First Friday Link Party for Writers – Beautiful Spring Edition

Carol Tice

Spring tulipsWelcome to spring!

This is the last day of spring break where I am at, so I’ll be hanging out with my kids and turning my blog over to you — the Make a Living Writing community of awesome writers.

This is your chance to get some exposure for your blog and make new connections.

You can link us to your best recent post about writing, blogging, productivity, marketing, work-from-home, work/life balance, or freelancing.

Then come back over the weekend to check out the rest of the blogs your fellow readers have shared and vote for your favorite! On Monday, the links reorganize to feature the top winners.

Instructions are below — enjoy the link party.


  1. Gwen Boyle

    To my shame, I only just remembered to check back on the link party. I submitted my own early on, had a quick look around, made a mental note to check back last weekend when voting was open…and that mental note got lost somewhere along the way.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading some of the entries today, despite missing the voting window by miles! I particularly liked Mike Johnson’s “Writing is a Super Power” and Nida Sea’s “Why Being a Stubborn Ass Can Be Good and Bad for Working at Home.”

    It’s a great idea, and it’s a pity people didn’t return to vote (myself included). Thanks for the effort you put into it Carol – it’s brilliant that you offer this platform for your readers’ work, and it must be a bummer when people don’t respond as you’d hoped.

    • Carol Tice

      I’m definitely going to send a reminder email to ding people to vote next time!

    • Gwen Boyle

      That might do the trick – clearly we’re a forgetful bunch! 🙂

    • Carol Tice

      Yeah, this round made me wonder if people want the link parties to happen anymore…I’m going to give it one more shot and then retire the feature if people aren’t into it.

  2. Raspal Seni

    Is the commentluv link how you linkup your posts? That’s the usual way when posting comments here, isn’t it?

    I’d like to link the post in the commentluv link below in the link party. Can you it for me please, if this isn’t the correct way?


  1. Road blocks, solopreneur's worst nightmare - The Solopreneur Mentor - […] post is featured on First Friday Link Party for Writers – Beautiful Spring Edition hosted by Carol Tice […]

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