Why Nothing’s Happening With Your Blog

Carol Tice

Freelance Writers: Why Nothing's Happening With Your Blog. Makealivingwriting.comAs I work more and more with both freelance writers and small business owners looking to build up their blogs, I find these two groups have the same problems. Their blogging journey generally develops like this:

  • Start a blog. All excited!
  • Write a few posts.
  • Write a few more posts.
  • In the case of the businesses, they sometimes hire me at this point to write more and better posts.
  • Soon, frustration sets in. They start to wonder why nothing’s happening — why they don’t get many readers, comments, or subscribers. And why, ultimately, they don’t get customers — either new business clients, or paid blogging gigs, or eBook sales.

I find this happens because of a basic disconnect people have about blogging.

Here’s why nothing’s happening with your blog:

When you write a blog post, you have created a tool. It’s like you’ve built a bullhorn for broadcasting what you know, who you are, and what you do.

But if no one picks up the bullhorn and talks into it, what will happen?


If you haven’t properly built your bullhorn, and it isn’t strong and sturdy and useful, what will happen?


No one is surprised that a silent bullhorn doesn’t accomplish anything. But people continue to be shocked when their unpromoted blog doesn’t make them an overnight millionaire.

What is the missing element in so many blogs?

Someone has to use the tool.

I know — blogging is so much work by itself! But it is actually just the first step in the process of using your online articles to draw people to you. Once you have that bullhorn,  you’ve got to pick it up and start talking into it. Do that enough, and some people will notice and come on over to visit the blog.

As we saw earlier this week with one blogger’s bafflement about Twitter, many writers (and companies, too) don’t understand how to promote their blog. They aren’t using social media. They’re not sending out an email newsletter with their blog posts in it. So no one is discovering their posts. I’ve actually had clients sending out newsletters…but without including any links to their blog posts!

Another example: I had one client hire me to do two posts a week for two months, for instance. After six weeks, they hadn’t even bothered to read, approve, and post all the pieces I’d written. No one at the company was tasked with regularly promoting the posts in social media. So naturally, they were ready to pull the plug because “it just isn’t monetizing the way we expected.”

They expected their bullhorn to shout by itself. No surprise that didn’t work.

How to make something happen on your blog:

The good news is, you can fix this. The skills needed to succeed in blogging are not hard to learn. There are four basic elements you need:

  1. Spectacular content that works online
  2. Great design that delights and engages visitors
  3. An understanding of social-media marketing and a commitment to promoting your blog regularly
  4. Workable monetizing strategies for turning your growing audience of readers into buyers

Want to learn how to build a blog that makes you big money? Check out my ebooks:

MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR BLOG! Small Blog, Big Income: Advanced Ninja Tricks for Profitable Blogging. 90 Tips to Make Money Blogging. By Carol Tice



  1. Deb - Life Beyond Stuff

    Hi Carol

    I was surprised you aren’t getting more comments. I’m finding your posts really well thought out and yes, your blog is becoming a useful tool for me.

    I see you are an affiliate for A list Boot camp and that’s where part of my blogging budget is going at the moment. I’ll stick there for a little while longer but I find it a very time-consuming machine to navigate (although the people have the very best intentions and Mary is especially lovely).

    If you can provide some really good targeted info in your webinars I’ll be in.


    • Carol Tice

      Hi Deb —

      That’s pretty much my thinking with the Webinars — they’re for people who don’t want to make a long, A-List type commitment and want a quick shot of highly focused information that gets right to EXACTLY what small changes you could make that would improve your blog as a communication and earnings tools.

      (I know what you mean about A-List — their engine does seem a little slow. I think it staggers under the weight of all the content they’ve loaded onto there, especially all the videos!)

      If you want to get your blog reviewed in the 30 Secrets event, I recommend you sign up pronto, as seats are filling already this morning!

      I get fewer comments when I end with an offer than when I end with a question and a request for comments…so wasn’t expecting this post to get a record number of them. I also find I never know what will be the most popular — yesterday’s Twitter basics post became my most popular ever for retweets, which I just wouldn’t have expected. But apparently many people still need those basics!

  2. Krissy Brady

    I have found that posting interesting information in a consistent and dependable way has increased my traffic considerably. What helped me to do this was creating an editorial calendar where I create posts for specific areas of my blog on specific days (Monday is a Your Literary Life article, Tuesday is a Freelance Writing 101 article, etc.), helping me to ensure that each section of my blog is expanded evenly each week. It has helped me in holding myself accountable for the responsibility of running a blog. I also incorporated social networking tasks into each day as well to be thorough. It has made it a more refined process for me; the routine helped to get rid of potential chest pains when writing new posts, *snorts.

    Thank you for the great article!

  3. C Tatge

    live for a living!

    • C Tatge

      What people really admire about ‘cyberspace

      It’s not like the world used to be.
      You can don a moniker and talk to strangers.

      You can look up ‘stupid Q’s

      You can see farther and sometimes even more clearly than otherwise.

      If you’re looking for some kinda elitist hierarchy then Good Luck I say!
      Ahh, ‘cyberspace: the Jokes on you, tuffy! Don’t go in thinking the same way cuz It’s going to change you upside down, back ass-wards and whatnot.

      To paraphrase Bathmeyertonowitz: “The strangers and the borders are in your head.”
      And the only rider safe at the grammar rodeo is the Clown.

  4. Ron's SEO Copywriting Blog

    I am sorry to say, but blogging is HARD WORK. You cannot just think that you will write a post a week and you will get readers from all around the world. Marketing is the most important part of it.

  5. Mark

    Wow Carol!

    You must have visited my blog and that was your real inspiration for writing this totally excellent post!

    I especially love your comparison between your blog and a bullhorn!

    Yes, for some reason, there’s this train of thought that far too many bloggers believe in the “Field Of Dreams” blogging philosophy! “Write it and they will come!LOL!

    Yes, this post certainly describes me (in the beginning) to a tee! But thanks to you and several other blogging/Internet marketing experts that I’m now studying!

    It’s slowly starting to change! Yippie!

    I simply had to share this content via twitter! Thanks again! You did an excellent job (both) describing both problem and providing an extremely workable solution!


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