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The Writer’s Instant Cure for Feeling Stuck

Carol Tice

Ever found yourself scribbling story ideas down as you’re driving away from your house to go on vacation?

That happens to me every time.

I have strong memories of where I was when I got many of my best writing ideas. Often, they happen somewhere besides my home office.

Same with big ideas for new directions to take my whole writing career. It seems like the minute I leave my usual spot behind, creativity blooms.

For instance, a couple years ago, I was at SOBCon in Chicago on a beautiful spring day, walking past the Cloud Gate sculpture in Millennium Park (better known as “the bean”), trying to digest all the amazing, inspiring speakers I’d heard: Liz Strauss, Tim Sanders, and so many more.

Suddenly, I realized I knew exactly how to take this blog to the next level: I was going to pay for blog posts.

I immediately knew it was the exact right thing to do, despite the expense.

There was something about being out of my writing cave, getting exposed to all of the entrepreneurial energy and new ideas at this event, that it shook loose and suddenly, there was the answer.

It was the same with starting Freelance Writers Den. I’d thought about doing it, I’d mused about whether that would be a good idea.

But I came home from one conference committed to making it happen — and soon, within the next few months.

I don’t know if Freelance Writers Den would have ever ended up launching if I hadn’t had that change of perspective of getting out and meeting new writers and speakers.

As writers, we have a crying need to shake it up. To break out of our routine. To see new places and meet new people.

Without that, our creativity withers.

Where I’m going next

Which is why when I got a call a few months back from Surrey International Writers Conference asking me if I’d come present at their event next week, I jumped at the chance.

It’s been too long since I hit the road and met other writers. So I can’t wait to get there.

If you’re interested in meeting up live, feel free to join me in beautiful British Columbia. Online registration closes Monday, but I gather there will be on-site reg as well if you want to come last-minute.

I’m excited about this event because it has a tasty mix of sessions and presenters for every type of writer, from authors to reporters to bloggers.

I’m on a social media panel, and I’ll be teaching on how to earn from your blog, and how to market yourself as a freelance writer.

Before you bring it up in the comments, yes — going to conferences costs a decent chunk of money.

But here’s the weird thing: Looking back a year later, I have yet to attend a conference where I didn’t think the cost was paid back to me many times over in new ideas and initiatives that came out of my experience.

Getting out of your rut is always a good investment.

Where do you get your writing ideas? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite spots.