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Want 1,000 Blog Subscribers? Just ‘Invent’ Them

Carol Tice

Want 1,000 Blog Subscribers? Just 'Invent' Them - Judy Dunn. Makealivingwriting.comBy Judy Dunn, Cat’s Eye Writer

When I was writing for children, I used to cut out photos of cute 6-year-olds from magazines and tape them to my whiteboard.

You could say I invented them.

It helped me fill that big black hole, you know that audience you talk to as a writer, but can’t see?

I am often asked, in my blogging workshops, and in emails from my readers, “How do I get more subscribers to my blog?”

I can hear the tension in the email. I can almost see the frown on the face, the furrowing of the eyebrows.

And I say, “Just invent them.”

I can hear the deep silence on the other end, see the question mark at the end of their sentence get bigger.

Dance like no one is watching, blog like everyone is

I know the advice. You’ve heard it, too. It goes like this:

Slow and steady wins the race.

Walk before you run.

One reader at a time.

And it’s true. Because that is how you build your community. And, yes, turning a visitor into a subscriber is one of the most difficult of all conversions.

But you see, if you only focus on that, you are limiting yourself. You are looking at what is, rather than what can be.

I ask my blog coaching clients this: “Would you blog differently if you had 1,000 subscribers?”

There is a pause and I can almost hear them thinking. Most everyone says, “Well, yes, I suppose I would.”

Here is my challenge for you. Blog today, starting right this moment, as if you had 1,000 subscribers. Because, you know what? If you keep doing that, those 1,000  subscribers will show up.

I promise.

5 ways to blog like you have 1,000 subscribers

1. Focus less on incentives and more on kick-ass content.

Offering a free gift to subscribers is common and does help you to some degree. But there are people who subscribe to get the gift and then unsubscribe. There just are.

The best way to get subscribers is to keep cranking out the highest quality posts you can. Day after day, week after week.

2. Watch your consistency.

Readers don’t magically turn into subscribers. They become converts because they eagerly anticipate your next post. And part of that is knowing which day or days they can expect it.

Keep to your posting schedule. Be that consistent and loyal voice they have gotten used to hearing.

3. Claim your voice.

Think about the blogs you subscribe to. You probably could read any one of those bloggers’ posts and know who wrote it without looking at the author’s name. This is what you want to strive for.

Claim your voice and wear it proudly.

4. Tell your stories.

Whether you are a freelance writer, an author or a business blogger, you have stories to tell. When you tell them, readers just naturally connect with you emotionally. And that is exactly what you want to happen.

Weave a little storytelling into your blog posts from time to time and see what happens.

5. Have fun.

If you show your passion and sense of fun, your readers can’t help but follow along.  One way to do that is to become a child again.

Don’t be afraid to show your passion for the topics you are writing about because that’s the way to draw your readers closer to you.

What about you?

What are you already doing to blog like you have 1,000 subscribers? Leave a comment and tell us your strategy.

Judy Dunn is a blogging coach, content marketing specialist and the author of Guide to Showing Up Online. Subscribe to her blog, Cat’s Eye Writer, to find out how to attract more online visitors with compelling copy, a true voice and smart social media strategies.

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