First Friday Link Party for Writers — Jumpin’ June Edition

Carol Tice

beach partyThe sun has been out this week and I know I have not been wanting to write!

If you’d like a hit of marketing for your blog done quick so you can take off for a beach party, here’s your chance.

Today’s our June First Friday link party for writers. This is your chance to get some new blog readers and grab some attention for the great stuff you’re writing on your blog.

My link party is for bloggers who’ve got a smokin’ post about blogging, writing, marketing, work-from-home, productivity, or freelancing that they’d like to share with my readers.

Links are limited to 100, so post early.

Good luck everybody! Directions are below.

And this time, believe I’ve managed to enable the feature where you can delete your own link if you don’t like how it displays right off and want to try again…so I am expecting to see awesome headlines and nice graphics, folks.


  1. Laurie Boris

    Carol, where can I find the Party code? Or is it too late to post the link? Thank you!

    • Carol Tice

      It’s cool, Laurie — the party, as they say, is over. But we’ll be back next month!

    • Laurie Boris

      Okay, thank you, just checking. A number of people who voted told me they were subscribing to your blog.

  2. Patricia

    Carol, thanks for this great link event! There are so many ideas and info shares in these links!

  3. Sheila Bergquist

    I can’t enter this because I don’t write about writing. I read Carol’s site for great tips because I am trying to be a writer and make a living at it. But what I wanted to say is I LOVE this link party and read almost all the entries. I have discovered some great new sites! This is such a great thing Carol is doing, but we all know how truly giving she is. Thanks Carol!

    • Carol Tice

      You’re welcome. Honestly, I love reading and discovering my readers’ blogs!

      I should probably do a post out of reading these links and give some pointers on how to make the posts better… 😉 Putting that on my idea list!

      And remember, it’s not just writing — it’s blogging, marketing, productivity, work from home, freelancing. The area is pretty broad. And I see some of the posters this time were kind of stretching the definition…so I’ll have to think about whether I’m going to spike inappropriate posts.

    • Sheila Bergquist

      I’m still such a newbie I can’t offer any advice on any of that…one reason I read your site religiously! Yes, there are some entries here that stretched the rules a bit. I get so caught up reading others sites I tend to neglect my own…not a good thing, but I love discovering the gems that are out there.


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