Find Your First Freelance Writing Client with These 7 Pitch Templates

Hey there, newbie.

So you’re a new freelance writer. Exciting!

If my experience coaching over 10,000 writers proves right, you’ve got a lot of questions. Here are the ones I see most from new freelancers.

“I can’t get a job without samples, and I can’t get samples without a job. How do I break in?”

“I’ve got a few clients, but they all pay pennies. Where are the good clients hiding?”

The best way to build your portfolio quickly—with solid samples that help you get good-paying gigs—is
simple. Figure out who you want to write for and target them directly. Cut out the middleman and
directly approach your prospects.

Find Your First Freelance Writing Clients with These 7 Pitch Templates

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If you’re frozen in fear because you worry you’re not “good enough” to pitch your own clients…trust me, only good writers worry about this.

There’s a lot of mediocrity out there.

Maybe you’ve been scared to pitch directly for work because you feel that as a newbie, you don’t know
what to say to prospects, to get hired.

I’m going to solve these worries for you right now, with 7 proven pitch templates. These are formats I’ve
coached thousands of writers on inside my Freelance Writers Den community, so I know they reliably

You can adapt these for your chosen topics and targets, and send them right out.

There’s just a little prep work required before you’re ready to start pitching. Grab the ebook and let’s start now.

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    Carol Tice selfieHi—Carol Tice here. Yes, I am a real person, and I live in Seattle. I am a freelance-writing business coach, freelance writer, book ghostwriter, and blogger. Besides starting Make a Living Writing, I founded the writer support and learning community Freelance Writers Den in 2011, which now has 1,200 members and over 300 hours of trainings. I’ve earned a full-time living from writing since the early 1990s, and have freelanced for over a decade, for clients including ForbesDelta Sky, EntrepreneurAlaska Airlines Magazine, Costco, Deloitte, American Express, Dun & Bradstreet, Lending Tree, and many more.

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