for store specialists and leaders? I sure would appreciate any help in this arena.

    • Angie Mansfield

      I don’t know of any, Sharon – maybe retail marketing organizations?

  10. Andria Kennedy

    Have you considered updating this list? It just hit my inbox, and I started skimming it, and I’ve noticed some changes.

    For instance, the American Society of Professional Copywriters now charges $99.99 for their annual fee. That’s a dramatic difference from the $29.99 shown on the original list. Just a suggestion.


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