The Secret Ingredient That Makes Your Blog Soar

Carol Tice

The Secret Ingredient That Makes Your Blog Soar. Makealivingwriting.comIn my free teleclass last week with Stanford Smith of Pushing Social, someone asked me how many hours a week I spend on writing my blog.

I said, “No way I’m telling you that!”

I spend a lot of hours on this blog. It’d be embarrassing to tell you how many.

Isn’t that weird, for a profit-focused freelance writer like me, who spends all her time teaching other writers to earn more, and not take crappy jobs?

What makes me do this crazy blog, anyway?

I thought about it over the weekend, and I realized there’s one thing all great bloggers have going for them. I believe you’re never going to build a successful blog without it.

The secret ingredient that makes blogs succeed

What is this elusive quality? I’m giving you a picture clue up above.

It’s the burning desire to make your blog great. In a word, it’s drive.

Are you driven to work on your blog? Here are a few telltale clues that you are a driven blogger:

  • You find yourself blowing off TV and slacking off the Farmville, because you just want to make one more little thing on your blog look better.
  • You find it hard to sleep at night as you think about all the amazing plans you have for growing your blog. You’re too excited to close your eyes!
  • You discover you’ve let a lot of trivial stuff go in your life — say, housecleaning — so you can focus on your blog.

If you’re passionate about building your blog, then you’re on the right track. You’re probably blogging about a topic you love — one where you won’t run out of post ideas. That’s essential to making your blog grow.

Nobody could make you put in all the time you need to build a successful blog. That desire has to come from within.

And me? I’ll say I never worked this hard writing for pay for somebody else.

But I’ve also never had so much fun.

I’ve met amazing people I never would have enountered otherwise. And when a reader tells me they followed a tip from this blog and got a better-paying client than they ever had before, I am over the moon.

There’s also nothing like the excitement of running downstairs, finding my husband, and telling him, “Honey — I paid myself!”



  1. Carole in the UK

    Oh my goodness, Carole.
    You sure can read minds or were you looking over my shoulder!! LOL

    Only two days ago, I was busy tweaking my blog AGAIN and I felt rather guilty at the amount of time I had spent moving just one widget on my Blog until it looked JUST RIGHT!!

    Just like the previous comment from Pinar, I have other blogs, but nothing beats the passion I have for my first blog – it’s my little baby and I cannot neglect it!

    Thanks for a great post and for letting me know I am not the only one with this ‘strange’ drive.



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