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Content Writing for ClearVoice: 12 Success Tips From An Insider

Content Writing for ClearVoice: 12 Success Tips From An Insider

Content Writing for ClearVoice: 12 Insider Tips.

Are you looking for content writing gigs?

There’s the traditional route of pitching prospects and sending LOIs.

It’s still one of the best ways to find well-paying clients. But it’s not the only way to land content writing assignments.

There’s a growing number of agency-style sites that connect writers with well-known brands, Fortune 500 companies, and clients looking for talent writers.

One of the stand-outs in this niche for freelance writers…ClearVoice.

ClearVoice is a content marketing platform designed to help brands and agencies find freelancers for their clients.

In case you’re wondering…the experience is nothing like a content mill.

Pay rates are significantly higher. When you land an assignment, you work with a ClearVoice editor. Writers get paid every two weeks for work completed.

If you deliver great work, you’ll land more assignments. And even open the door to higher-paying assignments and top-tier clients.

So how do you land content writing assignments with ClearVoice?

Check out these insider tips to find out.

Agency Work for Writers: 7 Insider Tips to Help You Get Hired

Agency Work for Writers: 7 Insider Tips to Help You Get Hired


Wondering how to land some agency work as a freelance writer?

No, not the kind of “agency work” someone posts on Upwork. That’s almost always the path to low rates, soul-sucking work, and burnout.

Legit digital marketing agencies work with freelancers all the time. And there’s lots of them.

  • Agencies that work with a broad range of clients in different industries, and…
  • Agencies that specialize in specific niches like technology, healthcare, or financial services.

Google it: marketing agency + (your niche)

Agency Work

If you’re not sure chasing agency work is worth your time, consider this…

Right now, companies spend an estimated $400 billion a year on content marketing, according to industry data.

Here’s how it works: Companies hire digital marketing agencies to do the work. And those agencies hire freelancers to create content like:

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Annual reports
  • White papers
  • Website content
  • Lead magnets
  • Video scripts
  • Press releases, and more

Starting to get the picture? Agency work can be a great way to make money as a freelance writer, and have steady work.

So how do you get a slice of agency work? We asked two digital marketing agency pros to show you the ropes. Here’s what you need to know:

Staffing Agencies for Freelance Writers: 7 Insider Tips from a Recruiter

Staffing Agencies for Freelance Writers: 7 Insider Tips from a Recruiter

Staffing Agencies: Insider Tips to Get Freelance Work.

Can you find freelance work with staffing agencies?

Definitely. But you need to know what happens behind the scenes at a staffing agency when a recruiter is trying to find a writer for their client.

Here’s what usually happens. A staffing agency recruiter posts a contract job for a writer to work for one of their clients that looks something like this:

“Our client needs a copywriter who’s a natural at writing copy that’s on brand, fun, helpful, and authentic for a major company.”

Looks like a perfect writing gig for a solid client, right? So you fill out a few details online and click send. Hundreds or maybe even thousands of writers do the same thing. One writer gets the gig, and it’s not you. You never hear back.

Sound familiar? If you want to connect with staffing agencies to find freelance work, there’s something you need to know…that kind of lazy-ass marketing will fail you almost every time.

So what’s the secret to landing freelance work with staffing agencies? We talked to a veteran copywriter and staffing agency recruiter to find out…

Digital Marketing Agencies: 11 Places to Land Well-Paid Freelance Work

Digital Marketing Agencies: 11 Places to Land Well-Paid Freelance Work

Digital Marketing Agencies for Freelance Writers.

Can you make money writing for digital marketing agencies?

Yes. How about easy $100 assignments, $400 blog posts, or $1,000 long-form projects, and plenty of ongoing work?

Find a good digital marketing agency to work with, and it’s totally possible.

In theory, here’s how it works:

  • A digital marketing agency does all the heavy lifting to find clients in your niche.
  • Then the digital marketing agency hires you to write content for their clients…blog posts, white papers, case studies, website content, marketing materials, etc.

Sounds pretty good, right? All you need to do is find some digital marketing agencies, and you’re set. Lots of work, less marketing, steady pay.

Hold onSome digital marketing agencies have a track record for paying writers respectable rates. But some are nothing more than low-paying content mills disguised as a digital marketing agency, and we want you to avoid those.

Want to write for a digital marketing agency? Check out these freelance writer recommendations:

Money or Meh? 7 Middle-Man Agency Platforms Promise Content Writing Jobs

Money or Meh? 7 Middle-Man Agency Platforms Promise Content Writing Jobs

Money or Meh? Content Writing Jobs for Middle-Man Agencies.

How do you find content writing jobs as a freelance writer?

It’s the million-dollar question every newbie freelance writer wants an answer to (even seasoned freelancers keep coming back to this).

But there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to finding content writing jobs. And to be honest, sifting through job boards, Craigslist, and freelancer platforms isn’t the best way to find great clients.

But wouldn’t it be nice? A one-stop shop to find clients, get assignments, and make money…that doesn’t require a serious marketing effort.

That’s the appeal of middle-man agencies like Upwork, ClearVoice, Contently, and others. Sign up, create a profile, and apply for jobs. Or just sit back and wait for clients to find you.

It seems like every week a new platform that promises content writing jobs is born. So what are some of the newest platforms to find content writing jobs? And do any of them pay well enough to help you move up and earn more?

Check out these 7 middle-man agencies to find out:

5 Signs That Agency is a Pimped-Out Content Mill

5 Signs That Agency is a Pimped-Out Content Mill

Is That Agency a Pimped-Out Content Mill?

Want to write for a marketing agency? It’s a great way to scoop up freelance assignments. But if you’re not careful, that agency might actually be a content mill looking for cheap tricks.

Believe me. I learned this the hard way.

When I saw my first article published on US News and World Report I should’ve jumped up and down while singing the Halleluiah chorus.

But I didn’t.

Instead, the sight of it tangled an angry, disgusted knot in the pit of my stomach. I just got pimped by a content mill.

I wrote that article for a digital marketing agency and sold it for 20 bucks. My name wasn’t even on it.

But hers was—the web savvy millennial who’d purchased the content. It was right there next to her photo and the bio touting that she was a freelance real estate writer.

And I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

Here’s how to tell if that agency is nothing more than a pimped-out content mill:

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