First Friday Link Party for Writers — Ring in the New Year Edition

Carol Tice

First Friday Link Party for Writers 2014Welcome to 2014 — and a great way to share your best posts and get new readers in the new year.

The First Friday link party for writers is back from a brief hiatus. I’ll be turning my blog over to you — the Make a Living Writing community of readers — once a quarter. You can link us to your best recent post, and then check out the rest of the blogs your fellow readers have shared. You never know when you’ll find a new favorite.

Instructions are below — enjoy the link party.

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  1. Mario Zeleny

    Hi Carol!!

    Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday season. Thank you again for another opportunity to share. I am looking forward to reading all the entries!

    I love the question from your most recent post:” What is the Soundtrack for your writing?” What a great idea to make music a tool for writing. I wonder if changing the music according to the type of writing that I do would help me write better?

    Many Blessings to you and Your family this new year!


  2. James Palmer

    Here’s my recent post “A Few Words of Wisdom for Writers.”

    • Carol Tice

      James, you need to use the link party tool to participate in the party and voting.

      The trick is to paste the link party code from the sidebar onto the post page or your sidebar. Then the link tool will work for you.

  3. Amanda Cleary

    Hi, Carol, I keep getting a message that my page doesn’t contain a linkback, although I did include a Check Me Out at the Party.

    • Amanda Cleary

      I mean back backlink!

    • Carol Tice

      Try putting it at the bottom of your post. If that doesn’t work, try your sidebar.

  4. Annie

    Happy New Year, Carol. I just wanted to say thanks for all your informative and useful posts. I’ve been a regular reader for the last year or so.

    My link is really just for laughs and fun.

    Here’s to a happy and prosperous year for us all.


    • Carol Tice

      Hi Annie —

      You’ll need to use the link tool to leave your link — see the bottom of the post.

  5. Chris

    Thank you so much for hosting and for all your invaluable info/advice.

    I look fwd to reading all those who’ve linked!

    Happy New Year..all the best in 2014

  6. Carol Tice

    Just want to say I’m impressed with the quality of the headlines in this link party vs previous ones! Seems like you all are reading the blog and learning to work harder on your headlines.

    And so far nobody has put their name instead of their post headline…awesome!

    Also seems like we’ve got a nice roundup of New Year’s resolution advice. Can’t wait to see what other useful stuff we get as more links come on.

  7. Darnell Jackson

    …don’t be tardy to the party.

    Happy New Year Carol and everybody

    • Carol Tice

      Nice to see your link Darnell — but when are we going to see your face? Enough with the mystery already!

  8. Richard

    I put my details in and it all worked but it says it needs manual approval because I use a dynamic blogger template, which handles HTML differently

    • Carol Tice

      Dang…I’ve no idea where I would manually approve a link! I’ll go check in my InLinkz…don’t know if anyone else here is using blogspot, maybe if so they could weigh in on how they’re making it work?

      I took a look in InLinkz and it didn’t appear to be awaiting moderation, but it did have the http:// even though the tool says not to put that, so I took it out. It looks approved on my end, so not sure what else to do. Sorry!

      I deleted the link you put in — why don’t you try re-entering without http to see if that helps?

      • Richard

        Thanks Carol, I’ve done that, so awaiting moderation again. It put the http:// in automatically, which I was unaware of, so I deleted it.

        • Carol Tice

          Unfortunately, I don’t see any way to moderate links in! It’s set to add them automatically. I’m sorry we couldn’t get this working…I’ve spike off other comment links but leave yours in a comment so it at least gets some visibility here.

          • Richard

            It seems to be working now, although it has published it twice for some reason

          • Carol Tice

            Well, glad it worked!

  9. Robyn

    Hi Carol! I’ve been reading your blog for two months, and have been getting a lot of great information from it. I just started my own blog, Living What You Love, a couple of weeks ago, so I’m very excited to join this link party. What a great opportunity you host, thank you!!

    • Carol Tice

      Cool — which is your post in the party? I don’t see the one you’ve put in Commentluv in the links — you have to use the link tool if you want people to be able to vote for your post, which will give it permanent prominence here on the blog forever!

  10. Missy

    Hi, Carol:

    Just added my link – thanks for hosting. Am loving many of the articles and links posted by other writers.

    p.s. Happy New Year!


    • Carol Tice

      I know, seems like a pretty strong field this time! I’ll be back to vote on Sunday… best of luck everybody!

  11. Tom Crawford

    Happy New Year Carol.

    This is a great idea, and a good way to showcase a large talent pool of writers. Thanks for your continuing efforts in the freelance writing community.

    I had a brief look and there are some great blog posts and articles already listed. I look forward to seeing the outcome.

    All the best,

  12. Robyn

    Ah that’s my mistake. My article is 6 Reasons You Should Write in a Coffee Shop, number 32. I put a different post in the comments, but now I see how that can be confusing. Lesson learned for the next party. Thanks for checking Carol!

    • Carol Tice

      Oh great — glad you got in!

  13. Melissa Nyc

    Happy New Year! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I may love some of my other posts more than the one I’m going to share, but my blog is a local real estate blog so it’s not much use to non-locals. However, if someone happens to be looking for a lovely vacation home near Lake Tahoe, then this will definitely help them.

    By the way, I ghostwrite this blog and have been given permission to tell “insiders” that I do so. If you end up contacting John Conca for real estate, please tell him Melissa Nyc (rhymes with bike) sent you.

    Thanks for clicking and best of luck in 2014!

    • Carol Tice

      Sorry, Melissa, but links for the party need to be about writing/blogging/productivity/marketing…that sort of thing. Real estate is outside our topic area.

  14. Danyelle C. Overbo

    I keep getting an error saying: Please create a backlink to this site to be allowed to enter your own link – I tried uploading a different photo, but it just doesn’t seem be to working. Apologies if my posts do show up, but I don’t think it worked. 🙁

    • Carol Tice

      Hi Danyelle — you have to paste the link party code into the html of the page or sidebar where your post appears over on your site…hopefully that’s clear in the instructions above? But that’s what was making it fail. That’s the backlink you have to create. If it didn’t work, come back next party and post.

  15. Julie

    For this New Year, I resolve to believe in myself and not take on new clients just because I’m desperate. However, I did gain some tips from your 10 resolutions. I need to learn new descriptive words so I use less adverbs as you suggested. I also work hard to prevent passive writing whenever possible. I would love to take a class on that, because my active writing needs more work.

  16. Anne Wayman

    Carol, I used the tool but had to link to you later which I did…guess I’ll try again and see if it works.

  17. Inderpreet

    Its is an enlightening experience reading all these tips and great topics. thanks for these and please keep them coming.
    I was quite late to read this link mail and realize that the link was for 24 hours.
    My fault but still wanted to link my post so here goes.
    hope be in time for the next party. thanks again.
    Inderpreet Kaur

  18. Mika Tufuga-Valai

    Aloha Carol,

    I’m new to this, but I am excited about the things that I have learned by reading your insights on blogging. I’ve tried this once before back in 2004, but just didn’t know enough to keep going. Thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge and your willingness to share it with idiots like me.

    My goal for this year is to expand my writing voice, reach as many readers as i can with inspiring stories and words of wisdom. Please visit

    thank you once again, wholeheartedly, for sharing your talents and success with us.


    Mika Tufuga-Valai, a Laie FOB with a blog


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