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Blogging Jobs: 22 Sites Where You Can Get Paid to Blog

Make A Living Writing

Looking for paid blogging jobs that have great rates?

This post is for you.

Blogging continues to be one of the most popular forms of content marketing used by businesses, and for freelancers, it’s a great way to make money writing.

In fact, 86 percent of companies report that they prefer to use blog posts over other forms of content marketing. And more than half of all Fortune 500 companies now have a public-facing blog.

But far too many writers are earning measly pay on their blogging jobs, and that really bothers us.

If you’re in that category, it’s time to move up and get paid to blog at fair rates. 

Even if you’re new to freelance writing, it’s not a good idea to fall into the habit of settling for low pay. Once you’ve got a portfolio with a few samples, there’s no reason you should be earning peanuts for your hard work. 

But to find blogging gigs that are worth your while, you’ll need to find solid, good-paying markets.

To get started, take a look at our list of 22 sites where you can get paid to blog at least $50 per post (and in some cases, quite a bit more!)

How Much Do Blogging Jobs Pay?

Freelance blogging pay rates can vary widely, but it’s possible to earn around $5,000 a month as a paid blogger. But that’s only going to happen if you follow the right approach.

If you’re making terrible pay to write blog posts, it’s probably because you’re:

  • Looking for work in the wrong places, such as Upwork, content mills, or job boards like Craigslist that tend to attract low-quality listings
  • Writing in an over-saturated niche–or blogging about topics almost anyone can write about
  • Spending too much time writing one-off posts rather than finding clients that offer ongoing work or retainer agreements
  • Working with low-budget start-up clients or small businesses that can’t afford to pay writers professional rates

To earn a sustainable income blogging, you’ll need to ditch your low-paying gigs and go after better clients. This usually involves finding regular blogging jobs for high-traffic websites.

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How Do You Become a Blog Writer?

Blogging is one of the best entry-level writing jobs available. And many seasoned writers establish lucrative blogging businesses, too.

But to become a paid blog writer, you’ll need to develop and follow an action plan. 

That process usually includes:

  • Finding good-paying markets
  • Studying their writer guidelines and target audiences
  • Generating great blog post ideas
  • Crafting pitches to send to editors

Note that when you’re pitching blog editors, your idea is more likely to get noticed if you can suggest an attention-grabbing headline for your proposed post. Check out our article on writing great headlines for some tips.

And remember: Once you do secure a blogging gig, you’ll want to keep coming up with new story ideas. That way, you can continue creating awesome content-and getting paid for it.

22 Places You Can Get Paid to Blog

Check out these 22 potential blogging jobs you can pitch right now.

1. B. Michelle Pippin

Michelle Pippin is a business blog for women that focuses on topics like marketing effectively, enhancing productivity, scoring speaking gigs, and overcoming business-related challenges. If you have firsthand experience in one of those areas, reach out and pitch an original, instructive story idea.

Contact: Send a message to editor Michelle Pippin on LinkedIn. 

Rate: $50-$150 per post.

2. Couchbase

If you’re a tech writer with knowledge of topics like NoSQL databases and programming languages, pitch Couchbase. This blog focuses on providing readers with technical guides written in a clear, informative, and friendly style. Your pitch is most likely to be accepted if you have samples of other tech tutorials.

Contact: Fill out the pitch submission form.

Rate: $200

3. Copyhackers

The Copyhackers blog is geared toward helping copywriters and marketers achieve success and upward mobility in their careers. It features stories about topics like conversion copywriting, freelancing for hire, and product marketing. 

It’s not easy to get your pitch accepted by Copyhackers. They only accept 1 in 30 pitches and only publish a third of those. But if your article is published, you’ll be compensated quite well.

Contact: Email your pitch to the content strategist or contact founder and editor Joanna Wiebe.

Rate: $300-$1,000 per post.

4. DesertUSA

If you’re knowledgeable about the North American desert or surrounding regions, you can write for DesertUSA. This blog features travel articles as well as stories about Native American culture, regional history and geology, and southwestern arts and crafts. Note that this blog requires all writers to submit digital images along with their stories.

Contact: Email publisher Jim Bremner.

Rate: $50 per article.

5. Doctor of Credit

The Doctor of Credit blog provides readers with information about personal finance and credit. They also publish articles about deals on travel and all kinds of products.

If your article is well-received, you may be asked to become a regular contributor for the site. Pitches are more likely to be accepted if you have a legal background or excel at finding unique credit card offers or deals.

Contact: Send an email to editor William Charles

Rate: $50 for guest posts.

6. Earth Island Journal

Earth Island Journal publishes a blog that focuses on environmental issues pertaining to an international audience, such as wildlife and land conservation, climate and energy, and environmental protection policies. 

For the best chance of having your story idea accepted, pitch a newsworthy, relevant topic that’s been overlooked by other outlets.

Contact: Email managing editor Zoe Loftus-Farren.

Rate: $100 per post.

7. Freedom with Writing

Wanna help other freelancers get paid for their writing? If you have useful advice to share, pitch this blog. They’re looking for how-to guides, essays, and case studies. They also occasionally publish eBooks.

Contact: Email editor Jacob Jans.

Rate: Up to $150 for articles; $500+ for eBooks.

8. FreelanceMom

FreelanceMom is a popular website for moms who work as freelancers and solopreneurs. The editor is looking for writers who can provide original blog posts offering in-depth, actionable advice for their readers. Pitch an article that is deeply personal, well-researched, or education-based.

Contact: Email Editor Lisa.

Rate: $75-100 per post.

9. Freshbooks Blog

You may have used FreshBooks to help manage your freelance business needs, but did you know they also pay well for unique blog content? FreshBooks isn’t actively looking for contributors at the moment, but they’ll still consider pitches for relevant, original story ideas.

Contact: Complete the pitch submission form.

Rate: $200 per post.

10. GoDaddy Blog

The GoDaddy blog, dubbed “GoDaddy Garage,” is geared toward helping entrepreneurs plan for, launch, grow, and maintain a business. The blog features content relevant to various industries, such as healthcare, real estate, restaurants, and even art.

In addition to its entrepreneurial focus, GoDaddy Garage also includes a section geared specifically toward web professionals. Topics range from using WordPress and designing websites to web development.

The blog’s editorial team accepts pitches and assigns specific article topics. If you have an interesting, original idea, submit it! You can also apply to be a regular contributor.

Contact: Pitch managing editor Andrea Rowland or complete the pitch submission form.

Rate: Usually around $100 per article depending on various factors.

11. Guideposts

Guideposts is a faith-based nonprofit organization that runs a blog aimed at inspiring Christian readers. They pay writers for first-person, narrative essays that have a spiritual theme.

Contact: Reach out to editor Evan Miller.

Rate: $250 per essay.

12. IncomeDiary

Have expertise on topics like SEO, content development, or making money online? Pitch IncomeDiary. While this blog has high standards (one of its major focuses is on creating great content, after all), you can get paid quite well for a worthy article.

Contact: Email editor Barry Dunlop.

Rate: Up to $200 per post.

13. International Living

International Living teaches readers how to retire affordably by living abroad. If you’ve traveled internationally or lived in another country, pitch a relevant story idea. Readers are looking for specific, helpful advice, such as how to order a meal or find hidden gems in the places they love overseas.

Contact: Reach out to digital editor Annie Hannon via LinkedIn or send her an email.

Rate: Typically pays $0.10 per word.

14. Make a Living Writing

Did you know this blog pays writers for guest posts about the business and craft of freelance writing? 

If you’re a current or former Freelance Writer’s Den member, or if you’ve graduated from Jon Morrow’s blog mentoring program, submit an idea! On occasion, founder Carol Tice offers open pitch windows, where anyone who subscribes to the blog can pitch. 

Note that almost all of the pitches accepted are from subscribers of the blog.

Contact: Email our editor.

Rate: $75-$150 per post.

15. Pixlr Blog

Pixlr is a popular online photo editing platform, and their website features a blog that publishes content by freelance writers. If you have expertise relating to photography or graphic design, pitch the Pixlr blog.

Contact: Submit your idea by completing the pitch form.

Rate: $200 per post; more for tutorials.

16. Rooted in Rights

Rooted in Rights is a nonprofit organization geared toward erasing the stigmas faced by people with disabilities, mental health challenges, and chronic illnesses. Written exclusively by writers with disabilities, it covers topics such as accessibility, discrimination, healthcare, and voting rights. The editorial team accepts both narrative and reported articles.

Contact: Email editor-in-chief Emily Ladau

Rate: $100+ per post.

17. SitePoint

SitePoint is a blog geared toward helping people understand how to use new web technologies, including various types of codes, web-based tools, and design programs. If you have experience in web development, design, or content creation, hit up the editor with a pitch.

Contact: Contact managing Editor Joel Falconer or submit the pitch form.

Rate: $150 to $250 per post.

18. Smashing Magazine

Knowledgeable about web building? Consider pitching Smashing Magazine, a website and blog geared toward designers and developers. They accept articles from both new and experienced writers and are especially in need of tutorials, guides, opinion pieces, and case studies. Carefully follow the guidelines and pitch a 200-300-word outline of your article idea.

Contact: Send a message to editor-in-chief Vitaly Friedman or use the pitch submission form.

Rate: $0.07-$0.13 per word.

19. Transitions Abroad

Ever live or travel abroad? If so, you can pitch the Transitions Abroad blog. It’s geared toward readers who travel overseas for work, study, volunteerism, or cultural immersion. 

While this blog usually publishes firsthand travel stories, its focus has shifted because of Covid-19. The editors are currently seeking stories that focus on topics like distance learning and virtual interning or volunteering. They’re also accepting articles about international jobs that can be done remotely.

Contact: Contact editor Gregory Hubbs on LinkedIn or send your pitch via email.

Rate: $75-$150 per post.

20. Truity

Truity is a hugely popular blog about personality types and personality psychology. They look for passionate writers who can create high-quality content about topics like Myers Briggs, the Enneagram, and Jung’s typology. 

Contact: Reach out to publisher Molly Owens via Twitter or complete an application to write for Truity. 

Rate: $100-$150 per post.

21. Upworthy

The Upworthy blog focuses on making a positive social impact. Stories should be “surprising, meaningful, shareable, and visual.” Review their content to get a better sense of what kinds of pieces are successful.

Contact: Complete the pitch form or reach out to editor Annie Reneau.

Rate: $0.23-$0.35 per word.

22. WritersWeekly

Writers Weekly is geared toward helping writers earn money from their craft. They publish stories covering topics like self-publishing, corporate writing, and marketing tips for freelance writers.

Contact: Contact publisher Angela Hoy after reading the writer’s guidelines.

Rate: $60 per 600-word article.

Bonus: Consider checking quality job boards that frequently post blogging gigs.

Aside from sending out pitches to markets like the ones on this list, you can also keep an eye out for paid blog job listings. The best way to do this is to check on high-quality job boards that are geared toward online writing jobs

A few examples of boards where you can find quality blogging jobs include:

  • FlexJobs: This is a paid job board, but by subscribing, you’ll gain access to a large number of job listings that are all completely legit. That’s because the curators only list opportunities that have been pre-screened, so you won’t find scams or false advertising of any kind. Additionally, FlexJobs focuses (not surprisingly!) on flexible opportunities, and you can narrow your search even further to include only freelance or telecommuting roles.
  • BloggingPro: Not all jobs posted here pay well, but some do-so it may be worth checking this site periodically to see what’s available. The curators do screen every listing, and they require all ads to include a pay rate. There’s also no cost to access the job postings on BloggingPro, which is a plus.
  • Content Marketing Agencies: While these aren’t actually job boards, content marketing agencies like Contently and ClearVoice can be valuable resources for writers looking to secure paid blogging work. These platforms connect brands directly to freelancers for projects, but unlike low-paying content mills, they tend to pay pretty good rates, sometimes up to $1 per word. To be eligible to get work on these sites, you’ll need to create a portfolio showcasing your samples and professional expertise. Portfolios undergo a screening process and are not always approved.

Ready to Find Blogging Jobs?

Before you submit a pitch to any of these markets, be sure to study the guidelines. Pitches can be rejected-even if you have a great idea-by not following the blog’s submission process.

Get to know the blog or business you’re pitching. Familiarize yourself with the topics they focus on. Understand who their target audience is.

And oftentimes, the best way to create a successful pitch is to start by actually subscribing to the blog you want to write for. 

Keep in mind: this list is just a sampling of the paid blogging jobs available. There are literally millions of blogs on the web today. And there are tons of businesses that want to boost customer engagement by offering a blog… but simply don’t have the time or resources to maintain one on their own. 

One tried-and-true method for many writers is to pitch companies that have abandoned their blogs. Since they created a blog in the first place, they probably understand the value of having one, but obviously have not been able to keep up with it. That could be where you come in!

So no matter what kind of results you get when you start pitching blogs like the ones on this list, keep going. There are plenty of opportunities, in every niche, to get paid to blog.

Christin Nielsen is a freelance writer based in Virginia. She specializes in writing for digital and print publications as well as nonprofit organizations.

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