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10 Reasons Why You Can’t Make a Living Writing

Carol Tice

Yes you can make a living writing. Makealivingwriting.comBy Josh Sarz

I can’t do it.

That’s what I say to myself after reading how other people are making a living writing.

Sure, they can do it. They have experience. They have talent. They were born to be writers. I’m just a regular kid. I’m only good at playing computer games and watching TV.

That’s why I’m writing this piece to you. If you’re reading this with hopes of learning ways to make a living writing, stop.

Let me give you nine reasons why you’re better off looking for another way.

10 reasons why you can’t write for a living

  1. You don’t know anything – That’s right. Just like me, you don’t know anything about writing. What makes you think you can just ‘decide’ to be a writer and then magically produce quality writing?
  2. It’s too hard – It’s not easy thinking up stories, plot twists, characters and everything else. If you choose not to write fiction, what will you write? Business marketing strategies? Copy? What’s that? You can’t comprehend all these words being thrown around.
  3. You’re too busy with life – You don’t need to mention how much time you don’t have. You already have a day job. You have your own family. Just like everyone else, we have lives.
  4. Nobody will like your stuff – Do you think anyone will like what you’re going to be writing about? Who do you think you are, Nicholas Sparks?
  5. There are too many writers – There are so many writers in the world today. A lot of them write books that no one reads. A lot of them are still hunting for their first gig. Why even hope that you can do better than them?
  6. Being a writer isn’t a ‘job’ – Being a writer isn’t a real job. You sit at home with a pen, or in front of your computer and type words. That’s not a job.
  7. You’re too inexperienced – You need to have studied journalism to know how to write. Reading books won’t teach you how to do it. We’re screwed.
  8. It’s all a scam – Writers who talk about making money by writing, how fake is that? You need to be an author of a best-selling book to get money. And who are you? You’re nobody.
  9. You’re not a writer – Like me, you’re just a regular person who dreams of one day being able to write a book. You dream of writing white papers and sales letters that will get you sacks of money. We’re only dreamers.
  10. It’s too scary. Who can expose themselves to criticism and rejection like that? Not me.

Just stop

Stop believing you have what it takes to be a writer.

If you’re reading this, then you are one step closer to waking up from a dream. Step back to reality and close this website. You can’t be a writer.

If the reasons that I gave above aren’t enough, then go ahead. Write.

Reality check

You still have the dream in you.

You are not an anonymous person. You have a name. You have a voice. You have a mind that is capable of learning anything from cooking to rocket science.

You do not let barriers stand in the way of you and your dreams. Take that step toward immortality.

The reasons mentioned above are nothing more than trivial demons who wish only to destroy you. Slay your demons. Pick up your sword, no, your pen.

We’re on the same road, writers. Say these words with me.

  1. You don’t know anything I can learn anything – There are plenty of groups for me to join, and writing courses for me to take. There are tons of books I can read. There are thousands of helpful content all over the Internet. And in my head is an endless supply of ideas brought about by a lifetime of experiences and emotions.
  2. It’s too hard I can do whatever I want – Nothing can stop me if I want to be a writer. I can learn everything I need from other people. Yes, I will fail. Yes, it will be hard. All I have to do, is to get back up.
  3. You’re too busy with life I can make all the time I need – I can learn not to waste time. I can use every precious minute I can tear off from my schedule to do it. I will sleep a little less if I have to.
  4. Nobody will like your stuff I will make people love my stuff – I will learn how to write so well that every one who reads my writing will love it. I will network with other writers, and together we will attract the masses. I will learn to write a bouquet of words.
  5. There are too many writers The world needs more writers – Editors constantly complain that they can’t find enough truly talented writers. The world began with stories. The world feeds on stories. I will shape the world.
  6. Being a writer isn’t a ‘job’ Being a writer is a lifestyle – I will not think of it as a job, but a way of life. A life where I can teach the world what I’ve learned. A life where I can tell stories that break hearts and fuel people’s passions.
  7. You’re too inexperienced I can break any glass ceiling – Nothing will stop me. When I reach the point where they say everything stops, my writing will live on.
  8. It’s all a scam I can break all stereotypes – I will prove that writing does not have to be hard. I will prove that writers do not starve.
  9. You’re not a writer I am a writer – And from this day on, my words will inspire countless wandering souls. I will bring new business to fruition. I will make the world fall in love with words again.
  10. It’s too scary I’ll be brave – I can conquer my fears and move forward to claim the livelihood I want.

When it comes down to it…

It’s up to you.

Whether or not you will take the first step, know that the world continues to turn while you dream.

Are you someone who just dreams to become a writer? Are you just going to be reading blog post after blog post in the hopes of somehow magically evolving into a writer overnight?

If not, are you someone who really wants to become a writer? Do you truly want to make a living writing?

The truth: there’s nothing stopping you.

Josh Sarz is a freelance writer who blogs about Content Marketing and Storytelling. 

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