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Carol Tice

Blog Laboratory(NOTE: The free blog review day is now over. But you can still benefit from all the advice I gave — just check out the blogs listed in the comments and then click on ‘1 reply’ to see my reviews.)

Would you like some free advice on how to improve your blog? Here’s your chance.

Leave me a link to your blog in the comments below, ask any questions you have about how to grow your audience or make it better, and I’ll reply with some tips. It’s just that simple!

I’ve been asked to do this kind of thing in the past, but I didn’t feel qualified.

Now that I’ve spent some time in A-List Bloggers Club, I’ve made a lot of changes to my own site, been named a finalist in the Top 10 Blog for Writers contest. I’ve seen my site grow its traffic to more than 300,000 hits a month and begin to earn its keep. So at this point, I feel like I have some useful insight to offer on what makes a good blog.

If you’re wondering why I’m willing to do this, know that taking a look at your blogs will  help me, too.

I’m getting ready to put on my next Webinar with Anne Wayman, and it’ll be on breaking in and earning big in freelance writing. Having a strong blog is definitely a key tool for freelance writers these days. So seeing your blogs and hearing your questions will help us to design the Webinar so that it delivers the information you need most. Stay tuned for more blogs soliciting your questions in the next month or so.

Thanks go out to Amy Spreeman for suggesting that I hold a “blog laboratory.” Thanks for participating in my writer poll in October, Amy!

Let the blog laboratory begin! Bwa hahahaha…um, sorry, saying “blog laboratory” makes me feel like a mad scientist.

Leave your blog info below for a free critique! I’ll close comments for this post tomorrow morning (Wednesday), so don’t delay.


(NOTE: The one-day free blog review time has now expired. Thanks to all who participated!)

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  1. SmittenbyBritain


    I would love for you to take a look at my blog but please keep in mind some posts are from guest writers. These posts are clearly marked, however.

    Thanks for the advice.



    • TiceWrites

      Wow Melissa — your site is visually wonderful! LOVE your header.

      I also like how it's immediately clear what the blog's about, and all the entries seem to stay right in your niche. I'll try not to waste time here reading about the wonderful British soaps…and keep looking at your blog!

      You don't say what your subscriber base is, but I'll go on the assumption you want to build it up. So I'd move up your Subscribe box to the very top — definitely above ads, and possibly even above the welcome box.

      You can also do something Jon Morrow of Copyblogger taught me to do — end your blog posts with an ask, as in "If you enjoyed this post, consider subscribing (live link to your subscription signup form) to Smitten by Britain. (Insert witty Britticism here.)"' Useful hint — if you're considering changing your mail provider from say Feedburner to Mailchimp (like I just did), do that first — I was up all hours last night going back and re-coding all my subscribe text links to the new subscribe page!

      I wonder if you've used Google Analytics to evaluate what on your sidebars is getting clicked. If not, it will be a revelation. I personally just took down an ad for a free thing (which led to other paid things I might affiliate sell), which I thought would be the BIGGEST winner on this blog…but Google showed me nobody ever clicked it!

      I'm going to take a flier and say your text ads are probably not monetizing well, as you're audience isn't big enough yet. Personally, I'd eliminate them and just let your box ads sell — they look better and more in tune with your content, and that would make the site feel more welcoming and less spammy and hard-sell. But let your analytics tell you what to do.

      As with all comments to come, just my 2 cents.

  2. Colette

    Am I really first to post a comment? Okay here goes. My blog is When Fridays Were Fridays and I write a weekly column on life in Corporate America. http://www.whenfridayswerefridays.com/
    Question 1: I post once a week on Fridays — I picked Friday due to the theme, but I am wondering if the timing is holding me back from growing my audience. I have a steady and loyal audience of about 300, with another 500 or so transient visitors per week.
    Question 2: I am looking for ways to monetize. I recently added BlogHer ads (I chose them because I can screen out ads, and I consider this a high quality source).
    My recent post The End of An Era – Mourning the Loss of the IBM Country Club

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Colette —

      I'm going to take a guess here (since you don't have a subscriber counter up) that you don't have nearly enough visitors to be thinking monetization. As I advised Melissa above, use your Google Analytics to see if anyone ever clicks your ads. How much money are you making from those? If it's not meaningful, take them down. I personally killed my Amazon book cart just recently.

      How to monetize is something I really struggled with on this blog. I didn't want to have a million ads! I knew that would suck and turn off my readers. Also, I've never really sold anything to anyone…the whole selling thing makes me slightly uncomfortable. And yet, I wanted MALW to make money, so i could spend more time on my passion — helping writers earn more.

      Luckily, I found a great training post in A-List that showed me the answer, and thanks to the Rowdy Kittens site for showing a great example for all of us to emulate. See the "Tools & Products I Love" tab at the top of my page? Take a read over there, and you'll see how I solved it. I created a separate page for all my affiliate deals, and I ONLY SELL PRODUCTS I PERSONALLY USE AND LOVE.

      That, to me, is the way out of the jungle of seeming like a sleazy shill. I just use one banner ad in my sidebar, and that's it. I'm starting to make some sales off that separate tab, and I love how it makes me feel about my blog — like I haven't sold my soul.

      In A-List, you work through a module called "Skyrocket your subscriber count" before you move on to one called "Make Your Blog Pay the Bills." And I think there's wisdom in that. Really, until you have something like a thousand or so subscribers, and many more visitors — think 100,000 a month at least — you're not going to sell much. So why annoy and turn off visitors with a lot of ads?

      I found the dark blue background of your site a little offputting — kind of dark and aggressive. You should know that students of human response will tell you that blue is the color of fear. Watch the 6th Sense to see what I mean, or any CSI episode. I personally would not use it as a primary color on my own blog, though a light sky blue seems to work OK for some.

      I see no reason why you can't post on days other than Friday on your blog, despite the name.

  3. @TiffanyRJansen

    I've just started my blog last week and am looking for all the help I can get to grow it. I have another successful blog and have tried to grow some traffic on my writer's blog via the other one, but the topics are so different, there's not much crossover. I also follow Problogger, Copyblogger and Leo Babauta, and love the fact that you practice the same tactics and have had such success.

    Blog: Putting Words to Pape
    URL: http://wordstopaper.blogspot.com
    My recent post Starting a Writer Blog- Getting Traffic

    • TiceWrites

      Wow, a baby blog! Before I review, I'd love to know your other blog's URL so I can see that as well. Why did you start a second blog? What are you hoping to accomplish on this new blog?

      • Tiffany Jansen

        My other blog is an expat blog – Clogs and Tulips: An American in Holland. It's a little over a year old and has a focus on expat life in the Netherlands.

        I wanted to start a new blog to cater to my freelance writing work and in the hopes of generating buzz to attract some clients.
        My recent post A Christmas Story

  4. lindzsmile

    This is a fabulous idea. I love it. And, yes, you do give some great advice.

    My writing blog, Word Zeal (http://wordzeal.com,) focuses more on creative writing although I'm not limiting to this at the moment. I recently re-launched it and would love some tips.

    Congrats on the top writing blog nomination, Carol.

    • TiceWrites

      At the moment, I'm stopped at two things — your URL and blog name don't match. If WordZeal.com is available, I'd grab it — better SEO.

      Then your tagline — Helping writers prolong their happy place.

      Have to say the word "prolong" feels awkward there. I know what you're trying to say, but it seems like not the perfect word choice. And since your blog name is Word Zeal, it has to be perfect.

      I think just "Helping writers stay in their happy place" or get to their happy place, or something, would be more conversational, accessible and inviting.

      • lindzsmile

        I do own wordzeal.com and it currently points to lindsayoberst.com, which is the domain I had first.

        At the moment, I think it's wise to to keep my name because I've linked to it in a lot of other places. It's taken my a long time to find a name I like–Word Zeal–and when I started it, I wasn't sure, so I went with my name.

        I like your ideas about my tagline. I've changed this a lot too. I want to help writers find a way to enjoy writing and maintain this love.

        Maybe "helping writers find and maintain their happy place" ??

        Thanks for the feedback.

        • TiceWrites

          Maybe you could switch it so your name URL one kicks to WordZeal instead? Seems like that should be the home base.

  5. debrahilton

    Wow Carol, this is a very generous offer. I just have a baby blog – started in November with Bootcamp and would love some feedback.
    I am learning a lot from your posts here. Thank you.
    My recent post How to Improve Your Writing and Why You Should Bother

    • TiceWrites

      Some basics that would make the blog work better:

      Before I say anything critical, I love your big fat juicy social buttons! I keep trying to improve mine…

      Try to get a graphic on your header — I really saw subscribers and traffic go up when I did.

      Each blog post needs a photo. You can get them free on Flickr or stock.xchng. You'll be AMAZED at how much more interesting people find your words when there's a pretty picture next to them.

      You seem to be in a "how" groove with your headlines — try to vary with some list posts, Why and questions.

      The biggest problem I see is that your site is named "Fuel the Muse" and the tagline is "Education that stimulates and enriches thought"

      Your headline makes me think the blog will be about writing, but the tagline makes me think the blog is going to be about education. In fact, most of the posts seem to be about writing. I have to scroll way down to get to some that seem to be about the world of education.

      Maybe a bit more thinking on what you want the blog to be about is in order. It's confusing to readers when you define a niche but then start talking about other stuff.

      If you want to try to keep blogging on both, think about a tagline like "enlightening posts on education and writing" or something better than that…but you get my drift.

      • debrahilton

        Carol, I can't thank you enough for the practical suggestions. I'm hoping it will become a platform for a writing career, but not quite there yet – partly because I don't know quite where 'there' is as you so astutely observed.
        I need to work on photos and images – I find choosing them very intimidating.
        My recent post How to Improve Your Writing and Why You Should Bother

        • TiceWrites

          Try stock.xchng – I just recently switched to them, and I love what they've got on there for free stuff. Try to loosen up and have fun picking photos!

          Personally, after decades as a 'word' person who had to rely on some design person on my paper to decide what's a good image for my story, I'm having a blast getting to play photo editor. It's very liberating.

    • TiceWrites

      Well there's loads to like here!

      I like how you've named your blog "Future Expats FORUM" — so I know right away you want my participation! Why didn't I think of that…

      Anyway, then your tagline spells it out for me "For folks deciding to live overseas." I love how that's worded, so it could be I'm already overseas, or just planning or even vaguely thinking about it.

      Nice photos with the posts! I can see you're spending some real time making this an inviting place to visit.

      I'm not a fan of the 3 column format. Think how you could get it into two. More cluttered that way. Ends up looking crowded with too much text.

      You have a free ebook — another reason you're rocking! But you're not maximizing the use of it. On the cover jpg I can't read the title, and I kind of have to scan down to find out the title, and I'm not even sure if it's the title of the ebook. Put the title in bold up ABOVE the jpg right after Free EBook: and then the name.

      Other than that, use your Google Analytics to find out what in your sidebars gets clicked, and adjust accordingly. For instance, I'm told no one subscribes to comments…and if you use IntenseDebate people will automatically get an email if someone replies to their comment. Seems like a better way to me.

      A confusion — you've got the 'subscribe by email' to the right of the 'get a free ebook if you subscribe.' Just make one ask. It is free only to subscribers, right? If not, it should be. I'd blow up the plain subscribe box to drive everybody through the ebook one, personally.

      A Popular Posts sidebar would help people see if you're a busy place. Not sure what your' pages' sidebar is — is that like categories? I'd find a way to minimize — having the topics and then pages makes for a lotta text running down the side all in a big block — sort of offputting. Oh wait, I found it now, way down in the middle column…needs way better prominence. My subscriptions really took off after I got that widget and moved it up high.

  6. @writeeditproof

    My website is pretty new. I'm still working on getting a blog going and I'm on the schedule with a designer to make a prettier email list opt-in form for the top of the sidebar. I'd love to have your feedback before I go any further. http://www.bethanypage.com.

    Also, I think my services page is a mess. I'm working on creating a better format for it, but would love your input.

    • TiceWrites

      This is a little out of today's wheelhouse because your site doesn't have a blog…but if I were you I'd change my service page to clarify that it's $30 PER HOUR, and so on through all your services. Right now looks like for $30 flat you'll do all my proofreading…

      I wouldn't have a big fat tab that says "Do you blog for business" when you don't have a blog to show them. I'd name the tab something else for now. Maybe "Business Web content" or something.

  7. ElizabethQ

    First, thanks for the free offer. I would very much be honored if you could take a quick look at my blogs. I have two food blogs and very much need some advice on how to create more traffic.
    I would also like to know if in the future you can have Webinars on weekends? I wanted to sign up for the previous one, but it was a week day. The reality is that I have a day job, which does not give me the luxury of signing up for Webinars like yours, if held on a week day.
    Thanks again. Look forward to your feedbacks, which I am sure will be helpful! http://www.queensnotebook.com http://www.asianinamericamag.com
    My recent post Coconut Macaroons made Philippine style

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Elizabeth — Webinars will probably not come on weekends, but the next one will be 4 pm EST — maybe something you could hit at lunch hour or leave work early to catch?

      If not, we do sell the recordings — you can get the audio of our last Webinar now.

      Back to look at your blogs shortly…trying to go in order!

      • TiceWrites

        Took a quick look at your blogs, and my first reaction is — why do the names of them have nothing to do with food? I would not have guessed. They don't have a tagline about food, either.

        Don't know if you want to rethink the URLs you've chosen…seems like you could get a lot more traffic with the word "food" or "cooking" somewhere in the name.

  8. TiceWrites

    Just a suggestion — I would love to hear more from the posters about your goals for the blog — trying to get gigs from it? Sell things? What sort of things?

  9. SharieOrr

    Well, here goes… 😉
    I've only had this up and going a short while, and I've made lots of changes.
    Not sure how well those have turned out. I know I need to add to my portfolio, for one.
    (Also, just discovered I don't have my feed subscriber anywhere…not sure where
    that went-HA!)
    But my goal is to get it up to snuff asap, so I can do more promotion of my writing
    both online and locally.
    I appreciate any and all feedback!
    Thanks for offering this–it's a super cool thing to do! 🙂

    site url: http://www.sharieorr.com
    blog url: http://www.sharieorr.com/blog
    last post: http://www.sharieorr.com/whats-old-is-new-again-o

    • TiceWrites

      Need photos for each blog post.

      I have to say your About page photo is very silly and comes off unprofessional. Not that you can't smile, but I think I'd consider another shot. This one would be great for a personal blog.

      I like your very clean, simple design — you've even figured out how to make the double-column thing work without looking too crowded!

  10. Pablo Valerio

    Carol, thanks for your generous offer. I'm only blogging to increase visibility since I'm in the consulting business.
    And my friend Birgit is a very good writer that needs some exposure
    I follow your site as much as I can, and your tips helped me a lot.

    thanks again

    My recent post War on The Fourth Estate

    • TiceWrites

      So not sure Pablo — did you want me to review a blog? If Birgit wants a review she should come on over! If not, did you want me to look at your blog, if so what URL?

      • Pablo Valerio

        The URL is http://www.frontwave.eu
        we share the blog, I think it gives an interesting balance of two different styles.

        Sorry, I did not get an update on your comment by email

        • TiceWrites

          Hi Pablo — I get it now. Looks like a nice site…I don't really know what it's about though — maybe a tagline could help? Scanning the posts, it seems to cover a broad swath of topics. Might need a bit more focus to attract a readership?

          I'd look at what's in your sidebar — archive should be a low priority, nobody clicks on that generally. A popular posts bar is a better high-up option. Not seeing a way to subscribe, either.

          I like the nice, neutral-toned design.

  11. Elizabeth Walker

    Hey Carol. This is a very nice offering. You will see that I just started my blog 'Local Affair'. I am using a free WordPress template and looking to add widgets for Amazon books, favorite links, etc. Not only am I new to blogging, I am new to writing but was encouraged by many around me to do it. I would otherwise wait until my blog was more established to ask for feedback, but I can't pass up your offer! thanks. BTW, being in the Snoqualmie Valley (east of Redmond, WA) my next post is about local resilience around our perennial flooding – and will include a recent photo of a main road underwater. cheers!
    My recent post Waste Not- Want Not – A Trip to the Dump

  12. Colleen

    Wow! Thank you! I am totally new at this and feedback from you and anyone else who wants to take a gander is so appreciated!!!!! I would love to know what you think about my "voice" and whether you think I have any "public" appeal.

    Thank you!
    The Good Witch
    My recent post So- What Do You Do

    • TiceWrites

      OK, I'm stopping right at your headline and tagline. The Good Witch says! I love that! And your cartoon is awesome.

      Now we need a strong tagline that tells me something focused that your blog is really all about. Think about getting it down to about six words. That should somehow play on your witch attitude.

      Right now we have "As I stand and view this big wide world around me of which I am a part, I am constantly amazed…at people, at human nature, at how very different and yet at the same time how very similar we are. I will be sharing, from my perspective, some of my observations and musings. I welcome your feedback."

      This isn't a tagline, it's maybe part of an About Me page — too long and confusing. And it doesn't really tell me what your blog is about.

      I'm betting what it's about is something magical! (The witch part) And good! That your musings will be meant to be uplifting and transformative, because you're the good witch. And your tag should say that, if I'm right.

      Think about Write to Done "Umissable articles about writing." What's your 5-6 word summary of the point of this blog? Having that will help you draw readers. You need to find some way to define the niche of your blog beyond "I'll muse about stuff." I think at this point in the busy blogosphere, that kind of positioning is a turnoff for many potential readers.

      Can't wait to hear what you come up with for a killer tagline that supports your wonderful Good Witch idea…write back and tell us!

  13. laurieboris

    Hi, Carol. Thank you for this! My blog is at http://www.laurieboris.com. Seriously, it's like I can hear the crickets. I'd love to learn how to get more readers and subscribers.

    • TiceWrites

      Hmmm…looks like all great stuff. You're a very accomplished writer. But I don't know what you want your blog to be about. Your headline is your name, and then your tagline is "Freelance writer, editor and proofreader." Which makes me think I'm at your writer site, where maybe you want to get freelance writing gigs from clients.

      But the home page is the blog. Maybe it would work better if the home page was about your freelance writing services, and the blog got its own name and was under a tab? That's how I started with this blog, and then I eventually spun it off to its own site.

      You need to clarify what the primary purpose is of this URL — then this will probably fall into place better.

      If you're looking to build and monetize the blog, I think you need to give it an identity — a name and tagline you can use and promote, maybe with some SEO to it, which your name URL doesn't give you.

      Feel free to fill me in more about your goals here if I'm missing the drift…

      • laurieboris

        You've pretty much got it, Carol. I need to work on my identity. Or in my case, identities. I have a second blog, on WordPress, about books and writing. (http://laurieboris.wordpress.com) This is for my "fiction writer" persona. But I also need a "writer site" for potential clients, with a blog (yes, I need to decide its purpose). Probably would need two separate web sites for this, yes? To market the fiction writer, and the copywriter?

        • TiceWrites

          I don't know that it has to be that complicated. Maybe your writer site could host two blogs on it, with tabs that organized these different topics? Sounds like a lotta work otherwise to me.

          • laurieboris

            Ah, sounds like I'll need to succumb to making this a "real" web site, rather than faking it with a Blogger or WordPress template. Thank you, Carol!

          • TiceWrites

            Nothing wrong with WordPress – you can build your whole writer site around that platform. Blogger I wouldn't recommend for it though.

  14. Jenny

    Hi Carol.

    What an amazing offer! I would love it if you'd look at my blog and offer some feedback. My site is brand new, just a couple of days old. I don't have a single blogpost yet because I'm not sure what to blog about.

    My goal is to increase my visibility to connect with new clients, and learn about blogging, seo, google analytics etc.

    Thanks, Jenny. http://www.jennywatson.net

    • TiceWrites

      If you're a technical writer, you might blog about technical-writing projects you've enjoyed doing, client projects you've just completed…or any niche topic, really. I find what's important is that you demonstrate you know how to blog — looky, I can put photos on and link to things and write a short interesting post — and you know how to stick to a niche.

      • Jenny

        Thanks! Will give it a try.

        This has been an awesome post. I haven't finished reading all the comments yet, but I've already learned so much from your feedback to everyone, and from the other commenters' blogs as well. I'm so lucky to have stumbled in here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  15. Geraldine Evans

    Thanks for providing this blog scrutiny opportunity. I don't have anything like approaching the numbers you mention (I only have four followers and two of them are my husband and myself!). Seems I'm in desperate need of assistance. I have a link to my blog from my website.
    My recent post Stop Press!

    • TiceWrites

      Well, it looks like you've just started blogging, so don't beat yourself up!

      What are your goals for the blog?

      Looks like you're a crime writer.

      I think your headline/tagline are screaming SEO a little too much. Maybe you could think of a snappy title (ie "Crime Scribe" or something) and then the subhead could be "The blog of Geraldine Evans, crime writer" or something. Just free associating here. At the moment, as a visitor coming in cold, I'd worry I'm at one of those robot sites thrown up to try and make affiliate sales.

      Seems like there's two ways to go — are you doing the blog to interest readers in your novels and encourage them to buy them, sort of a fan-interaction site? I think that's one sort of blog posts. If you're interested in helping other readers become crime writers, that's another. I want clarity on which it is…then the rest should fall into place fairly easily, what to name and tag it, what to post about.

    • TiceWrites

      Please pick one for me to review!

  16. Vonnie

    Hi Carol,____I would love to have you look at my blog, http://boomerbabe53.wordpress.com/. As you will see, I focus mostly on baby boomer women but would like to draw a lot more traffic and figure out how to make money.____Thank you in advance for the great offer. I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and always get good information from it.

    • TiceWrites

      Congratulations on a well-focused niche blog! I can tell exactly what it's about at a glance.

      I'm going to do a post for everyone below on types of blog posts that get more comments. After you implement them, get a Popular Posts tool for up high in your sidebar.

      Get your categories down low and your tag cloud up high, if you can. The blogroll seems weird — got zeroes after each entry…either fix or take down.

      As with many above, use your Google Analytics to see what people click on and remove what they don't from your sidebars. That recent comments isn't useful since you can't see what they're saying…either get a better widget or remove. Fold up your archive and make it a toggle bar — it's taking up way too much space, generally a little-used feature on blogs.

      Looks like you could use a free report to encourage subscribers — maybe "100 reasons baby boomers still rock" or something…

      • Vonnie

        Wow, Carol, I didn't expect your response so soon! Thank you so much for your clear, concise feedback. I will definitely follow your advice and continue to be a faithful reader.

        My recent post The Passion of Jane Fonda

  17. Patti Foy

    Hi Carol,
    Wow, you're a treasure!
    I am still pretty new and experimenting, plus I already know a lot of changes I need to make– as soon as I find the time 😉 So I don't want you to spend time reviewing but I would love to have your impression on the blog name. Don't worry, I guess, if it fits my topic at all, but I'm just trying to get a feel for if the name has any apeal. If it's attractive. If its a turnoff. That kind of thing. Gut reaction.
    (And of course if you have other comments you feel compelled to make, please do, but looks like you've got more than enough to keep you busy!)
    Thank you!
    My recent post Feeling Scattered Reset Your Focus in 3 Easy Steps

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Patti! Nice to see you over here from A-List.

      My gut reaction is that I like it very much. Having been on A-List and seen all the minimalist and spirituality bloggers out there, I worry the niche is kind of crowded…but I like your approach, and your colors are very cheery and fit your concept.

  18. lifespolitikin

    oh, the blog. I've struggled with this for a while. I bought a domain name and realized that I didn't like it and deleted it. I just created a free wordpress blog. I don't really know if you can provide feedback on a single post, but if you can, here is the link: http://prowriterinc.wordpress.com/2010/12/13/hell… … — Ahlam Yassin, thanks 🙂

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Ahlam — nice to see you again!

      Looks like you've just started blogging…so it's a good time to set the tone now, before you pile up a bunch of posts you decide aren't a fit for the niche you pick.

      First off, write yourself a tagline, so it doesn't say "Just another WordPress.com site." I hate when taglines say that. I know you are a very unique individual, here in the US from Jordan, as I recall. You have an interesting story. Give us a taste of it.

      Will your blog be about your writing career, or something else? Don't feel it has to be about clients. It could be about being a Muslim in America, or about raising kids, or any subject on which you're passionate. Just pick a niche and stick to it, and it'll be a great sample of how you understand niche blogging.

      You combine that with your clips from clients, and you can get a paid blogging job in their niche.

      Don't forget — photos with posts! People really love 'em.

    • TiceWrites

      Argh, did a whole review of your site Erika and the system seems to have eaten it! Trying again.

      Your design is AWESOME! Great example of good, clean, simple design. And your head and tag tell me exactly what I'm going to learn here.

      I thought maybe you're carrying the black and white theme a little too far using all black and white line-drawing illustrations with your blog posts. What if you moved to using single-color images — I see a lot of those on Flickr and Stock.xchng. I feel like it needs a splash of color to avoid becoming too visually boring…but would love to hear others' opinions here on the thread. Is it too much? Or does it make her blog stand out because that's kind of unusual, to have no color illustrations?

  19. offilerkristin

    Hi Carol!

    My blog is fairly new (although I have kept other blogs before) and I am wondering what I can do to pull in more traffic. I think my blog needs to be more specific, but I'm not sure how to do that. I also don't know how often I should post. I want to have a presence, but not overwhelm readers. I'll be graduating next month with my MFA in creative writing and I currently do freelance writing for newspapers and small businesses. I am wondering how I can use my blog to launch my career.

    Thank you so much for this! It's a really kind offer on your part.

    Kristin Offiler
    My recent post Check this out

  20. TiceWrites

    Argh…just a note that as with all long blog threads, IntenseDebate has now folded up all the replies! I'm still trying to figure out how to prevent this — hints anyone?

    But in the meanwhile, if you want to see what I said about each of the blogs, click on the green letters that say "1 Reply" at the bottom of the post…

    And now some are showing and some are shut…wish I understood more about the wonderful world of technology…but click on the "1 Reply" if you can't see something.

    • TiceWrites

      I want you to work harder on your tagline…it's too long and basically says the same thing to me as your headline.

      What types of lessons are we going to learn on here? What will the tone of this blog be — sarcastic, hard-knocks, uplifting, life's a big adventure of wonder…I'd love to see something of the tone leak into the tagline…which needs to be like 6 words. Shorter, please!

      I get a hint with your Kindness Club. Maybe your tag should be "Home of the kindness club?"

  21. nhausauer

    Congrats on being named a finalist in the Top Ten Writing Blogs contest. Your blog is so very helpful.

    • TiceWrites

      Thanks — did you have a blog you want me to review?

  22. Marina DelVecchio

    Carol, Yes, yes, yes!

    Please go to http://marinagraphy.com

    My blog has taken on a whole new approach since I began it, and I really think I need to change my name from marinagraphy to something about empowering women/girls, etc., but I'm afraid of the time it will take me to do it since I'm not techy. My friend started this blog for me with the ads and such, but she's not around anymore. And I think I need an image on my title/header. But your call.

    Thank you for this amazing service. Looking forward to your comments.

    My recent post Five Ways Parents Can Instill Confidence in Their Daughters from a Young Age

    • TiceWrites

      I tend to agree. Looks like you blog has a great focus, it's wonderfully fleshed out and stays on topic, but you need a URL that says what that is.

      I get this a lot with my mentees, where somebody started the blog and now they're gone and you can't change anything…and we've got to conquer it! Hire a teen from your high school's digital-design program for cheap if necessary, and have them teach you how to maintain your site. I want you to make it your new year's resolution to solve that.

      You ought to be able to contact your host about buying another URL and migrating what's here to there. Make them help you if possible. I'm on Dreamhost (see my tools & products tab for more details on why I like them) and I just signed up for phone support for $10 a month. Worth it if you have a project like this to tackle.

      Personally, tech stuff makes me cry (like comment replies disappearing!), so I hire someone. But then I make them teach me how to do it.

      I'm guessing much of the advice above is going to apply here too — take your ads down unless they're earning big for you, do an affiliate-sell page for things you actually use and love or books you have read and recommend. At the very least, get your Google ad box down and off your 'above the fold' area — the first screen people see, before they scroll down. That's just too hard-sell, I think.

      You need a free report giveaway for subscribers…and problem: it looks like you only have RSS subscription enabled and not email. You want to have and strongly favor email, because with RSS you can't tell who's getting it, and you can't market to them.

      Even if you can't code, you could set that up immediately by going on your Feedburner and enabling email — that should give you the text link code. Then you can put a text appeal at the end of your posts "If you enjoyed this post, subscribe to…" and enliven an email sub link there. Should help you build the audience and capture emails.

      Finally, you've got one of my least-favorite layout schemes, where you get a skinny left-hand bar. They say that's really confusing and bad because we scan from that left-hand upper corner, and then we don't see the main thing there, the blog. See if you can reorganize and get down to one right bar.

    • TiceWrites

      OK, you asked for it….fasten your seat belt. Lots to say here.

      Like Marina above, you've got an ad above the fold (I won't even go into how I feel that it's an ad for Demand Studios)…I'd move it down.

      The 3-column format is looking very cluttered here, and I'm not a fan of grey backgrounds. Kind of depressing. The brightest thing on the page is the yellow bar at the very top…which draws my eye up there and away from your content! I keep wondering if there's something wonderful up there I can quite reach.

      You've got some nice graphics, and really digging around I discover you have ebooks. But all the graphics for some reason are stuck way down the bottom. This blog needs a visual pizzazz injection. Get some of the pretty stuff up higher — and certainly your ebooks deserve better billing on this page.

      Photos for posts. Especially since you've got that fun 'featured posts' rotating tool on top, and the photos would make me just love to sit and look at that. But now it's just grey.

      It looks like you, like Marina again, need a new URL — yours is the Adventurous writer, but your blog is Quips and Tips for Successful Writers. Find a related URL and migrate, so you get some SEO and it's more intuitive.

      Looks like you've got a great concept and solid, useful information in here…now it's all about design and usability. I learned in A-List that they really matter.

      I thought before I joined, "Hey, it's all about me and my beautiful, beautiful words and my killer advice!" But it isn't. It needs to be visually inviting and easy to navigate.

      Speaking of which — move your social and other contact buttons way up.

  23. Justin P Lambert

    I would love your input on my site. My main concern is not just grabbing eyeballs or subscriptions per se, but specifically trying to gain the RIGHT subscribers: those who are, may be, or could one day influence future customers of mine.____Thanks so much for your help!

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Justin —

      I know some people are fans, but I really don't like the widget you have going, where it covers the whole screen with the "subscribe to the blog" form before it lets me on. I think that's pushy and annoying. Maybe it converts well, but I personally would not do it. It's controlling. I don't like to be controlled, I like to be free to discover your blog and click on items when I want.

      Like several others above, we've got naming challenges — your URL is your name, then your blog is Words That begin with You and the tag is A Holistic approach to building your personal empire.

      I have to honestly say that after reading those three together, I have no clear idea what this blog is going to be about.

      The title makes me think maybe it's about writing, and it looks like some of it is. I think your tagline is your chance to use SEO and attract and keep those right kind of readers you want. Maybe it says "Holistic Copywriting for Building Your Personal Empire" or something. Something that lets me know why I'm here and what you do. The way it stands, maybe your holistic approach is through doing Qi Gong or meditating or something. I have no idea.

      The site is visually quite nice, though — iron out the branding and I think it'll do great. Think about words that would draw that audience of business owners who need copywriting. Check back in and tell us what you come up with!

  24. TiceWrites

    I want to post a couple of great resources for everyone here as a separate comment, so I'm sure you can all see it.

    Psychotactics is Sean DSouza's amazing site where he digs into the psychology of WHY we click on certain things and don't on others. Read his free report: Why Do Some Headlines Fail?

    Then I learned a ton about how to engage your audience and get lots of comments from this Blog Herald post. Basically used it as a bible. Most of the posts you see in my Most Popular tool above were designed specifically to get a big reaction, after studying this article.

    In general, I want to say, courage everybody — in summer 2008, I was right where you are now. I was posting maybe once a week, IF that. I had no idea what my traffic even was. I believe I didn't have a subscription box. It's possible to come a long way in a fairly short time here in our wonderful blogosphere!

    I think there are a lot of germs of great ideas here, and some blogs that are already starting to spread their wings. The best advice I ever got about blogging came from Nathan Hangen, the author of Beyond Blogging, who told me "Don't give up before it pays off."

  25. sondibruner

    What a great offer! I'm a freelance writer and I also write a food and recipe blog: http://www.thecopycatcook.wordpress.com. I'd like to get into more food, nutrition and health writing and would love to know how I can leverage my blog to do this.

    • TiceWrites

      I like your site, Sondi!

      Folks looking for how to do a niche blog that would also promote their writing business should visit Sondi's site. She blogs about vegetarian/gluten-free/dairy free cooking and living that food lifestyle. But I'll bet it can get her gigs blogging for others on just about any topic. Because what matters is just showing you know how to blog.

      And this blog looks great — nice big photos, very focused writing, nice accessible writing style.

      I'd just move the search bar up higher — don't make me search for it (pun intended!)…

      Also looks like you could use a free product for subscribers.

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Amy —

      Well, since you started this crazy idea, I'm shooting you to the front of the line.

      Your site is REALLY CLEAN and spare. Everyone should take a look. This is what pared-down design is all about. Also your blog name and tagline rock and tell me exactly what I can find out here.

      For only up a few months, you seem like you're smokin'. Don't want to tell you what kind of bird S&#(*! my site looked like at this point. OK, I'll just show you — it was over on my writer site, where there's still an archive of the older posts. Hold your nose. I look at it now and I think "Aaaagh! What was I thinking with the green background????"

      Anyway…back to your blog, Amy. Have to say I think maybe you've taken it too far with the all black and white line-drawing illustrations for the posts, which pick up on your header style. It's just too black and white for me. What about going to illustrations that maybe use a single color instead? I see a lot of those on the free-photo sites.

      I think it needs a visual splash of something. It risks being a little dull and unengaging this way.

  26. TiceWrites

    By the way, I love how no-one's retweeting this! Want my blog-reviewing time all to yourselves, don't you???

  27. TiceWrites

    For a laugh, I realized I should leave all of you a taste of what my blog originally looked like — here is the archive from back when it was on my writer site. Lovely, huh? No photos, that green background…what was I thinking???

    Feel better about your blog now, I bet!

    I think this is the miracle of blogs — it's so easy to change them and make them better, so fast.

    We just keep learning, and updating, and the next thing you know your server's crashing because some bigwig retweeted you…I just had to move this site to a private server because of that. Good problem to have!

    • Corinna

      Hi Carol,
      I tried to look at your archive link, but all I got was a blank page. 🙁

      • TiceWrites

        Corinna — sorry, can you tell me more specifically what link you clicked on? Not clear — want to fix!

  28. @shakirah_dawud

    Hi, Carol, how are you? Gonna be busy with all these reviews :)! I just started my blog some months ago, glad for any feedback you could give me.

  29. Stacey

    I would love your feedback before I redesign my site!

    Thanks and I look forward to your comments!

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Stacey —

      What an interesting niche you have. I like your title, Land and Soul and topic. Looks like you're focused on helping people explore buying and living on rural land. What a great topic to monetize, and it looks like you're on that.

      Don't want to sound like a broken record from the above, but that left-hand-column…I just think it makes blogs look confusing and cluttered.

      I'd tinker with the tag — which is currently "Your land resource" which makes me wonder — are you a real-estate broker? Going to sell me some land? I'm not sure.

      And then you have a motto Passion -Commitment — communication. I'm not sure what that applies to. You have a passion for the land, maybe, but you're not communicating with land? You have a passion for helping me learn about land? Anyway…you see what I mean.

      I have the sense from your 'about' that you're trying to blend a few topics here — green living, rural life, land buying…so think of an artful tagline that would bring those together. Don't ask me what, I just reviewed like 30 blogs in a day and I think my brain is starting to feel numb….

      Otherwise it's a pretty clean, clear site with nice photos.

      Looks like you have the RSS-subscription-only problem as well.

      You've got lots of products around — make one your free subscription gift!

      Put your photo and About story at the top of your about page, right after the first couple graphs…then Mission, etc.

      Get your archives down low – no one clicks on that. As with others above, explore your site with Google Analytics — in-page Analytics in particular. Find out who's clicking where, and change accordingly.

  30. TiceWrites

    Hi Shakirah!

    Put your social buttons up at the top permanently, not at the bottom of each post. Leave the share tool, but your follow-me buttons should be way up high.

    Wow, you've got banner ads IN your header. I strongly dislike this. Your placement tells me you're all about…trying to get me to buy stuff. Kind of a big turnoff.

    Are they earning for you? If not I'd take them off.

    As I said above, I'm not a fan of having a little left-hand sidebar…they say it's confusing and cluttering for readers.

    Nice photos!

  31. TiceWrites

    All: I'm going to have to take a break and do a little real client work today…I'll be back with more blog reviews later tonight. Keep leaving those URLs…when I come in tomorrow morning, I'm shutting the review-a-thon down.

    A reminder that joining IntenseDebate will get you straight on without waiting in moderation.

  32. bmccrain

    Hey Carol,

    thanks for an awesome opportunity to learn from a master!

    My blog is at http://brendanmccrain/blog

    I'm trying to find a good plugin to get a subscription field and I plan on offering a free eBook to subscribers but right now (I'm new to blogging) I want to get more people interested in my blog. It's mainly a way to show potential clients that I know something about marketing and hopefully will someday help me get paid blogging jobs.

    I'm exploring SEO so that someday my blog can actually attract visitors. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

    • TiceWrites

      Mailchimp gives me a good form, as you can see on the right there.

      Why wait to have a free product? I'm sure sorry I took so long to pull mine together. I think that shows you know something about marketing, having that up!

      If you haven't already, see my piece about using Google Local to get found on search…can really jump you forward vs trying to slowly build up your ranking on natural search by writing tons on your key words, or whatever.

      • TiceWrites

        I had some trouble getting onto your site, but clicking on your name link did it.

        Hey, you're a Seattle tweep! Didn't realize. Then I shouldn't be teaching you how to get high on search results for MY key word search…d'oh! Oh well. Come 'n get me! I dare ya! Neener neener neener…but I digress.

        I think your blog looks awesome! Nice, clean design, nice big photos. Looks like it sells your copywriting and blogging services well. Just keep adding posts. Like Dory says in Finding Nemo, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…what do we do? We swim…

  33. gina

    Okay, I know I have to be ready not to have my feelings hurt. Thanks!

    Awesome. Thank you.

    • TiceWrites

      I'm a little confused Gina — This appears to be Tom Mulvey's blog you've sent me to. Are you involved in it in some way?

      Any way that blog seems like a really unique niche — think it could sell old-time music and radio recordings like mad…but doesn't seem to be doing it yet very much – just a couple banner ads.

      All the blog posts seem to be in bold…kind of offputting after a while. And how do you emphasize things if everything is bold?

      Like so many others on here — photos with blog posts, please! I see some have, but not all, or not at the top, which is where they belong, to draw me in.

      I think my dad would really enjoy this blog!

  34. Brown Eyed Mystic

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you for such a wonderful gift to al of us 🙂

    I started blogging in April this year, and have been on to it (almost) regularly. Would you have a looksie and let me know your thoughts? Thank You!

    My recent post Miss Ego and I

    • TiceWrites

      Hi there mystic —

      I love the feel of your site, and its niche seems well defined. Background's a hair on the dark side for my taste.

      I don't see an About page. Either need better navigation where I can more easily find it, or need to create the page. It's important.

      If you could get your left-hand bar over onto the right, I think it would be positive.

      Your blog seems to lack social-sharing buttons — no way to Retweet! Making it hard for people to spread the word for you. At the very least add the addtoany tool at the bottom of posts — it's a quick solution.

      I'd kill your blog stats until they're impressive. I don't have any up. I'm told the metric you want up is subscribers when they pass 1,000, otherwise don't put up counters. Or you could use the IntenseDebate counter on comments like I have, which I'm liking.

      Also there's a lot of voting and rating going on, which I don't think works well on a blog with low traffic. I'd take that off.

      On the plus side, you do seem like you're getting the hang of drawing people in and getting them to participate — and that's a real skill I know many bloggers wish they could figure out!

      Be sure to read the Psychotactics report on headlines I mentioned in the thread here. Also just think SEO when you're constructing your headlines — unfortunately, most of the ones I see here don't include key words for your niche such as "writer" or creative writer, or whatever your target is. So that's another way people are not finding you.

      A few tweaks and I think there's a very nice blog here!

      • Brown Eyed Mystic

        Thank You Carol! Loved the insights.

        I will apply as much as I can from your list of suggestions. This being a free blog, I am not sure I'd be able to take in everything. The theme is pretty rigid and doesn't allow moving menus etc. I am considering moving to a paid one pretty soon. Before that. I will change this theme to something more navigable.

        The About page is titled "Coffee & Comversations" 🙁

        Also, I do have the social networking buttons, just below my posts. But not the ones that are very visible, agree.

        Thank You once again Carol.

        My recent post Miss Ego and I

        • TiceWrites

          Even knowing the title of your about page — which needs a title that helps us understand it IS your About page — I don't see it on your blog site. So you have a usability/navigation issue there to address. Be sure to put a nice photo of you on there.

          If you want the blog to grow up and earn and promote you, it's worth moving to a paid platform. I use Dreamhost and they've been great — you can read more about them on my Tools & Products I Love tab. I've had to move my server, get phone help…I just really rely on them.

          • Brown Eyed Mystic

            True — agree and agree. Thank You for the generous feedback Carol.

            My recent post Miss Ego and I

          • TiceWrites

            OK, I finally found it, buried under pages.

            When I do my Google in-Page Analytics (going to do a training on how you run this amazing tool next week!), I find that the About page is THE MOST FREQUENTLY CLICKED ITEM on my entire site. It's even bigger than my crazy-popular post about How I make $5K a month as a paid blogger. People REALLY want to read your About, and it's a big factor in whether they subscribe. So get it up there high, out of teeny type, and let people know it's your About page, and I think you will see more engagement.

            Come back and tell me if it works!

          • Brown Eyed Mystic

            I am making the said changes now. I will definitely let you know the results. 🙂 🙂

            Much "in-awe" yours,
            My recent post Miss Ego and I

  35. Paul Hickernell

    I write a blog to help church communicators and creatives engage their culture better. I write for other sites and am listed on the Center for Church Communication database. I would love help building subscribers and comment threads. I struggle building platform. Does my site's structure and writing style help or limit my opportunites? Please advise.
    My recent post Seth On Being Misunderstood

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Paul —

      Wow, very pro-looking site — I love the rotating recent posts tool with the big, fat, really nice photos. Gotta get me one of these…

      Your tagline focuses you tightly on your church communications niche. If you want to expand beyond that, you'd need to change that tag. Otherwise, you're good.

      Your social buttons are up in the header, where I want mine someday…when I get another cheap coder on the hook. Excellent!

      I'd say the question I have is — what is the goal of this blog? I'm not entirely clear. Seems like basically your writer site, which it is a NICE example of, for getting more church-copywriting gigs. If that's the goal, I think you're doing great.

      Also, it seems like you have blog posts, but no tab is labeled 'blog,' so I'm not sure if you're looking for more work in that niche, or don't want to be considered a blogger.

      A few tips for more subscribers, if that's your goal. (What would you do with the subscribers? Do you have products to sell them? Wondering why that's the goal…not sure it's that key for this particular site.)

      Move up your subscription box to the top.

      End each blog post with an ask: "If you enjoyed this post, consider subscribing to, bla…(whatever the name of your blog is, I can't tell!)"

      Give away something free for subscribers only. It looks like you've got some good resources on your site, just pick them up and make them subscribe to receive them.

      Interested if you can fill me in a bit more on your goals.

      As far as getting comments….well look what's happened here…this post is fast on its way to being my new #1 most popular.

      How does it happen? Ask your readers to tell you about themselves…and/or give them something free — have a contest or offer some free help.

      Check my popular posts bar and you'll see those type of posts do well. Read the Blog Herald post I linked elsewhere in this thread for more suggestions on good post types to drive engagement.

      • Paul Hickernell

        Thank you for the time and input. These were the suggestions I was looking for.

        • TiceWrites

          Glad you found the feedback useful!

  36. TiceWrites

    OK, I'm ready to call it quits for tonight…I'm going to leave this rolling overnight for those around the globe who're just waking up now, and shut this down in the morning.

    Thanks for showing me some very interesting blogs, all. I see some real patterns in terms of common stumbling blocks — tune in later this week for my tips for all!

  37. marya writes

    Hi, my blog is still new but it has been slowly changing dirction already.

    Its not a mummy blog, and certainly not a food, lifestyle or entertainment blog. Actually could you help me figure out what sort of a blog is it?

    I write about my passions – these are writing, books, perfumes and food. I also write about issues that interest me. (doesn't everybody?). I think it might start to resemble a writer's blog soon. I have yet to find a niche as I get passionate about things, read up all I can, declare myself an expert and then move on. Its fun while I am learning.

    I would however like more readers. Could you please post your initial impressions of my blog? I would love your suggestions. I have been reading everything obsessively on blogging and writing. I think I love research even more than writing itself. Many thanks

    My recent post 8 Things you did not know about Pakistani Food

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Marya —

      Scrolling down right now, it appears to be about food — really delicious-looking food, I might add!

      You face the dilemma of many bloggers, in that you have many interests and would like to post about a wide variety of things…but now you'd like to build readership, and perhaps monetize your blog.

      To do that, you'll probably have to pick a niche and stick to it. Food seems to do well for many, as you can sell cookbooks against it (possibly even your own!).

      I like your idea of setting a 300-word limit on your blog — wish I could discipline myself to do that.

      Your blog is visually very nice. I think if you decide on a focus, create a free product (maybe 12 awesome Pakistani recipes!) and promote it, you could see it do well.

  38. TiceWrites

    OK folks…it's been a blast, but I am officially closing the free blog review now.

    I don't want to close off the comments, in case some of the folks above want to give me more info or ask followup questions. You can continue to leave your blog URL here and possibly others in this thread will take a look and give you some feedback — feel free to continue the blog review amongst yourselves! But the doctor is not taking any new patients…

    Thanks all for sharing your wondering blogs, and your dreams for them!

  39. Mark

    Thanks for your generous offer, and I'd love to take you up on it and get your thoughts on my blog. It's in sort of a specialized niche … people who are struggling with compulsive or otherwise unhealthy sexual habits. I started it several years ago, and posted very sporadically, nearly quitting several times. I have recently recommitted to the blog, and building more online business (I am a counselor and speaker in the areas of sexuality and addiction). Right now I am getting about 450 visitors a day. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated!
    My recent post Understanding Same-Sex Attraction – teleseminar on December 21

    • TiceWrites

      As I said above, the free review event has ended…but maybe one of the readers will take a look.

  40. Oscar Halpert

    OK, this is brand new, right out of the box and not very ready for prime time but here goes.

    I also have this: oscarhalpert.naiwe.com

    Tell me if you think it's overkill to have two blogs. (I already had the Thesis theme installed with wordpress, so I wanted to make use of it. Should I find relevant keywords for my URL instead of using my name? And what do you think of Mr. Writewell? Too gimmicky?

    My recent post Humbly- I go before thee- oh wise one

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Oscar — you're past the deadline, but I think you did originally ding me yesterday? So here's a quick look.

      I think if you love Mr. Writewell as a persona, you should go crazy, totally own it and be it. Get a cartoon of yourself as Mr. Writewell and use it as your gravatar. Really go to town. Give advice as Mr. Writewell, etc. If you feel slightly embarrassed about it, it's probably not for you.

      A few reactions: You've got that evil left-hand bar I keep talking about in all the replies…see if you can get down to one righthand sidebar. Much better layout.

      You're very clean and white and readable. Nice.

      Your headline has no SEO or compelling reason to click…read the Psychotactics report.

      What's your goal for this blog? It's set up to help writers with advice…but then on your About page you seem to be asking for work. Except there's no contact information or links to your portfolio, so it's not doing a good job of that for you. Link it up! Prospects don't want to fill out your comment box.

      I just use my NAIWE site to point to my own site — I give a similar headline and the beginning of the post and then a read more that sends them to me. I wouldn't try to run a separate blog on their site, just use it as a pointer.

  41. TiceWrites

    Just to reiterate — the ONE DAY FREE BLOG REVIEW EVENT HAS NOW ENDED. Thanks for submitting your blogs all!

    • Rob Oakes

      Thank you for such a generous offer. I am really sorry that I missed out on it. I just came across your website earlier today and I greatly appreciate the wealth of information that you provide. I look forward to reading future posts!
      My recent post Quotable- Neil Gaiman’s Evil Cat

  42. David Robert Hogg

    Hi Carol, hi everyone. This is a great idea and lots of good feedback from the host.

    Carol encouraged me to comment here to see if anyone was interested in a video site-review of their blog. I use a screen capture program and walk through a number of different areas in which I think your blog could be tweaked, altered, or otherwise improved.

    I focus on SEO, site layout, ad placement, meta tags, images, and html validation — many of the technical issues that bloggers have trouble with. The video is given a private URL so that no one else sees it — or even knows about it.

    And the best part of it all is that it's free. If you learn something from the video and think you gained something of value from my suggestions I simply ask that you make a small donation to my Charity Water campaign — http://mycharitywater.org/clean-water-for-kids/

    If you're interested please email me at david@mylittlenomads.com or visit my personal site at http://davidroberthogg.com/

    Thanks and I hope I hear from some of you soon.

    David Robert Hogg,
    Publisher of My Little Nomads
    My recent post Give Your Blog a Better Look

  43. TiceWrites

    Hi all — I'm going to close the comments for this post now…but not before sharing this link — David Hogg decided to give ME a free video blog review — guess turnabout's fair play!

    If you'd like to feel better about having your blog ripped in my blog review above, take a look at all the technical things he found that I could improve on THIS blog! I've changed a few of them (the ones I can figure out how to do!) already…

    Just goes to show what a continuous-improvement process it is for all of us, making our blogs better.

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