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How You Can Build a Blog That Stands Out Among the Millions

Carol Tice

blue fuzzy bugs and one pink oneDo you have an idea for a blog — but you feel like it’s too late to start one?

After all, there are so many blogs out there already, with a head start on yours. More than 6.7 million of them, as a matter of fact.

This issue was on Glori’s mind recently:

I’m a new blogger and freelance writer and I run a blog called the Crazy Introvert: Surviving and enjoying the quiet life. Basically, it’s a blog about the introvert personality and how I try to survive this very extroverted world.

Here are my questions:

How do you pen words that do not just get mixed in with all the rest?

How do you write a blog without getting lost?

How do you successfully get your message across?–Glori Surban

How to overcome fear of blogging failure

I know this feeling.

When I started this blog in 2008, I saw that I was way behind the curve. Lots of big, successful blogs were already out there! Especially in my niche of freelance writing.

But there was room for one more, that came with a passion for fair pay for writers.

I believe there is always room for a fresh, unique new voice in the blogosphere, especially from a writer that’s willing to work hard.

It’s never too late to get started. Five years from now, no doubt great new blogs will emerge.

To say it’s too late is like if the writers of The Walking Dead or 30 Rock said it’s too late to create a hit TV show, there’s already been so many.

The fact that there have been other hit blogs only tells you that this is a medium that works as a platform on which to base your business. Not that the world has run out of interest in blogs! Far from it.

People are always hungry for new ideas, new voices, fresh new ideas…and sparkly new blogs. That’s why your blog can still come from nowhere and succeed in attracting an audience.

How? Here are my tips:

  • Be you. Remember that no one else can bring your unique voice to the blogosphere. Don’t copy other bloggers you admire, especially their style of writing — just be your own authentic self. People love that. By spotlighting her quiet personality, Glori is bringing a different attitude to blogging than many of the brash, snarky, in-your-face blogs we all know. That’s fresh. Your unique point of view won’t get “mixed in” with everyone else’s. The trick is to find your slant, your position that stands out. In a world of brash bloggers such as The Blog Tyrant, Glori’s idea is different.
  • Write a mission statement. Too many blogs discuss every topic under the sun. It’s hard to build an audience around that. Focus your blog — write down what it will be about. Then, put that mission into the headline or tagline of your blog, and stick to your subject. Wandering off topic tends to make readers leave.
  • Learn how to write blog headlines. I’ve reviewed hundreds of blogs, and only a handful knew how to write strong, attention-getting headlines. Strong headlines are an easy way to stand out. This is a specialized skill that’s worth taking time to learn.
  • Write your ass off. That’s how you will learn to write a compelling post that conveys your ideas — simply doing it, over and over. Clarity of expression comes from a ton of writing practice.
  • Talk to your readers. Most blogs are all about the writer — they’re like an online private diary. Which is generally boring as heck. Instead, focus on readers. Find out what readers need and how you can help, like I’m doing with this writers’ Q&A post. Then, deliver that. You’ll immediately set your blog apart.
  • Connect with influential bloggers. As my mentor Jon Morrow once pointed out to me, great new bloggers aren’t born — they’re appointed, by the current crop of bloggers who already have big audiences. They can mention you on their blog or retweet you, or you might guest post on their blog, and find a ton of new readers. Your voice can be fresh and vital, but without someone powerful turning a spotlight on it, you could blog away in obscurity for a long time.

 How do you make your blog stand out? Leave us your tips in the comments.