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Audition for a Guest Post on Make a Living Writing – Live!

Carol Tice

Writers Audition!I’m ready to take this blog to the next level — that is, posting three times a week instead of two. Would you like to help me?

I don’t think there’s any way I can increase my own posts for this blog to more than twice a week right now — I’m ka-slammed with work. When I have extra energy, I’m trying to put it toward guest blogging on major writing Web sites to help draw new visitors to this part of town.

Even if I had the time, I think it would be nice to add some other voices to the blog on a regular basis. I’ve really liked some of the guest posts I had in the past. While there are aspects of freelance writing success I know tons about, there are other areas where I’m nobody’s genius.

So ideally, I’d like to find three or four more bloggers who’d be willing to each post once a month, and who could cover each other if someone is busy. That person could be you!

(Note: Due to feedback below, I have shifted this contest to focus on auditioning for a single guest post rather than an ongoing gig.)

Starting with this post, I’m holding auditions for guest posters here on Make a Living Writing. You’ll audition by posting an idea pitch in the comments below. If I approve your idea, you’ll move ahead and put your proposed blog post in the comments below, too. I’ll give feedback on the post in the comments, and we’ll refine the idea until it’s ready for publication as a post entry.

This will be a “live” audition, which will both help me find great guest bloggers, and hopefully allow readers to learn about what makes a great blog post, all at the same time. (Multitasking is an important success skill for freelancers.) If the guest posts are well-received by readers, I may make the guest slot an ongoing thing — kind of like my regular appearances Thursdays over on WM Freelance Writers Connection.

Before you forge ahead, below are some writers’ guidelines for posting on the Make a Living Writing blog. I’ve recently been approached by several people who didn’t seem to get what this blog is about, who sent me proposed guest posts that were unusable junk. So let me clarify what I’m looking for:

Make a Living Writing provides authoritative, helpful advice that doesn’t pull any punches. I’m seeking posters who can offer straightforward, practical, valuable, no-bull information that’s rooted in personal experience. Concrete examples are encouraged.

Recycling something you saw in a magazine somewhere is not going to cut it.

Some particular areas where I am always looking for guest posts include technical writing, time management, and the technical end of blogging and writers’ Web sites. These are all areas where I’m not particularly knowledgeable.

I prefer posts of about 500 words or less, though a long-list type topic might need more space.

Proof relentlessly. Write concisely. Know AP Style.

Check the popular posts sidebar at right for a sense of what readers like. Also check the comments to this post for more ideas of what readers would like to know.

Be familiar with the topics that have recently been covered on the blog. Propose something different.

Posts should be unique and previously unpublished. You will retain your copyright and may reprint/republish after 30 days.

Compose your post in your WordPress so that it formats well, then we’ll send it over to mine. Please suggest an image and provide credit link information. Once your topic has been approved in the comments below, send me two things: a .txt plain-text version for putting into my WordPress html mode, and a Word doc for easy read-through.

I offer two links in your tagline, plus one more in your byline. Make your tagline short – three lines max.

Have a passion for helping other writers make more money.

Have you got some tips for earning more from freelance writing? If so, post your idea pitch below. One idea per customer, please.

I am not yet in a position to be able to offer pay for guest posts, but if I publish your guest post on this blog, you will receive a free copy of my Make a Living Writing ebook — more than 200 pages of tips and advice on how to break in, move up and earn more in today’s new-media marketplace, and a $36 value.

Best of luck all!

(Note: now that I am closing comments on older posts, send your guest-post ideas to me on email — just click that nice little envelope up at the top of the sidebar.)

Photo via Flickr user cessemi