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Shawn Lentz
I was fortunate to stumble onto Make a Living Writing – it was a game-changer! I prepared for weeks to start pitching. With Carol’s template, I pitched article ideas for two different publications – and one of them got back to me the next day. BOOM! I landed my first paid freelance writing assignment, for $200! Just want to say thank you.

– Shawn Lentz | The Grubby Hubby
Amanda Cleary Eastep

I printed off Carol’s posts, implemented the ideas, and have had great success. Great guidance and inspiration!

– Amanda Cleary Eastep, developmental editor and freelance writer, Chicago

Peter Hubinsky
Thanks to your blog I was able to land a high-profile client based in NYC, with only 10 cold email pitches. I also got a few smaller clients with a few hours of cold calling. I am set for work now! I’m excited.


– Peter Hubinsky, freelance content writer, Rochester, NY

Victoria Cayce
I can honestly say that Carol Tice, whom I have never met in person, actually changed the course of my life with her words! I had just left an abusive relationship (that spanned two decades) and had no idea how I was going to support myself. I was able to become a professional writer and make a living, even though I am physically challenged, in part because she provided real, workable advice and direction. Her posts gave me the courage to strike out on my own. Love this and love her! THANK YOU Carol!!!


– Victoria Cayce

Sam Edge
In my short time writing online, I’ve found that a trusted source of information is gold.
I’ve found Carol to be a voice of reason in a sea of snake oil.


– Sam Edge | The Edge on Strategy

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Mitch Bossart
There is only one blog I read religiously. And the reason is that Carol Tice is balls-to-the-wall, over-the-top, all-hands-on-deck focused on helping professional writers be more successful.


– Mitch Bossart | Bold Communication

John Soares
“I highly recommend Make a Living Writing. Newbies to freelance writing will find everything they need to launch a successful career, from choosing the right niches to getting assignments to getting paid well. Experienced hands will find gems on every page that will improve their writing careers – and their bottom lines.


– John Soares | ProductiveWriters

Stephanie Vozza
Your blog is like ‘Eat This Not That’ for freelance writers!


Nancy Locke
Carol Tice makes me feel sane. Unlike those who make a living selling advice to writers about how to make a living as a writer, Carol actually writes for a living. Carol’s blog stands head and shoulders, hips and knees above the mind-bogglingly vast number of blogs targeting would-be writers out there.


– Nancy A. Locke | Locke Communications