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Subscribe–or Resubscribe–to Make a Living Writing

Carol Tice | 3 Comments
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Hi all —

It’s been a rocky week trying to get everything working here on the new Make a Living Writing site. A couple problems remain that only you, the reader, can resolve.

If you subscribed on RSS to this blog back on…you need to resubscribe if you want to keep getting the posts. If you’re on email, we should be able to enter you from here. But if you’re on RSS, we don’t have your contact info, and apparently we cannot flow you over here. You have to do it.

Of course, if this is your first visit here, please feel free to subscribe for the first time! Generally I post free tips and thoughts about how to earn more from your writing twice each week.

There’ll be lots of great stuff coming up, including special subscriber discounts for my upcoming ebooks. Hope to be giving you details on that before too long.

Until then…if you missed Content Mill Week over at The WM Freelance Writing Connection…head on over there for a full week’s worth of perspectives on this often-controversial subject. Here’s my entry from last week: Content Mills: Why Aspiring Writers Should Avoid Them.

This is my last double-post that’s going on both sites…so if you’re getting this from, migrate over here and subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

Thanks all!

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3 comments on “Subscribe–or Resubscribe–to Make a Living Writing

  1. admin on

    Well yes…as the name of this post states, the best way to make sure you get to see all the Make a Living Writing posts is to subscribe via email or RSS, as shown at the top of this page and every page of this site. If you subscribe by email you could certainly set up an email folder to keep the link emails in that should come twice a week or so. Consider the environment and store them electronically!

    Let me know if you're still having trouble with subscribing —


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