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Carol TiceHi there! Welcome to my blog. I’m Carol Tice, an award-winning, fun-loving freelance writer living in the Seattle area. I’m obsessed with helping writers:

  1. Avoid ripoffs and scams
  2. Earn more from their work.

I started the Make a Living Writing blog in 2008 because content mill pay rates made me mad. I wanted to share my experiences freelancing since 2005 and earning more each year, to show writers ways to move up from content mills and other low-paying markets.

Guess that was something writers needed, because now this blog now gets about 70,000 monthly readers.

Also, in 2010, 2012 and 2013, this blog was named one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers in Write to Done’s annual contest, and in 2014 and 2015 was named to Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Websites for Writers. Still blown away by this amazing recognition.

Got a question about the freelance-writing game?

Please feel free to comment on blog posts, and don’t worry about typos or grammar gaffes – you are covered under my Universal Comment Typo Forgiveness Insurance Policy.

I’m happy to answer questions on the blog – after a recent break, comments are back and open for 30 days after each post goes up. Check in and let me know what you think!

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Reader Raves

Enough from me about me – here’s what my readers say about this blog:

Jon Morrow discovers me

“I can honestly say that Carol Tice, whom I have never met in person, actually changed the course of my life with her words! I had just left an abusive relationship (that spanned two decades) and had no idea how I was going to support myself. I was able to become a professional writer and make a living, even though I am physically challenged, in part because she provided real, workable advice and direction. Her posts gave me the courage to strike out on my own. Love this and love her! THANK YOU Carol!!! – Victoria Cayce

San Edge“In my short time writing online, I’ve found that a trusted source of information is gold.

“I’ve found Carol to be a voice of reason in a sea of snake oil.” -Sam Edge, The Edge on Strategy.

Make a Living Writing Tweetermonials

Why subscribe to my blog?

Besides the obvious – it helps you not miss any posts that could help you grow your writing income – a few other reasons:

  • I love to give out free stuff to my subscribers, like the time I gave out my phone number and did a full day of free mini-mentoring sessions (it was fun – I’ll probably do it again).
  • Some of my posts only go out on email to subscribers – they are not published here on the blog.
  • I sometimes send subscribers deals and discounts I don’t post on the blog, or give subscribers first crack at e-books or courses with limited space.
  • Want to get published? I now pay $75-$15o per guest post. Most of my successful guest posters are blog subscribers and regular readers. So be in the loop and sign up!

Why this blog was created

I started Make a Living Writing because I wanted to share what I’ve learned about successful freelancing and help writers support themselves with their craft. This blog is my give-back to the profession that allows me to pay my bills doing something I truly enjoy.

Cartoon of Carol TiceThis advice blog has taken me places I never imagined I’d go. I now offer one-on-one mentoring, for both mid-career writers and newbies.

I’ve self-published about a dozen e-books, most recently Fear Not!. My blogging work also led to two print business books, How They Started and The Pocket Small Business Owner’s Guide to Starting Your Business on a Shoestring.

My writing advice has appeared in The Writer’s Market, on Copyblogger, and Write to Done, among others. I was recently named the content marketing expert for the National Association of Independent Writers & Editors (NAIWE).

My quest to get information out to more writers faster on how to grow their writing income led to the creation of Freelance Writers Den in 2011. The Den now has over 900 1,100 members and growing. If you’d like more support and access to 300+ hours of trainings to help shorten your ramp time, check that out.

Who am I to give advice?

To learn more about my freelance writing career and what I’ve been writing lately, see my writer site at caroltice.com.

These two blog posts describe how I got my start in freelance writing, and how I got back into freelancing in 2005.

Some of my all-time favorite posts on this blog are:

Why Your Writing Journey Matters My freelance writing manifestoWhat I learned about writing from my lunch with a dead womanA Short Prayer for Freelance Writers

I hope this blog helps you to build your freelance writing income!

-Carol Tice

Mitch Bossart


There is only one blog I read religiously. “And the reason is that Carol Tice is balls-to-the-wall, over-the-top, all-hands-on-deck focused on helping professional writers be more successful.”

– Mitch Bossart | Bold Communication


John Soares


“I highly recommend Make a Living Writing.  Newbies to freelance writing will find everything they need to launch a successful career, from choosing the right niches to getting assignments to getting paid well. Experienced hands will find gems on every page that will improve their writing careers – and their bottom lines.”

– John Soares | ProductiveWriters


Stephanie Vozza


Your blog is like ‘Eat This Not That’ for freelance writers!”


Nancy Locke


Carol Tice makes me feel sane. Unlike those who make a living selling advice to writers about how to make a living as a writer, Carol actually writes for a living. Carol’s blog stands head and shoulders, hips and knees above the mind-bogglingly vast number of blogs targeting would-be writers out there.”

– Nancy A. Locke | Locke Communications
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