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Newsletter Writer: How to Make $$$ In This Niche Market

Newsletter Writer: How to Make $$$ In This Niche Market

How to Make $$$ as a Newsletter Writer Do you need a freelance copywriting niche?

Want to make money as a newsletter writer?

If you take the right approach, it’s possible to earn big on platforms like Substack.

While some writers devote time to publishing completely free newsletters, that approach is unlikely to be worth your while unless you use the newsletter as a marketing tool for your other freelance services.

Instead, the best way to earn money from newsletter writing is to build up an audience of devoted readers – including some who are willing to pay to receive your content. 

Newsletters can fall into almost any niche imaginable, and if you’re adept with social media, you can use those platforms to further grow your readership and establish a loyal base.

You don’t need to amass a huge audience to make newsletter writing worth your while, either.

Think about it: if you charge $7 per month and get 300 paying subscribers, you’ll earn $2,100 per month.

Newsletter platforms typically charge a commission (Substack takes 10% of writers’ monthly earnings), but you’ll be able to keep the rest. And your income—but not your workload—will increase with each additional paying subscriber you attract.

Want to make money as a newsletter writer? Here’s what you need to know…

Writing Tips: 14 AP Style Essentials to Level-Up Your Blogging

Writing Tips: 14 AP Style Essentials to Level-Up Your Blogging

14 AP Style Writing Tips for Freelancers.

Finding and dusting off my tattered, circa 1990 AP Stylebook was the first smart thing I did when I took the plunge into blog writing. I needed a crash crash course on writing tips to get back in the game.

I have a journalism degree and news writing experience, but had given up that career in the early 2000s to run the family farm.

My writing skills were rusty. I had traded in my reporter’s notebook for seed sowing, lettuce planting and tractor driving.

And it had been a while since I devoted a lot of brain power to writing tips and style to create great content.

But I knew, though it had been a long time since I had written for a living, as long as I had my AP Stylebook it would be okay.

When I made my way back to journalism and started freelancing, the writing tips I gleaned from the AP Stylebook reminded me this resource can help you a lot.

Ready to level up your blog posts, engage readers, and keep your clients coming back for more? Check out these writing tips from the AP Stylebook.

7 Move-Up Markets for Freelance Writers Looking to Earn More

If you write for content mills or bid sites, or spend time reading Craigslist ads, it's easy to get discouraged. You could think there is no good-paying writing work left in the world. But it's just not true. There are a ton of $1-a-word or $100-an-hour type writing...

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