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What’s Your Best Piece of Advice for Freelance Writers?

Carol Tice

In all these months of reading freelance writers’ comments on this blog, I’ve noticed something:

You know a lot about freelance writing, too.

Many of you are experienced journalists or copywriters.

You’ve tried different ways to market your writing. You’ve written for different types of clients.

You’ve had busy times and slow ones. Crummy clients and great ones.

You discovered some great resources and learned from some wonderful mentors.

Some of you write about technology, or parenting, or travel. You write for glossy print magazines, for content mills, for small businesses.

You’re just starting out as a freelancer, or as a writer. Or you’ve been at it for years.

You live in the Phillipines, or Malta, or New Jersey (or so Mailchimp tells me). You wear the hijab, or you wear a bikini.

The global reach of this blog and its usefulness for people from so many walks of life has frankly blown my mind.

Whatever road has brought you to this freelance-writing life, I welcome your participation. It’s an honor and privilege and really, a delight, to have your presence in my virtual home.

I know you have something valuable to teach all of us, from your own unique experience.

So — today I’d like to hear from you. It’s your day to be the expert.

Tell me your best piece of advice for freelance writers.

Leave it in the comments below. I’ll take the 20 best pieces of wisdom and make a post out of them later this month.