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Top 10 Articles for Writers-August 2011

Carol Tice

Top 10 banner logo in repeating patternMy monthly Top 10 feature was on vacation last month, but it’s back with a tasty compendium of interesting posts I’ve gathered from our wonderful Interwebs this summer.

Some fun new faces on here this edition, including a hot, fast-growing blog of interest to all trying the blog-monetizing route — Income Diary. And a great young mommy blogger I’ve been wanting to feature for a while, Rebecca Garland, who’s a regular on All Freelance Writing. Actually, a lot of good stuff for serious bloggers here, so read up.

Looking over the list, I find many of the authors featured this month have made appearances on Den Meeting calls for Freelance Writers Den members. This may have tuned me in to how good their stuff is…or was it vice versa, that their good stuff around the Internet made me want to ask them to a Den Meeting? I’m not sure which came first.

But in any case, enjoy!

  1. The 5 Steps to Actually Starting Your Freelance Writing Career by Anne Wayman on About Freelance Writing. A solid game plan for those of you who are still trying to get over that hump and take the first step.
  2. 7 Golden Rules of Successful Affiliate Marketing by Barrie Davenport of Live Bold and Bloom and The Daily Brainstorm, on A-List Blog Marketing. Enjoy the laughs and learning as Barrie describes how she figured out affiliate sales in one of the kickoff posts for the new spinoff marketing site from A-List Blogger Club. I have a post on this very topic up my sleeve for later this week, but this will hold you until then.NOTE: This link is no longer working.
  3. 10 Ways You Can Have Enough Money and Stuff by Courtney Carver on Be More With Less. I think this post could help a lot of writers who feel like they can’t afford to quit their day jobs to try freelancing.
  4. 23 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Making Money (and what to do about it) by Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing, on Copyblogger. Members of Freelance Writers Den had a chance to hear Danny live with me on the Webinar last week…here’s more of his brilliance. I was reading along, loving this post when I went, “Wait a minute…I’ve heard some of this before!” And then I realized it was by Danny.
  5. Don’t Let Your Blog Get Caught With Its Pants Down by Joseph Putnam of Blog Tweaks, on Problogger. Yet another guy Denizens will be familiar with…and he keeps popping up on all the big sites. Anyway, this story is hilarious, too — maybe I was in the mood for humor this month.
  6. How to Run a Blog With Only 12 Hours a Week by Joshua Dunlop of ExpertPhotography, on Income Diary. I could always use more of this time-management sort of help.
  7. My 30-Day No Email Trial: The Results by Erica Douglass of Erica.biz. I need to do this. Or at least not pick up email for 30… minutes.
  8. The Number One Thing Holding You Back From Freelance Writing Success by Linda Formichelli on The Renegade Writer. NOTE: The Renegade Writer blog is now gone.
  9. The Two-Hour Career: Making WAHM Work by Rebecca Garland on All Freelance Writing. This young lady is juggling it all — work, freelancing, and a toddler. Great time-management tips from her all the time, but I particularly liked this post.
  10. Write Faster: 12 Top Tips for Freelance Writers by John Soares on Productive Writers. Hey, he’s been a Den Meeting guest too and is a Den Expert member! I’m really sensing a pattern here.

What great stuff have you read online lately? Leave us a link and add to the list.