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Need to freelance in these hard times?

You’ve come to the right place. I’ve done this before – and I’ve got tips.

Greetings from my living room! I’m Seattle freelance writer Carol Tice. I built my own freelance-writing business up until it hit six figures – in the depths of the 2008-’10 recession.

You may be feeling scared right now. I get it. Know that you CAN earn well as a freelancer, even in a recession.

IF you know what to do, to find and keep great freelance clients, when the economy goes nuts.

The Recession Proof Freelancer: A 12-Point Plan for Thriving in Hard Times (from a freelance writer who's been there) By Carol Tice

If you don’t – no worries! I’ve created a fear-busting, confidence-building FREE e-book that reveals exactly how I built a thriving freelance biz in the worst of times. The Recession-Proof Freelancer unpacks those life lessons, and gives you a simple system of key actions you need to take, to earn a freelance living in this uncertain moment.

Maybe you’re just jumping into freelancing now (or were pushed). Or you’re a longtime freelancer worried about how to find and keep good clients in this crazy sitch. Either way, this e-book has practical info and useful resources to help you build your biz and earn well, no matter what.

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    Includes resources to help you find clients and get hired!

    A special section at the end of this book includes 3 of my most popular handouts:

    • Find Your First Freelance Writing Client With These 7 Pitch Templates
    • 8 Ways to Get Editors’ Emails
    • 18 Free Resources for Finding Better Freelance Writing Clients

    The Recession-Proof Freelancer includes everything you need to confidently niche, pitch, and build a thriving freelance biz.

    This e-book answers questions including:

    • What’s the secret of growing freelance income, despite a down economy?
    • Which industries will do well in the recession?
    • How can I ask for referrals, given everything that’s happening?
    • What sort of sites do I need to set up, to appear professional online?
    • I’m so worried – how can I make it stop, and take action to build my biz?
    • What’s the easiest way to earn more, as a working freelancer?

    Wonder no more – The Recession-Proof Freelancer is packed with useful pitch scripts and on-the-ground advice from my high-earning journey through the last recession.

    Praise for The Recession-Proof Freelancer:

    Ally Machate - Recession-Proof Freelancer Review  “Read NOW – Enjoy better clients and less stress forever!”

    If I could go back in time and give my newbie freelancer self one tip, it would be to invest more in getting advice from pros who have ‘been there.’ Carol Tice’s Recession-Proof Freelancer is exactly the kind of no-nonsense, actionable advice I could have used. Hell, after more than a decade of freelancing, I can still use  it! Packed with encouragement, insightful analysis, and specific steps to not only survive but thrive in a down economy, this short ebook has exactly what you need to recession-proof your freelance business. Read it now. Follow the advice immediately after. Enjoy better clients, more income, and less stress forever.”. -Ally Machate, bestselling author and publishing consultant | The Writer’s Ally |

    Derek Lewis-Recession Proof Freelancer review“Timely, timeless advice!”

    If ever we in the gig economy needed help on being recession proof, now is the time. Thankfully, Carol Tice offers her advice from growing her business through the Great Recession – an experience that’s prepared her to help us this go-round. Her 12-point plan is not only timely but timeless.” -Derek Lewis, ghostwriter, ghostwriting coach and author of The Business Book Bible |

    Heather Lloyd-Martin - Recession-Proof Freelancer review “A quick, compelling read that could change your life!”

    “YES, you can make money during hard financial times – without slicing your fees, doing work you hate, or working 20-hour days.

    Reading this book is like talking to a friend who gives you tough-love (and excellent) advice. Rather than giving you fluffy advice like, “value yourself,” she digs into specific ways you can help existing clients, contact prospects, and take care of yourself.

    I highly recommend Carol’s book and advice. It’s a quick, compelling read that can change your life – and put your business on a solid financial track. Enjoy!” -Heather Lloyd-Martin | Copywriting Coach |

    Jessica Glendinning - Recession-Proof Freelancer review“A framework for how to thrive, no matter the economy.”

    The Recession-Proof Freelancer is a breath of fresh air – and a lifeline to freelancers everywhere – during a tumultuous time. This book provides not only a framework for how to thrive during a recession, but also a step-by-step action plan to follow. When hard times come knocking, Carol’s 20+ years of freelance writing experience are just what you need to build up your client base (no matter the economy). -Jessica Glendinning | Freelance Writer & Content Strategist for BCorp, Startup, Innovation, and Rural |

    Sharon Bennett - Recession-Proof Freelancer Review “Secrets to keep your health, spirit and income alive and growing!”

    Carol Tice’s latest e-book, The Recession-Proof Freelancer, is everything a ‘fraidy-cat’ freelancer could want. She reached a six-figure income during the last recession – now, she reveals her secrets to keep your health, spirit and income alive and growing in the current economy and beyond. This pithy e-book offers just the nuggets we need. Quick to read, filled with great suggestions, and don’t miss the terrific list of resources at the end! Thanks for revealing your path to riches, Carol.
    -Sharon Bennett, Freelance Energy & Sustainability Writer, Palm Beach FL and Washington State

    Kaitlin Morrison - Recession-Proof Freelancer Review“I feel like I have a plan and strategies to course-correct.”

    This book gives step-by-step, fearless advice for new and experienced freelancer writers. Reading this now, I feel like I have a plan and strategies to course-correct as economic change unfolds. We don’t have to drift aimlessly through a recession, we can take charge of our businesses and thrive even in uncertainty.” -Kaitlin Morrison, Freelance Technology Writer |

    Carol J. Alexander - Recession-Proof Freelancer Review “You can do this, too!”

    The Recession-Proof Freelancer is a must-have for any writer trying to make a living during an economic nose-dive. In it, the ever-pragmatic Carol Tice brings more to the table than a 12-point plan for thriving in hard times. She carries those points on a charger of empathy. Because unlike all the other voices spitting platitudes, theories, and half-baked ideas  of what they think will keep your business floating through the Sea of Hard Times, she’s actually commandeered her own ship through the squall, rose the wave, and brought it safely back to harbor. In this short, value-packed little book, Carol shares what we’ve all grown to expect from her-practical stepping stones to show the way. But she doesn’t send you off alone. She holds your hand, looks you in the eye, and tells you, “You can do this, too!”
    -Carol J. Alexander, Freelance home remodeling writer in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley |

      About the Author

      Carol Tice selfieHi – Carol Tice here. Yes, I am a real person, and I live in Seattle. I am a freelance-writing business coach, freelance writer, book ghostwriter, and blogger. Besides writing this blog, I founded the writer support and learning community Freelance Writers Den in 2011, which now has 1,200 members and over 300 hours of trainings. I’ve earned a full-time living from writing since the early ’90s, and have freelanced for over a decade, for clients including ForbesDelta Sky, EntrepreneurAlaska Airlines Magazine, Costco, Deloitte, American Express, Dun & Bradstreet, Lending Tree, and many more.

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