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One Proven, Simple Way to Get Top Bloggers to Promote Your Blog

Carol Tice

Today, I’ve got one useful tip for you that you can put right into use to grow your blog.

Why just one? I learned a lot about the power of one last week on my call with my personal blog-monetizing mentor, Derek Halpern from Social Triggers.

The call was all about how to get more subscribers and earn more from your blog. Derek shared one big tip on how to get your blog noticed and promoted by top bloggers.

When he mentioned it, I immediately realized it was something I had actually done once! Sort of by accident.

And it definitely got this blog some attention and drew some new readers.

So I knew right away this tip works great — and I wanted to pass it on to you.

Here’s the lowdown on how to get big bloggers’ attention and get them to promote the heck out of your blog…without a whole lot of effort on your part.

What big bloggers want from you

What do all the top bloggers want? They want proof that their advice is really working for their readers.

That proof is essential to selling their products (especially the ones with the big price tags). They need case studies and testimonials to show readers they aren’t just B.S.-ing around. They are the real deal!

How can they get this proof? Only from readers sharing how they used the pro’s advice and that it got them real results.

Offer your success story

Derek recommends you look at the big bloggers you read regularly. Choose a piece of their advice you want to act on, and do it.

If it works, send them a quick email and share the results you got.

The blogger will usually jump at the chance to do a case study on you, or collect a testimonial.

And the links from those case-study posts will send you traffic for months to come.

How did I do this by accident?

I was chatting on email with Mary Jaksch from A-List Blogger Club (my link) and mentioned how much their trainings had helped me grow my blog. She immediately asked me to write a case study, which went out to A-List’s big subscriber list…and brought me a slew of new subscribers to this blog.

The other plus to this strategy is it also helps build a closer relationship between you and that top blogger. They get to know you a bit better.

It paves the way to maybe collaborating more with them in the future. Which is obviously awesome! Since then, Mary’s Write to Done blog has become an affiliate seller for Freelance Writer’s Den, to name just one way my willingness to be a case-study subject had deepened my ties with her.

This is way, way better than guest posting, people. This is a big blogger essentially featuring and endorsing your success to their great-big subscriber list.

What I’m doing next to grow this blog

I want to tell you something sort of crazy, and it’s never happened before with a course I’ve presented on this blog from an outside expert.

When I heard Derek run down what’s in his premium class, Blog That Converts, I quickly realized that it would give me a road map to skyrocketing my own blog traffic and sales.

So I decided to take it myself!

Expect updates on here as I learn more about how to take this blog to the next level in its development.

How to make your blog earn

If you’re interested in turning your own blog into a money-maker, you’re in luck. Even though Derek doesn’t usually allow replays, I’ve wangled permission to send you to a replay link of the whole 1-hour Webinar event. Note: This replay has expired.

It’s got several other serious goodies besides the one tip I shared above, including Derek’s no-fail template for the ideal blog post. (Take a look and see how well I did following it here!)