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Best Articles for Writers 2011

Carol Tice | 16 Comments

When you do a monthly best-articles post for freelance writers, there’s only one place that can lead.

That’s right — I’ve rounded up all my monthly best picks and then culled through over 100 nominees, to find my picks for the very best articles on writing and blogging for the whole year.

In case you’re wondering, this was hard! I decided to suspend my usual rule of not allowing any one site to have more than one entry.

But no one writer was allowed more than one entry. As is my habit, I also went for a mix of writing and blogging topics for both beginners and more seasoned scribes.

Boiled it all down..and these are my must-reads.



Have a wonderful New Year’s weekend, all. May better writing income be yours in 2012!

What were your favorite online articles this year, writers? Feel free to add to my list.

16 comments on “Best Articles for Writers 2011

  1. Alaina on

    Those articles is really great my very favorite is 17 Ways to Get Inside Your Client’s Mind So You’ll Always Hit Your Target Audience.

  2. Astro Gremlin on

    Well, Carol, you’ve given me a reading list that may take me most of 2012 to finish. Reading the Jon Morrow piece first, since I found you through one of his tweets. 🙂

  3. Bonnie Story on

    Another phenomenal post… great reading and a ton of info and inspiration here. I have your blog set to open up with my home page in Firefox and it has given me a lot of great ideas already. Thank you very much. Here’s to a great 2012!!

  4. Debra Jason on

    Hi @Carol. Thank you for including me in your list of very best articles on writing and blogging for the whole year. I am honored. @Jim, enjoy your holiday vacation!
    Happy new year to all – may today and every day be filled with love & laughter.
    Here’s to your writing success.

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