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Laid Off? An Old Writer’s 5 Smart Moves to Get Freelance Work

Laid Off? An Old Writer’s 5 Smart Moves to Get Freelance Work

The Laid-Off Writers Guide To Freelance Work.

What if you got laid off, lost all your freelance clients, or decided to drop every one of your low-payers? You’d want to get freelance work…fast.

In an economy full of uncertainty thanks to the impact of COVID-19, lots of writers know what it’s like to get the “pink slip” from an employer or long-time client.

  • Do you roll around on the floor, kicking and screaming?
  • Maybe you even think about swearing off writing forever.
  • Or do you give a nod to the experience, be grateful for what you’ve learned, and start chasing freelance work?

If you want to make a living writing, there’s plenty of freelance work out there for everybody.

But you’re not going to find clients, land great freelance projects or make money if you waste a lot of time hosting a pity party.

Life happens. Careers change. Freelance work and clients come and go.

If you’re a writer feeling the pinch of a layoff, end of a great client relationship, or some other situation you didn’t see coming, it’s up to you to rise up and keep going.

That’s exactly what one old writer did when he got laid off.

But instead of giving up, he made these 5 smart moves to turn things around and start landing freelance work.

Check this out…

Writing-Life Loser? 11 Freelancer Stereotypes That Are Total B.S.

Writing-Life Loser? 11 Freelancer Stereotypes That Are Total B.S.

11 Writing-Life Stereotypes That Are Total B.S.

Is there someone in your circle who thinks your writing life is a joke?

You know…they vehemently try to talk you out of quitting your day job for the writing life.

Or maybe you’ve heard their snide comments, snickers, and even mockery that the writing life is just for dreamers and lazy people.

Ever heard the writing life get knocked down by people who really don’t know anything about what being a successful freelancer looks like?

Chances are pretty good they’re jealous of people who live the writing life.

Maybe they’re too scared to make the leap themselves, even though they’ve thought about it.

Or maybe they really don’t understand what freelance writers do.

Would you agree?

Here’s the problem with all the doubters and naysayers…

If you internalize all the negative comments they spew about the writing life, it can quickly become a source of self sabotage.

You start to believe you’re not good enough or smart enough to make money writing.

That ends NOW. OK!?

Check out these 11 stereotypes about the writing life that are total B.S.

Earn Money Writing: 4 Big Lessons from a $126K+ Freelancer

Earn Money Writing: 4 Big Lessons from a $126K+ Freelancer

4 BIG Lessons to Earn Money Writing .

Want to earn money writing?

No, not pocket change or beer-fund cash.

Real money. Enough money to pay your bills, save for a rainy day, take a vacation, and you know…enjoy the freelance life.

In 2020, I had my second six-figure year as a freelance writer, grossing $126,683.73 before business expenses and taxes.

When I started trying to earn money writing in 2012, I quickly realized that I could do this.

But I had no idea that I would eventually earn six figures a year — especially during the early days when I was writing recipes and how-to articles for 3 cents a word.

Been there? Done that?

If you want to earn money writing, content mills and bid sites might seem like a good place to make some quick cash. But it’s a recipe for high-volume work at low rates followed by burnout.

So how did I go from a content-mill worker to a six-figure freelancer?

Here’s 4 lessons I learned about how to earn money writing.

Self-Care Habits for Writers: What Are You Doing During COVID?

Self-Care Habits for Writers: What Are You Doing During COVID?

Writers: What Are Your Self-Care Habits.

Have you tapped into any self-care habits during COVID-19 to reboot, feel better, or clear your mind to do better freelance work?

Even for work-at-home freelancers and self-described introverts, lockdowns, restrictions, and social distancing have taken a toll.

Honestly, I try not to think about the hours of lost productivity on freelance work spent on helping kids at home with online school. Frustrated is a good way to describe it.

Can you relate?

COVID fatigue is a real thing for freelancers. And without some self-care habits in place, it can make you feel sad, bored, lonely, anxious, fearful, AND frustrated.

Good news. More and more people are getting vaccinated.

Bad news. It’s going to be a while (no one knows for sure), before things go back to “normal.”

And that means there’s bound to be more uncertainty and isolation (depending on where you live).


strong>How do you deal with it as a freelancer? Sink into despair, binge watch shows, mindlessly scroll social media, eat?

That’s been the common response to COVID fatigue for a lot of writers, freelancers, and other people trying figure it out. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Good self-care habits can help you steer clear of those pitfalls and thrive as a freelancer during uncertain times.

What are you doing to take care of yourself during COVID? Tell us about it in the comments below.👇

Writing Fears: 13 Scary-Good Tips to Unmask Freelance Success

Writing Fears: 13 Scary-Good Tips to Unmask Freelance Success

13 Scary-Good Ways to Unmask Writing Fears.

What are your most terrifying freelance writing fears?

You know…the kind that keep you up at night.

The kind that turns your stomach in knots.

The kind that makes you want to tear your face off, scream into a pillow, or run away and never return.

Only you can’t, because you know you’re meant to write.

Freelance writing isn’t for the faint of heart. At every corner there’s an insidious monster…waiting, lurking, whispering, taunting you like a demonic doll with hollow eyes that sees into your soul.

You can’t do this.

You’re going to fail.

Who do you think you are?

Nobody’s every going to hire you.

When you meet Fear, Self-Doubt, and Rejection face to face in that abandoned warehouse, a dark alley, or a dense forest with seemingly no way out on the road to freelancing, what’s your plan?

Run, hide, surrender, accept your fate and sink into oblivion?

If you’re serious about freelancing, you only have ONE choice. Fight back. Face your writing fears, and keep going, keep pitching…until you find a way. You can do this!

Check out these scary-good tips to unmask your worst writing fears for freelance success.

Make Money Writing: One Writer’s Unusual Path to Six Figures

Make Money Writing: One Writer’s Unusual Path to Six Figures

The Six-Figure Path to Make Money Writing.

Want to make money writing?

Not pocket change, a little extra cash, or just enough to cover expenses.

Real money. The six-figure freelancer kind of money.

There’s a lot of paths you can take to get there. And plenty of lucrative niches and great clients to go around.

So how do you find your way, move up, and earn more?

Three days after I graduated from Columbia University in journalism, I made up my mind to make money writing as a freelancer.

Only I didn’t really have a plan, other than working as a staff writer for 10 or 15 years. And then think about full-time freelancing.

But that’s not usually how things work out. Life happened. Plans changed.

Not long after leaving Columbia, I found myself on the path to full-time freelancing a lot sooner than I expected.

And it was bad (I’ll tell you more about that in just a sec.). After some unusual twists and turns trying to make money writing, I found my path to be a six-figure freelancer.

And so can you. Here’s what I learned along the way…

Writing Fears? 4 Tips to Obliterate Freelance-Introvert Shyness

Writing Fears? 4 Tips to Obliterate Freelance-Introvert Shyness

4 Tips to Obliterate Freelance Writing Fears.

Many freelancers tell me they have writing fears holding them back from taking the plunge into freelancing.

They worry they write too slow.

Or they believe the writing fears and worries that not having a journalism degree means they’re not qualified.

Many writers are introverts, and worry they won’t be able to do enough marketing to get clients.

Some are too afraid to make cold calls, attend networking meetings, ask for pro rates…

Sound familiar?

These stories always make me think of my high-school friend Kristy.

She didn’t own any shoes.

Kristy’s father was a professional gambler who was often out of town, or out of money. Or both.

With the result that most of the time, Kristy and her mother were barely scraping by.

But this didn’t stop Kristy from doing anything.

  • She left the tiny apartment she shared with her mother each morning
  • She attended school, and even sang in a vocal group with me.
  • The vocal group even wore a dressy skirt-and-blouse ensemble she designed.
  • We performed in swanky venues like banquet halls and fancy restaurants. We even played the Hollywood Bowl once!

Kristy was never asked to leave any of these places because she was barefoot. She never even got called out at school because she went shoeless.

I was fascinated by this, so I made a study of what she did that allowed her to skate by without this usually-essential item of attire.

Why? It’s a recipe for obliterating writing fears and overcoming shyness that every writer should follow.

Writing at Home? 7 Time-Saving Tips from a Productivity Expert

Writing at Home? 7 Time-Saving Tips from a Productivity Expert

Expert Productivity Tips for Writing at Home.

Let’s face it. When you’re writing at home, there’s potential for distractions, time wasters, and lost productivity.

Kids, laundry, dirty dishes. Without a boss looking over your shoulder, there’s potential for getting sucked into a digital diet of social media when you’re supposed to be writing at home.

And then there’s days spent rolling around on the floor, doubting your skills, wasting valuable time you could spend on writing and marketing.

Sound familiar?

Even the most successful freelance writers have their own stories to tell about writer’s block, self-doubt, and time-wasting activities that get in the way of writing at home and making money.

Are you programmed to fail? Are you better off working a 9-to-5 where someone tells you what to do every minute of the day? Or are there some things you can do to boost productivity and be more creative to make a living writing?

Ready to take a closer look at what’s going on inside your head? Check out these time-saving tips from the guy who wrote the book Productivity for Creative People.

Writer Trauma: Why You Can’t Send A Goodbye Email to Clients

Writer Trauma: Why You Can’t Send A Goodbye Email to Clients

Why You Cant Send A Goodbye Email to Clients.

Is past trauma making you earn less as a freelance writer? If you have toxic writing clients, but find it super-hard to send that goodbye email to clients and move on, new research may explain why.

Recently, I was sitting in one of my parent-support group meetings. We were learning about the impact of past trauma in our kiddos, and how it may play out in difficult behaviors we see now.

Our facilitator introduced a concept I’d never heard of before. And when I heard it, I sat straight up in my seat.

This idea didn’t just answer questions I had about why my husband’s response to some of our kids’ behaviors was so different from mine.

It solved the mystery of why some writers allow clients to walk all over them, while others of us have no problem setting healthy boundaries. And cutting loose clients who don’t pay us well, or treat us right.

For years, I ‘d known about fight, flight, and freeze as classic responses to threats. And how people with past trauma may use those responses inappropriately, in situations where they’re not really warranted.

But it turns out there’s one more, newly identified type of trauma response. One that may be messing up your writing business.

How to Be a Freelance Writer: 8 Tips for a Mindset Makeover

How to Be a Freelance Writer: 8 Tips for a Mindset Makeover

Mindset Makeover: How to Be a Freelance Writer.

If you want to learn how to be a freelance writer, what’s your game plan for bad days, self-doubt, and lack of motivation?

How’s your mindset? Optimistic or doomed to fail?

If you’re the latter (even once in a while), those little thoughts that cross your mind when you’re about to hit send, sign a contract, quote a project, or wonder if you can actually make money writing can wreak havoc.

  • What if I’m not good enough?
  • Should I charge this much?
  • Can I really make a living writing?
  • I’ll never be as good as her at writing.

When you’re hustling to learn how to be a freelance writer, there’s a good chance you work alone…in isolation…and your thoughts can make or break you.

Ever felt depressed, anxious, or fearful that you’ll fail as a freelance writer? Do those thoughts and limiting beliefs keep you from marketing, being creative, or making more money?

It happens. Just about everyone who’s traveled the path to learn how to be a freelance writer experiences some kind of struggle. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ready for a mindset makeover for freelance success? Here’s what you need to know.

Freelance Jobs for Shy Writers: 10 Ways to Book More Work

Freelance Jobs for Shy Writers: 10 Ways to Book More Work

Shy-Writer Tips to Book More Freelance Jobs.

Are you a shy or introverted writer? Most of us are to some degree. But that doesn’t mean you can’t book well-paying freelance jobs and make a living writing.

In fact, being a shy or introverted writer can work in your favor. Seriously.

Have you ever cowered at the thought of cold-calling freelance prospects? Broke into a nervous sweat when asked to introduce yourself at a networking meeting? Or got queasy when it was time to get on the phone with a prospect?

It happens. Those get-in-front-of-people moments are terrifying for a lot of shy and introverted freelance writers. Ever felt that way?

The thing is, being shy or introverted isn’t a weakness, it’s just who you are. And if you embrace that as a freelance writer, you can book freelance jobs, get paid well, and make a living writing.

You just have to figure out how to do it in a way that jives with your personality.

Want to learn how to book more work, even if you’re a shy or introverted freelancer? Here’s how:

Writing Job Killed? 5 Ways to Find More Freelance Work Fast

Writing Job Killed? 5 Ways to Find More Freelance Work Fast

How to Get Your Next Writing Job Fast.

After carefully crafting the perfect query letter, you land your dream writing job…and then it all falls apart.

What would you do? Shake your fist at the sky, curse, cry, or a combination of all three?

When a writing job gets killed, some writers take it pretty hard. You know, self-doubt and loathing, negative self-talk, a tub of ice cream.

The thing is, that kind of negative mojo isn’t going to help you move up, earn more, and get another writing job.

Believe me, I know what it’s like. I recently scored a $700 writing job for a healthcare trade pub. And then the assignment turned sour after a series of unfortunate events outside of my control.

It sounds like a nightmare situation, but it’s not uncommon. Freelancing is unpredictable, and at some point, you’re going to lose a writing job you thought was a sure bet.

How do you bounce back when you finally get a solid writing job, then lose it through no fault of your own? Here are five ways to get back on track fast.

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