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Carol Tice

Blog Laboratory(NOTE: The free blog review day is now over. But you can still benefit from all the advice I gave — just check out the blogs listed in the comments and then click on ‘1 reply’ to see my reviews.)

Would you like some free advice on how to improve your blog? Here’s your chance.

Leave me a link to your blog in the comments below, ask any questions you have about how to grow your audience or make it better, and I’ll reply with some tips. It’s just that simple!

I’ve been asked to do this kind of thing in the past, but I didn’t feel qualified.

Now that I’ve spent some time in A-List Bloggers Club, I’ve made a lot of changes to my own site, been named a finalist in the Top 10 Blog for Writers contest. I’ve seen my site grow its traffic to more than 300,000 hits a month and begin to earn its keep. So at this point, I feel like I have some useful insight to offer on what makes a good blog.

If you’re wondering why I’m willing to do this, know that taking a look at your blogs will  help me, too.

I’m getting ready to put on my next Webinar with Anne Wayman, and it’ll be on breaking in and earning big in freelance writing. Having a strong blog is definitely a key tool for freelance writers these days. So seeing your blogs and hearing your questions will help us to design the Webinar so that it delivers the information you need most. Stay tuned for more blogs soliciting your questions in the next month or so.

Thanks go out to Amy Spreeman for suggesting that I hold a “blog laboratory.” Thanks for participating in my writer poll in October, Amy!

Let the blog laboratory begin! Bwa hahahaha…um, sorry, saying “blog laboratory” makes me feel like a mad scientist.

Leave your blog info below for a free critique! I’ll close comments for this post tomorrow morning (Wednesday), so don’t delay.


(NOTE: The one-day free blog review time has now expired. Thanks to all who participated!)

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  1. TiceWrites

    Hi all — I'm going to close the comments for this post now…but not before sharing this link — David Hogg decided to give ME a free video blog review — guess turnabout's fair play!

    If you'd like to feel better about having your blog ripped in my blog review above, take a look at all the technical things he found that I could improve on THIS blog! I've changed a few of them (the ones I can figure out how to do!) already…

    Just goes to show what a continuous-improvement process it is for all of us, making our blogs better.

  2. David Robert Hogg

    Hi Carol, hi everyone. This is a great idea and lots of good feedback from the host.

    Carol encouraged me to comment here to see if anyone was interested in a video site-review of their blog. I use a screen capture program and walk through a number of different areas in which I think your blog could be tweaked, altered, or otherwise improved.

    I focus on SEO, site layout, ad placement, meta tags, images, and html validation — many of the technical issues that bloggers have trouble with. The video is given a private URL so that no one else sees it — or even knows about it.

    And the best part of it all is that it's free. If you learn something from the video and think you gained something of value from my suggestions I simply ask that you make a small donation to my Charity Water campaign — http://mycharitywater.org/clean-water-for-kids/

    If you're interested please email me at david@mylittlenomads.com or visit my personal site at http://davidroberthogg.com/

    Thanks and I hope I hear from some of you soon.

    David Robert Hogg,
    Publisher of My Little Nomads
    My recent post Give Your Blog a Better Look

  3. TiceWrites

    Just to reiterate — the ONE DAY FREE BLOG REVIEW EVENT HAS NOW ENDED. Thanks for submitting your blogs all!

    • Rob Oakes

      Thank you for such a generous offer. I am really sorry that I missed out on it. I just came across your website earlier today and I greatly appreciate the wealth of information that you provide. I look forward to reading future posts!
      My recent post Quotable- Neil Gaiman’s Evil Cat

  4. Oscar Halpert

    OK, this is brand new, right out of the box and not very ready for prime time but here goes.

    I also have this: oscarhalpert.naiwe.com

    Tell me if you think it's overkill to have two blogs. (I already had the Thesis theme installed with wordpress, so I wanted to make use of it. Should I find relevant keywords for my URL instead of using my name? And what do you think of Mr. Writewell? Too gimmicky?

    My recent post Humbly- I go before thee- oh wise one

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Oscar — you're past the deadline, but I think you did originally ding me yesterday? So here's a quick look.

      I think if you love Mr. Writewell as a persona, you should go crazy, totally own it and be it. Get a cartoon of yourself as Mr. Writewell and use it as your gravatar. Really go to town. Give advice as Mr. Writewell, etc. If you feel slightly embarrassed about it, it's probably not for you.

      A few reactions: You've got that evil left-hand bar I keep talking about in all the replies…see if you can get down to one righthand sidebar. Much better layout.

      You're very clean and white and readable. Nice.

      Your headline has no SEO or compelling reason to click…read the Psychotactics report.

      What's your goal for this blog? It's set up to help writers with advice…but then on your About page you seem to be asking for work. Except there's no contact information or links to your portfolio, so it's not doing a good job of that for you. Link it up! Prospects don't want to fill out your comment box.

      I just use my NAIWE site to point to my own site — I give a similar headline and the beginning of the post and then a read more that sends them to me. I wouldn't try to run a separate blog on their site, just use it as a pointer.

    • TiceWrites

      As I said above, the free review event has ended…but maybe one of the readers will take a look.

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