How Freelance Writers Can Find Good-Paying Online Jobs

Tired of writing for pennies?

Wondering if that job ad is really a scam?

Good pay is out there.

Learn from two pros how to find and connect with great-paying online writing markets!

Presented by Carol Tice of Make a Living Writing


Angie Atkinson of WM Freelance Writers Connection

50 min. Recording & PDF Report


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Praise for Carol’s teleclass, 20 Tips to Rock Your Query Letter:

In 20 years of freelance writing, that was easily the best presentation on the business of writing I can recall. Though widely published in newspapers and magazines, I still found plenty of value in your tips. A tip of the hat for being so generous with your knowledge.” -Peter Slavin

Why did I create this Webinar about how to find good-paying online writing markets?

Because when writers tell me they’re only making $10 an article, it makes me want to throw up.

It’s not right. Writers deserve fair pay.

In this Webinar, Angie and I discuss how to leave the online sweatshops behind and move up to better-paying online writing jobs.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to spot scams and low-paying job ads
  • Creative ways to use the job ads to find hidden gigs
  • The dirty secrets content mills don’t want you to know
  • Strategies for finding better-quality job ads
  • Ways to get real pay on bidding sites
  • How to pitch yourself and get prospects to choose you for the gig
  • Online and offline marketing techniques to find great clients

What you get:

A link to the Webinar recording, with both full presentation and audio-only versions, so you can go back and study it in depth if you like.

A free PDF report of the material we covered, with links to more useful resources – no need to take notes!

Raves for Carol’s recent teleclass, 20 Tips to Rock Your Query Letter:

The Webinar was fantastic. I really appreciated your answering all of the questions in Q&A, as I shared many of them. I’ve got three pages of notes and some ideas about how to move forward in my freelance career. -Patricia Woodside, Readinnwritin blog.

Even though I have been working as a freelance writer for the past five years with some success, the tips you gave me left me excited to dive back into my queries again. Some of the best stuff came from all the industry myth-busting (like the
truth about simultaneous submissions and multiple submissions in one query.) Your guidance was down to earth and inclusive, encouraging other freelancers to follow their dreams of making a living doing what they love. Armed with your helpful
tips, I feel confident I can take my queries to the next level
.-Vanessa Nix Anthony, Play-On!Words

Learn from the pros

Angie Atkinson is a co-founder of the WM Freelance Writers Connection. She has been a full-time freelance writer since 2005, and has more than tripled her income in the last two years. She currently works with several corporate clients and is a freelance editor for AOL’s

And me – I’m Carol Tice. I have more than a decade of freelance-writing experience. Since returning to freelancing in 2005, I’ve earned more every year, straight through the downturn. I’ve written for online markets that pay as much as $300 a blog post and $2,000 an article.

No hype.

No get-rich-quick schemes.

Just practical tips for growing your online writing income – now.

Raves for Carol’s Webinar, 40 Ways to Market Your Writing:

This was an excellent presentation…I learned so much and can’t wait to get started on some new techniques to market ME! [This Webinar] held my attention the whole way.”-Barbara Johnson, Concise Copywriting.“Such great resources and ideas. Also, gave me confidence that my real world experience/knowledge really is applicable in the world of freelance writing as well. A confidence booster.”-Sharie Orr

The advice you asked for

When Angie and I put on our teleclass, The Insider’s Guide to Online Writing Success, a couple months back, many writers shared their struggles trying to find good pay online. We heard your confusion about how to identify good-paying markets, pitch them, and successfully get the gig.

In the past few weeks we’ve been reaching out to learn more. We’ve heard your most urgent questions about finding great online writing gigs. You told us your biggest problems, and we listened closely.

Then, we designed this course to deliver exactly what you need to know to start finding good pay online.


Pay a little, get a lot

You could spend years trying to figure out the freelance writing game – while you starve or have to work a day job to support your writing dream. Or you can invest a small amount in your career and move forward right away.

For less than the price of a decent dinner out, you can learn to avoid the scams and find good-paying online writing markets. With the economy recovering, there’s more online writing opportunities at better pay than there’s been in years, so now is the ideal time to get this information and put it to use.

If you’ve been wondering where the great-paying online writing gigs are hiding, learn how to find them now.