Top 10 Articles for Writers – January 2011

Carol Tice

Top 10 Articles For WritersWelcome to the first best-articles edition of 2011!

A few notes about these best-of posts: I have to say I do weigh in favor of lesser-known blogs and writers, and I do try to vary who appears. Don’t want this to end up being a list of five posts from Copyblogger and five posts from Problogger every month (though some big names do make an appearance this month!). For the most part, I try to spotlight folks you may not have heard of.

I definitely see the influence of my fellow Top 10 Blogs for Writers Winners in this edition — been checking out their stuff and loving it!

A confession: I tend to cut off the judging about the third week of each month to get the post ready. So if you find a post from the previous month in here, that’s why. This isn’t necessarily the 10 best articles published this month — they’re the 10 best I read this month. In my own private opinion. Just my two cents here.

Hope everyone enjoys these — thought it was a particularly choice batch this month.

7 Deadly Freelance Sins by Lori Widmer at Words on the Page NOTE: As of 11/2016, this blog no longer exists.

7 Reasons Why Your Posts Aren’t Getting Retweeted by Stanford on Pushing Social [NOTE: As of 12/30/18, this article no longer exists.]

14 Ways to Create Multiple Articles on a Topic by David Arthur Smith on Writer on Fire [NOTE: As of 12/30/18, this article no longer exists.]

15 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging by Daniel Scocco on DailyBlogTips

Don’t Ask Why — Dig Deep, Find the Answer to Why Now? by JC Hutchins on Writer Unboxed

How to Stop The Internet From Sabotaging Your Writing Routine by T.S. Bazelli of InkStained, on Courage2Create [NOTE: As of 12/30/18, this post no longer exists.]

Saying No by Chris Garrett at

Three Quick Steps to Clear Writing by Brian Clark on Copyblogger

What’s Your Excuse for Not Achieving Your Goals? by Robert Bruce on Copyblogger [NOTE: As of 11/2016, this post is no longer live.]

Why Writing Every Day Isn’t Enough by Michelle of Wicked Whimsy, on Problogger


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