Explode Your Freelance Writing Income: An Essay Contest and Celebration

Carol Tice

Freelance Writers Den - Fifth Anniversary!Five years ago, I took a crazy risk and opened a community for freelance writers, hoping I could get 100 people to sign up.

What happened? It turned out people were starved for freelance writing help.

Today, the Den turns 5 years old — and it has over 1,200 members. When I say I couldn’t have done it without you, my great readers, I’m really not kidding.

Great community can’t be created by my answering every forum question. It’s created by everyone in the community coming together to pool their knowledge and share best practices. The Denizens are what make the Den the truly awesome resource it has become today.

I’m grateful for everyone who’s come together to make Freelance Writers Den great — so grateful that I’ve got five different goodies for you as part of our Den 5th anniversary celebration:

1. Essay contest with prizes

Want a month free in the Den and a bunch of other goodies? I’m going to name FIVE winners and give out five different prize packages.

Here’s the essay question:

“What would your life look like, if you had all the resources you needed to grow your freelance writing business right now?”

Answer in the comments to be considered! One entry per customer, please.

What can you win in this contest? Here are the prize packages:

UPDATE: Here are the winners, listed below under their prizes! (We will email you about how to claim your prizes, winners.)

Grand prize winner: Abby

  • 1 half-hour mini-mentor coaching session with me
  • 1 year in the Den
  • All 8 of my e-books shown here

Deluxe winner: Danny

  • 1 half hour mini-mentor coaching session with me
  • 1 month in the Den
  • All 8 of my ebooks

1st Place winner: Liberty

  • 1 month in the Den
  • All 8 of my ebooks

Runner-up: Priya

  • 1 month in the Den free
  • All 4 Freelance Writers Den ebooks (That’s Freelance Business Bootcamp, The Step by Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success, How to Get Great Freelance Clients, and How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger)

Special mention: Kim

  • All 4 Den ebooks

I’ll announce the essay contest winner early Friday morning in an email…subscribe to make sure you’re in the loop of that and all the other goodies listed below. (If you’re a current Den member, you can’t win Den passes, but can participate and win the other goodies listed above.)

2. The Den is open

Possibly the best thing about this week — Freelance Writers Den is open for new members, now through Friday. It’s one of our longest open periods in many years, so if you need a couple days to get the cash together to join, this is your chance.

If you don’t know, the Den is like the Lynda.com of freelance writing. For just $25 a month (no obligation, leave anytime, 7-day trial/refund guarantee), you can access everything we’ve got. And what we’ve got is:

  • 300+ hours of trainings, including 16 multi-hour bootcamps
  • Templates, samples & examples of contracts, pitches that sold, etc.
  • Nearly 75,000 forum comments
  • An exclusive Junk-Free Job Board where we cull better gigs and I send my referrals
  • 3 live events a month
  • Writer accountability buddies
  • Complimentary writer website and query reviews

We’re only open a few times each year, and often, I only tell the waiting list (because crazily, there are over 6,000 people on it). We usually also limit the number of writers who can sign up in any given open.

But not this time! We’re wide open for 5 whole days, so if you need this resource, you can join all week.

3. Free podcast

If you visit the home page of Freelance Writers Den over the next few days, you’ll find a series of free goodies, starting with a Den “Success Stories” podcast. Give that a listen and you’ll learn how writers are moving up and earning more from their work — and how the Den helps them do it.

4. Free handout

On Wednesday, stop by that Den home page for one of our most popular handouts ever — grab yourself a free copy of ‘7 Ways To Get Editor’s Emails.’

5. Free live Q&A on freelance writing + replay

freelancewritersden-live-qa-facebookHave you got questions about whether freelance writing is for you, or how to earn more from your writing? Got questions about how the Den helps you grow your income?

Well, come get a taste of the Den at a 1-hour live Q&A and I’ll answer them, with my trusty wing woman Angie Mansfield, our Den moderator-in-chief.

We’re going to give a secret tour behind the scenes of the Den (which I have NEVER done before!) on Thursday at 10 Pacific — you can register here.

And yes, there will be a replay for you, viewable on Friday only, so sign up even if you can’t make it at the appointed hour. (Watch your confirm email for a link to a survey where you can leave your top question.)

I’m hoping this 5th anniversary celebration will help a lot more writers find the resources they need to build their writing income. Look forward to seeing your essay entries in the comments below!

Freelance writing - freelance writers Den


  1. Brandon

    Hi Carol,

    I’ve been reading this website on and off for about a year now. I think it’s a fantastic resource for freelance writers, and just writers in general really. Although I’m probably in a bit of a different position than most on your visitors.

    I currently work a day job at a logistics company, and am more or less content with it. But I also do enjoy writing, and would love to earn some extra side income from it (somewhere in the range of $500-$1000/month would be plenty for me). I had one client last year that I wrote SEO articles for, but his company went belly up, so I’m basically back to square one. So my question is, would the Den still be a useful resource for someone like myself? Someone that’s basically only interested in doing part-time freelancing? Or is it only welcoming to those looking to make this a full-time career?

    Also, before you suggest the content mills, I’ve already tried that route, and had no luck. Most of them require you to be a US citizen (I’m in Canada), and the few others that don’t never accepted my application. Apparently writing mediocre articles for $5 a pop still requires a high amount of credentials.

    • Carol Tice

      Brandon, count yourself lucky! My husband is a UCLA film school grad who Demand Media wouldn’t take as a videographer. Let’s say the acceptance process is…mystifying.

      And certainly, we have MANY Den members who still have day jobs, Brandon.

  2. Ohita Afeisume

    Big, big Con-gra-tu-la-tions to you: Abby, Danny, Liberty, Priya and Kim, award-winning writers! This is a sign of more good things to come.

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