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First Friday Link Party for Writers — Holiday Weekend Edition

Carol Tice | 44 Comments

Stars and stripesFor those of us writers here in the U.S., it’s a long party weekend as we celebrate our nation’s birth.

So it’s perfect timing that this is also the first Friday of the month and time for our First Friday Link Party for Writers!

I’m on a train on the way to World Domination Summit in Portland, so I’m thrilled to hand this post over to my wonderful readers. As usual, I’m sure you’ve all got some fresh and useful blog posts to share.

Instructions are below — enjoy the link party and the holiday weekend, folks!


44 comments on “First Friday Link Party for Writers — Holiday Weekend Edition

  1. Rohi Shetty on

    Congrats to the first ten though everyone who entered their post is a winner.

    Some great entries here, especially 101 Quick Actions You Can Take Today to Build the Writer Platform of Your Dreams.

    Thanks for arranging this great contest, Carol.

  2. Carol Tice on

    Ugh, well I’m annoyed to see that the new link party software does not seem to have shown us the winners! I’ll be on to InlInkz to find out what up with that and get it fixed for next time. It’s always something…

    Thanks to everyone who entered this time!

    • Joseph Rathjen on

      That’s not the only problem it’s having. I noticed today, on 2 separate occasions it was loading up votes again. I just came here to check and all the hearts were there again. I clicked one at random and it accepted the vote. Just saying…

      • Carol Tice on

        Yeah, they did a software upgrade and seems like it’s got a problem…as I say I will try to iron this out with InLinkz before next time.

        And I’m back…there is a technical fail. It appears voting has been somehow set to run for a whole month by accident! But I think I’ve been able to fix it up…I am now seeing the winners. Under the new scheme it shows votes for the top 10 winners. Congrats to all!

    • Anca Dumitru on

      That’s a pity. Especially for those who joined the party this month for the first time.

      I thought something looked weird when I checked last night and the little voting hearts were still showing. Well, from what I see now it looks like I’m #11. Not too shabby if that’s the true final result (probably zero votes). Will come back in August anyway. πŸ™‚

      • Carol Tice on

        Yeah, I finally got it to display the winners — think I had an inadvertent programming error on the length of the voting period and I was able to fix it.

  3. Courtney on

    #31 The Hook

    Such an important concept in writing a book and writing business documents, particularly applications!

  4. Flora Morris Brown on

    Hi Carol,

    We can vote for more than one entry, right?

    Once I voted for one of my favorites, I no longer see the hearts in the upper right of the other entries. (No, I didn’t try to vote for myself.)

    I’m enjoying meeting other Den members through their posts this weekend, and would like to vote for a few more.

    Please advise.

  5. Rob on

    I can’t figure out how to share my post or vote, so I’ll vote here. I liked #20, Burning Boats on My Birthday because it reflects my experience. I burned my boats/bridges and had no recourse other than freelance writing.

    If I have one complaint about the post, it’s the choice of metaphors. Conquering countries sucks. I learned to adapt to the culture I live in and contribute to it as best I can.

    • Carol Tice on

      Rob, you should be seeing a heart in the corner of every post — you vote by clicking one of those. When voting ends it’s going to show us the top 10 vote-getters and number of votes they got.

  6. Jillian L Pearl on

    I’m excited to find this. I entered on of my posts, I just barely made it. Only an hour-and-a-half to go until the contest closes. This is my first entry in a contest, and I’m eager to participate.

  7. Arwen on

    Well it isn’t a holiday weekend here in New Zealand but I’m still looking forward to looking through all the posts linked up here. It is always so hard to just pick one to give a vote to!

  8. Kimberley Grabas on

    Love participating in your Link Party, Carol! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for providing the opportunity to share my post, as well as get ‘knee deep’ into tons of great articles by fellow writers.

    Enjoy your time at the World Domination Summit! It’s on my list for next year, but I will be at NMX 2014. Perhaps I’ll see you there?


    • Carol Tice on

      Not sure…I really went this year just to meet Jon Morrow. I’m headed to WDS now to meet Darren Rowse, who’s coming all the way from Australia. I usually have a specific goal of some thought leader I want to build a relationship with that is the tipping point for my decision to attend.

      • Kimberley Grabas on

        Wow! I would not be able to pick just one!

        Perhaps I’ll check back with you closer to the event; it would be lovely to meet you in person. πŸ™‚

        Good luck with Mr. Rowse!

  9. Anca Dumitru on

    Trying to post my link here for the first time. I don’t see the Link Party code in the sidebar nor do I know how that looks like. I see though at the bottom of the post the “Add your link” button.

    Shall I just click on that and add the name and URL of the post I want to link to?

    Sorry if my Q sounds silly.


      • Melanie Jongsma on

        Anca, I’m having the same problem you were havingβ€”I can’t find the code to put on my page. Can you post a comment about how you figured it out?

        When I click on the Add Your Link button, I can put in my information, but when I submit it I get an error because it’s looking for that code on my site. I appreciate your help!

        • Anca Dumitru on

          Hi, Melanie

          At least I think I figured it out. I went to my blog post and added at the bottom of it a link to this post. Juat a simple sentence saying that post is featured here. I no longer got the error message as I uploaded the pic, and it worked.

          Now, I’m not sure how the voting works. If anybody could enlighten me on that, it would be awesome.

          • Melanie Jongsma on

            Thanks for the tip, Anca! That worked, but I did it wrong: In the “name” field, I put MY name instead of the name of the post I was submitting. I tried to re-submit it correctly, but it tells me that link has already been submitted. So, I don’t know how to fix that, but hey, I guess you’re bound to hit some bumps your first time down the road!

            Anyway, thanks for your help. πŸ™‚

          • Anca Dumitru on

            You’re welcome, Melanie. Glad it worked.

            Did you delete your link before resubmitting? If you moved the mouse over your link’s picture you should see the Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter buttons as well as a trashcan.

            I haven’t tried, as I didn’t need to, but I guess clicking on the trashcan means you can delete your link.

          • Carol Tice on

            Melanie, you should see an option to delete your link if you like and then you could re-post…I tried to enable that, hopefully it worked!

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