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Why I Joined a Monthly-Subscription Bloggers’ Learning Community

Carol Tice | 10 Comments

Why join a writer community. Makealivingwriting.comI’ve been curious about monthly-subscription course models. I’ve interviewed more than one person who I know is making over $1 million a year with their subscription courseware. I decided I need to learn more about how this works, in case I want to do it myself!

I have some real strengths as a writer — years of staff-writing work honed my discipline and helped  me learn how to meet deadlines and come up with tons of story ideas. But blogging — now that’s fairly new for me.

Yes, I’ve found some success as a paid blogger for others, currently including and Entrepreneur magazine and Forbes along with some small-business clients, too. Many months now, I find half or more of my total income is coming from blogging! So in one sense you’d say I’m a successful blogger.

But what I’d really love is to find a way to make this blog into more of a paying gig. That way I could spend more time helping other writers earn more, which I’ve discovered is an activity I truly love. Have to say, when one of my mentees tells me they’ve gotten a lucrative assignment by following one of my tips, I feel more excited than when I land a fat client myself! If this blog generated income, I could offer more free tips on the blog and spend more time helping more people realize their dreams of supporting themselves through writing.

I’ve already got a partial plan for monetizing my blog with my upcoming Make a Living Writing e-book (we’re proofing it now!), and with more e-books to come. While I’ve found success blogging for others, I know there’s a whole lot I don’t know yet about being successful here on my own blog — how to grow the subscriber list, engage readers, and reach a broader audience.

This week I got a great offer from two bloggers I’ve been reading for a long time and whom I think are among the top niche bloggers today, Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch of Zen Habits and Goodlife Zen, respectively.

The upshot is… I’ve just joined their A-List Blogging Bootcamp, which I can already recommend (and yes, that is my affiliate link). At last, that graphic’s making sense now, right?

They were doing a special deal where it was just $20 a month (cancel anytime!) and we got a lot of freebies for signing up now. I thought at that price, given what I could reap from having a blog that earns, it was such a tiny price that I couldn’t say no. I gather there are 700+ of us in the community right now, so lots of folks to connect with in there as well as great learning.

I haven’t had much time yet to participate and work their courses, but I’ll report back when I’ve gotten a chance to do so. So far, I got to look at a video of Mary’s frank assessment of how her blog initially sucked, and what she did to make it more successful — and I got one really valuable tip out of it I’ll be implementing for my site soon. Watch and see if you can spot what I change!

Have you joined any of the monthly-sub learning communities? If so, what did you think? Was it worth the money? What did you learn? Leave a comment and share your experience.

10 comments on “Why I Joined a Monthly-Subscription Bloggers’ Learning Community

  1. Mary on

    Hey Carol – I’m delighted that you’ve joined the A-List Blogger Club! The niche you’ve found for your blog is cool – there are so many writers out there who want to earn money from their work.
    I look forward to seeing you thrive!
    – Mary Jaksch

    • Carol Tice on

      Hi Mary —

      Thanks for visiting! You should know I loved your video about how you improved your blog…I'm thinking hard about my tagline as a result and may go with something a little broader.

      And you can see on the right my popular posts widget — added last night after I did some of the first lessons in the track on ramping up subscribers, which is my most immediate goal.

      So even though I have very little time to work the site right now, I'm getting a little something out of the A-list courses right away. I try to view something daily while I eat lunch…hard to write or interview people while I chew and pick up food, so that's my opportunity to listen and learn!

  2. George Heidekat on

    Ooooohhhh — BOOTS! (Smacks himself on forehead.) The camo in that photo works all too well. I was seeing a country lane stretching away through rocks and trees. Go ahead, squint your eyes. Anyway, keep up the good work, Carol.

  3. Rebecca on

    I just downloaded the free eBook and look forward to reading it. I would love to join a bootcamp like A-List Bloggers Bootcamp or another writing bootcamp. I'd also like to enroll in journalism and English course to really strengthen my writing skills.

  4. Carol Tice on

    John —

    I read you there…I'm really slammed with assignments! But with my ebook almost ready to come out I'm pretty motivated to learn all I can about building the blog. Will report back on what I get out of it!

  5. John White on

    I was in Problogger Community last year, at the introductory price of $2/month. After a few months of telling myself and other people,

    >I haven’t had much time yet to participate and work their courses, but I’ll report back when I’ve gotten a chance to do so.

    I realized I wasn't going to hunker down and spend the time in the forums that success required.

    Thanks for the pointer to Leo's eBook.

  6. diane on

    I just joined this bootcamp and will see how helpful it is. I ghost blog for many blog owners so hope it is as helpful to me as to blog owners who create their own content.

    I will be curious to see how others feel and how you feel at the end of the month. Can you keep me posted on your success/failure, concerns, suggestions etc.



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