Make a Living Writing: The 21st Century Guide

What’s it take to earn real money as a freelance writer in today’s digital world?

Make a Living Writing: The 21st Century Guide E-bookMy comprehensive PDF e-book goes over the options, revealing my tips for everything from getting an assignment from an editor over the phone to how to earn from your blog.

While much has changed, the basics of freelance marketing and writing well have not. This guide unpacks over 20 years’ worth of experience working with clients, negotiating contracts, pleasing finicky editors, and much more. It’s a detailed guidebook for navigating the freelance marketplace, avoiding scams and finding lucrative, rewarding work.

At over 200 pages, Make a Living Writing is divided into three parts – writing for publications, writing for businesses, and earning from a blog.

Pay what it’s worth!

Rarely offered for sale these days, Make a Living Writing usually goes for $36 – but today only, you can name the price *you* think this treasure-trove of freelance knowledge is worth to you – and pay anything over 99 cents! That’s right, I trust you to place an appropriate value on the work that went into this compendium, and what earning a LOT more would do for you.

Praise for this e-book:

susanheadshotMake a Living Writing…demystifies many of the strategies successful writers use to land assignments, establish a niche, and more. Sprinkled with examples and anecdotes from Tice’s own freelance career, the e-book contains can-do advice on crafting queries that sell, writing articles that wow an editor, finding copywriting clients that are worth your time, and more. Useful links are included throughout.”-Susan Johnston, The Urban Muse.

“If you’re serious about making a living writing, purchase this eBook right now. Make a Living Writing is a great step-by-step guide for all writers, even ones with years of experience.”-Rebecca Sebek,