A Poll For New Writers — Take It, AND Take $50 Off My Mentoring Service!

Carol Tice

New Writers PollHi all —

Today we take a break from our usual straight-up advice here on MALW to throw out a question: What do you want to know about the business of writing?

I ask because my writer-friend David Volk is organizing a Society of Professional Journalists conference in the early fall, and I said I’d help him shape the agenda by asking my readers what they would like to learn about at such an event.

So here’s your chance to penetrate the mysteries of writing success. Leave me a comment and tell me:

If you went to a writing conference, what topic would you most want to see a session about?

What do you find most baffling about the process of earning a good living from writing?

What writing question have I not addressed here on MALW that you’d like me to answer?

Is there something you just don’t get about the business of writing that you’d like explained?

If you were here in my home office right now, what one question would you most want to ask me?

To grease the wheels here a little, I’ll offer a $50 discount on my mentoring service to anyone who participates in the poll. If you’ve been wanting to work with a writing-business coach, now you can get your questions answered on the blog AND get a deal on personalized one-on-one coaching! Which comes with ongoing followup email support, by the way.

The discount is good only until the end of May 2010, for new mentees only. Leave your question, all!


  1. Carol Tice

    Just want to check back in and say that James Patterson has claimed his $50 discount on mentoring — I’ll be meeting with him later this month. Anyone else above, if you’re interested let me know!

  2. Colette Martin

    Carol, the two things I’d really like to know at a conference are:

    1. What kind of legal protection do writers need? How worried do we need to be about being sued, and how can we protect ourselves?

    2. How to find blogging jobs that pay.

  3. Lisa Ullrich

    Hi Carol,

    It’s so true, the information available on the web makes it all so overwhelming. I think I will take your advice and forget trying to read about it all and just start writing. I have 3 or 4 websites I really like, but reading too many sites is VERY time consuming. When I work a full-time job, there’s not much time left. Thanks!


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