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How Freelance Writers Can Get More Credit for Their Work

Carol Tice

I know, it’s the holiday weekend. So I’d like to take a moment and give you the recognition you deserve.


Freelance writers work hard.

I’ve been helping new writers learn how to write queries and letters of introduction in Freelance Writers Den lately, and I can practically see the little sweat beads on their foreheads through the Internet. It’s tough to get the hang of these formats.

Marketing your writing is a long slog, especially right now.

Have you ever done work for a client who just sort of disappeared with it? No pat on the back, no ‘good job.’

Or they rewrote the heck out of it?

Or maybe you ghostwrote something, so nobody knows you wrote it.

It can feel sort of lonely. And maybe you start to wonder if you’re really any good at this writing game.

How to get more credit

There is one way you can always get more credit for your work. You can feel more accomplished, more talented, and more rewarded for your writing.

Do you know who can give you that much-deserved credit? As my dad used to tell me, find the nearest polished glass surface and take a look in it.

That’s right.

You can give yourself the credit you deserve.

When I first started out as a freelance writer, I treasured my portfolio. It was a physical book then, with my precious handful of yellowed clips inserted into clear sleeves.

Sometimes, when I felt overwhelmed, or behind schedule — or like I couldn’t imagine how I would write the 3,000-word feature article assignment that was due that day — I would take it out. Just leaf through the pages.

It never failed to blow my mind.

“Wow. I wrote all this,” I’d realize.

And I’d recognize what was lost in the day-to-day grind of writing: that I am good at this. If I wrote all that stuff, I could write some more good stuff, too.

We’re all so busy, it’s often hard to see your whole career and what you’re building. So we get too sucked into what others are telling us.

You shouldn’t rely too much on what others say about your writing career. Your drive, your passion to do this — it all comes from within.

Not every client will love your writing. But you have to love yourself as a writer to make this writing-biz thing work.

So this weekend, if you can, take a moment to look back. See what you’ve accomplished. Read some of your best work again.

Remember that no matter what others say, no one can take that body of work away from you. You wrote it.

Recognize that loads of people wish they were writers. Give yourself credit for actually putting it out there.

You are building your freelance writing career, piece by piece, against all odds.

I recognize you for that, and you should give yourself that recognition, too.

What would you like to give yourself credit for? Leave a comment and let us know.

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