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Terrified of Freelance Failure? 15 No-Fear Moves for Writing Online

Evan Jensen

No-Fear Moves for Writing Online. Makealivingwriting.com.You’re staring at the computer screen thinking about making money writing online. But something isn’t right.

You’re anxious. You’re full of self doubt. You keep thinking of worst-case scenarios. You’re terrified by the fear of failure. And that kind of makes writing online and making money hard to do.

Sound familiar?

If you’re cowering in the corner afraid to make a move as a freelance writer, you’re not alone. A lot of writers struggle with the same kind of issues, even pros who’ve been writing online for years.

But if you want to make money writing online, you can’t let fear stop you from trying, writing a query, sending a letter of introduction, networking, or going after higher-paying clients.

The thing you should be most afraid of is wasting days, weeks, months, or even years paralyzed by fear, when you could be writing online and building your dream freelance life.

Ready to move up and earn more? Punch fear in the face and kick self doubt to the curb. These 15 no-fear moves will help you make it happen.

1. 5 Karate-Inspired Moves to Beat Fear and Doubt for Freelancers

Remember the scene in The Karate Kid when underdog Daniel Laruso takes on the Cobra Kai in the final match of the tournament? Kaw-pow! The single-leg crane kick changes everything. After plenty of struggle, a lot like Danielson, freelance writer John Makohen mastered five moves to win at writing online.

2. One Writer’s Fear-Busting Journey to $1,500 a Month in Blogging Gigs

Feeling the choke hold of being a new mom, backed into a corner without a lot of writing experience, and afraid to make a move? That’s where freelance writer Steph Weber was. And then she did something so terrifying, it shattered her doubts about writing online.

3. Is This Irrational Fear Crippling Your Freelance Writing Career?

You know that voice inside your head. The one trash talking you with comments like,”You’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough. Nobody is going to hire you.” It’s like incessant static noise on the TV or radio at maximum volume, and it keeps interrupting and interfering with what you really want to do. Here’s how to tune it out, and tune in to writing online.

4. ‘I Want to Quit My Job and Freelance’ – How to Know It’s Time

Quit your day job and freelance full time. That’s the dream. Right? But a lot of writers struggle to figure out when to make their move. Run through this checklist of telltale signs (including your biggest fear), and you’ll be one step closer to giving your notice.

5. Dealing With Rejection: 5 Bulletproof Strategies for Writers

You’ve got an arsenal of skills for writing online. Your offensive moves to land clients include writing query letters, sending letters of introduction, networking, asking for referrals, and more. But you also need some defensive skills when you’re hit with the heavy blow of rejection. Use these bulletproof strategies the next time you’re hit with a rejection.

6. Self-Help for Writers: Make This One Powerful Change

Ever feel like you spend all your time taking care of the needs of others, when you really want to be writing for a living? Without a little self-care, it’s a recipe for writing online failures. You just can’t keep going on empty tank of energy, motivation, and happiness, and expect success. Here’s how to fill your tank for freelance success.

7. Asking for Referrals for Fraidy-Cat Freelance Writers

Ask your clients or people in your network for referrals. If that kind of freelance marketing move makes your palms sweat, churns your stomach, and fills your mind with terror, freelance writer Karen Smock wants you to know you can change that. Here’s how she turned a door-to-door disgust for selling into a move you can use to get more clients.

8. Yes, Shy Writers CAN Do In-Person Marketing

Open your mouth and introduce yourself. If that kind of marketing move makes you feel like vomiting, you’re not alone. Copywriter Rai Rose Cornell knows how hard it can be to connect with prospects as a shy introvert trying to work the room. But then something happened that changed everything. Here’s how to put your shy nature to work for you to make more contacts and land better clients.

9. How to Overcome Abuse and Become a Full-Time Writer

When a series of toxic relationships nearly ruined her life and her career, Angela Atkinson could have played the paralyzed-by-fear-and-anxiety card to give up. But she didn’t. Instead she took a hard look at her situation and life experience to carve out a lucrative freelance writing niche. Here’s how she did it.

10. The Secret Terrors of a Successful Freelance Writer

What scares you the most? Red balloons tied to a storm drain bobbing up and down, a rejection letter from an editor, or your worst-case-scenario freelance failure? It’s almost always in your head (and that creepy clown isn’t real). But if you’re fixated on fear of failure, these moves will help you change your way of thinking to move up and earn more.

11. Toughen Up: 7 Ways to Get Serious About Full-Time Freelancing

What’s it take to go the distance and make a living as a full-time freelancer? The silver-screen fighter Rocky Balboa had the same kind of question when he decided to take on the undefeated heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. He was afraid he might lose, but he decided to try anyway. Use these freelance writing moves to face your fears and go the distance.

12. Tackle This Scary Freelance Marketing Strategy to Become Super-Productive

When a writing coached nudged business copywriter Stacy Morris to give a new marketing strategy a try, she was terrified, doubted it would work, and thought it would be a total waste of time. But instead of letting fear run her writing business, she decided to take action and punch fear in the face to generate high-quality leads and land well-paying clients.

13. Petrified of Interviewing Experts? Here’s How to Find Your Nerve

You’ve got a paid assignment with a looming deadline, and you need to talk to a subject matter expert for the piece. Sounds good, right? But what you’re terrified of interviewing, screwing it up, asking the wrong questions, or embarrassing yourself? Use these interviewing tips and tactics to get the job done.

14. Is This Insidious Affliction Shrinking Your Freelance Writing Income?

If you knew a monster-sized nest of Venezuelan spiders from the movie Arachnophobia was in your garage, growing larger by the minute, what would you do? Ignore it and hope it goes away? Check on it, but not actually do anything about it?

A lot of freelance writers use this approach to make money writing, and it never ends well. Want to avoid an invasion of freelance writing failures? These five moves for writing online will help you exterminate doubt and be more productive.

15. The Life-Changing Magic for Freelancers Who Need to Earn More

What if the prospect thinks your rates are too high? It’s a real scenario almost every writer has imagined or experienced. And if you’re too afraid to hold your ground, you may end up writing for low pay, resenting the client, and doubting the value of your skills as a freelance writer. Fortunately, a little bit of freelance magic can change that to help you earn more.

Online writing success is up to you

Every freelance writer experiences fear at some point. It never really goes away, no matter how much experience you have. That means online writing success is up to you. My advice: Punch fear in the face. Take action. Make your move, and keep going. Now is always the best time to get started.

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