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Welcome to 1,200+ free posts full of tips and resources for freelance writers! Make a Living Writing has been helping writers leave day jobs behind and live the freelance life since 2008. This isn’t our first recession, and we’re here to guide you with practical, been-there help on how to thrive as a freelance writer, no matter what.

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Make a Living Writing is the only blog I read religiously

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– Linda Formichelli
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Newbies to freelance writing will find everything they need to launch a successful career, from choosing the right niches to getting assignments to getting paid well. Experienced hands will find gems on every page that will improve their writing careers – and their bottom lines. 

– John Soares

Carol Tice makes us feel sane.

Unlike those who make a living selling advice to writers about how to make a living as a writer, Carol actually writes for a living. Carol’s blog stands head and shoulders, hips and knees above the mind-bogglingly vast number of blogs targeting would-be writers out there.

– Nancy A. Locke
Locke Communications

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