First Friday Link Party for Writers — Merry Month of May Edition

Carol Tice

Party computer buttonWritten anything fascinating lately about blogging, marketing, writing, freelancing, productivity, or work-from-home issues?

If so, please share it with the group!

Today’s our May First Friday link party. This is your chance to get some new blog readers and grab some attention for the great stuff you’re writing on your blog.

As it happens, I’m presenting at SOBCon today in Chicago and kinda crazed…so it’s a great day to hand the blog content over to my talented subscribers.

Links are limited to 100, so post early.

Good luck everybody!


  1. Kristen

    I don’t think the tool is showing up?

    If I click the inklinkz link it just goes to the main page.

    • Carol Tice

      Kristen you were too early! It comes on at 6 am PDT.

      • Kristen Hicks

        Noted for next time. It’s on my calendar, so I can be sure to check-in before the list gets too long.

  2. Kimberley Grabas

    Whoops! Slipped up on adding my name instead of post title! Too conditioned to adding my own name when writing comments… Plus it’s early 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my articles, Carol!

    • Mike

      Kimberley – you got it right the 2nd time! Good post. I messed mine up and will live w the embarrassment!

    • S Meades

      Shoot! Me too.

  3. Tom Bentley

    Dang, not enough coffee this morning: I just automatically typed my name, rather than my “Anatomy of a Failed Book Promotion” post title.

    I thought I saw an “x” in the corner of the posted image that allowed you to start over again with your post if there was a problem, but I don’t see it on mine this time. Oh well. But thanks again for the opportunity Carol!

    • Esther

      I did the same. Feeling like a dork right now. : ) Well, I am going to read and re tweet all the posts with Names.

    • Miriam Hendeles

      Hey – I also can’t find that little red “x” because I changed my mind about the post I want to put up. So now I put up another one — without deleting the first one – which I would delete, but can’t figure out how. So in the meantime I have 2 posts up which is kind of nice – but might be against the rules.. – oh well… I will try a bit later again to figure out how to delete the first link.

    • Rebecca Klempner

      Me, too! I want to fix my picture, but like the others, didn’t find the “x.” Yikes.

      • Miriam Hendeles

        I guess great minds think alike – even when we are stumped. :). The Den Mother is out at a conference today so when she gets back later, she’ll answer us. 🙂

        • Carol Tice

          There should be the ability for you to delete and repost…but I can also spike them in InLinkz, I believe, so I’ll take a look if you all haven’t figured it out.

          • Miriam Hendeles

            Thanks… I will keep trying to figure it out. In the meantime, I have 2 up. Oh well…bent the routine a bit there…:)

          • Carol Tice

            I thought I might be able to edit it…but looks like not.

            Given all the people who did NOT read my Big Tip…I’ll say if you want to repost with the headline just do it. Talking to everybody without a headline in the links here, not just Miriam.

            I think it’s my bad — I’ve probably neglected to check a box that would allow you to edit your link post…will be careful to make sure that’s active next time.

          • Miriam Hendeles

            Okay, thanks Carol for trying. I will look out for it next time – the good ol’ red x or some other editing/deleting device 🙂

          • Carol Tice

            I think there is usually a red ‘x’ visible…but folks…just put your headline in!!

  4. Tonya

    Thank you for such a great idea and space to share! Grace & gratitude! Enjoy Chicago, it’s my hometown 🙂

  5. Deevra Norling

    Oops – put my name in there instead of blog post title! Oh well!

  6. Karen

    Hey, Carol, just a shout out: I think it’s great you’re presenting — what is your subject; what is SOBCon?
    Also, in a marketing vein, a friend and I need to print up quick business cards for an event we’re attending tonight – I’ve bought an Avery pack before and it took forever to try to work the template (I finally gave up) and they were really expensive — any good suggestions from any of you marketing mavens out there?

    • Willi Morris

      Hey Karen! Carol may not respond for a bit, but I asked her this yesterday. It’s called Successful Online Business. Here’s a link –

    • Carol Tice

      It’s the successful online business conference — they stream it so you could watch mine if you were around a few minutes back.

      I presented on how I built the Den to success by being customer-centric…all the research I did and continue to do asking readers and Den members what they need from me. And how creating a lower-priced product like the Den was key to building my business, as so many more readers can afford it, than, say, 4-Week Journalism School, which appeals to a more elite group.

    • Carol Tice

      And the business cards thing….VistaPrint.

  7. Willi Morris

    Well, there goes my Friday. Looks like a TON of great posts.

  8. Deevra Norling

    Hmmm… maybe I am having a blonde moment, but that invite code is not working on my site. In the end I inserted the pic in my post and linked pic to this site… That’s my way around it!

  9. Terri

    For some strange reason that link party code does not want to cooperate.

    I just may need to find a new way around it…

    • Erica

      This is the first time it’s ever worked for me the first time. I’m probably more excited than I should be.

    • Carol Tice

      Remember to paste the party code onto the post back on your site…that’s the magic.

  10. Erica

    Thanks, Carol, once again for hosting such as awesome party (with the best deserts). I really love looking at everyone’s awesome blogs. Thanks!

  11. Karen Cioffi

    Awe. Haste does make waste. Even though I know better, I put my name in the “Name” box, instead of my post title. Oh, well.

  12. jamie

    This link part is a great idea Carol.

    I’ve clicked on a lot of them. Must say my favorite so far is “Scared to freelance? Start here”

    The title is catchy and intriguing and the post is well written, inspiring and useful. The mum describes herself as a newbie to the game and shows how there is nothing to fear in giving it a go – and point us in the right direction to do it.

    She has my vote!


  13. Susan Johnston

    I included a headline but it doesn’t seem to be showing up! Any way to fix this, Carol?

    • Carol Tice

      Not that I know..feel free to just repost.

  14. Missy

    Enjoy yourself at SOB Con in Chicago, even though the weather is craptastic here today. Thanks for the linky, I just added my video review on My Blog Guest.

    Thanks, Carol.

    • Carol Tice

      Thanks Missy! This morning it’s actually pretty nice — last day here!

  15. Karen Lange

    Thanks for doing this, Carol! Have a great week!

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