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Best Articles for Freelance Writers and Bloggers – June ’11

Carol Tice

Top 10 logo banner in repeating patternBlogging and making money seem to be on my mind this month, as I look at the best-of list below. It’s a tantalizing mix of some of my most-featured writers on these monthly lists, as well as a few tasty new voices from some places you may not be looking. Always nice to broaden our horizons.

Feel free to add to my list in the comments below with some more great posts you’ve seen this month. No fair listing your own, though.


  1. 6 Reasons Why I Can’t Tell You How Much to Charge by Anne Wayman on About Freelance Writing. This question is always coming up…and here, Anne explains why there is no one, universal, magical answer.
  2. 8 Ways to Increase the Joy of Writing by John Soares on Productive Writers. In case you’ve lost the magic, a nice step-by-step guide to ways to rediscover your love of the craft.
  3. The Art of Keeping Your Audience Coming Back for More by Robert Bruce on Copyblogger. Robert is a master at bringing you great advice and perspective from outside the world of copywriting to use in your writing biz…this piece is a classic example.
  4. How I Got 3,000 Visitors From a Single Tweet by Gloson Teh on Gloson Blog. I’m setting a new youth-blogger record here on my best-ofs — Malaysia resident Gloson is 13. Thanks to Onibalusi Bamidele for introducing me to his very cool and inspiring blog. Now, fetch me my cane…
  5. Never Sell Anything Again — and Watch Your Business Soar by Barry Moltz on American Express OPEN Forum. I met Barry at SOBCon, and he is a great source of business advice. I realize it’s news to many freelance writers that you have a business…but you do. So listen up.
  6. Think Twice About Writing for Revenue Share by Jenn Mattern on All Freelance Writing. This is another question I get all the time, “This revenue share site, should I write for it?” Jenn’s been there, and brings you this bracing bucket of ice water to the face on revshare’s realities.
  7. What Bloggers Can Learn from Porn Stars by Brandon Yanofsky on Problogger. Oh, Brandon, get your mind out of the gutter…right after you teach us something useful with this fun post.

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