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Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers: A 20-day e-course on how to get more gigs

You need good clients. 

In my marketing 101 e-course, you'll learn how to find better-paid writing jobs — in just 3 weeks! 

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You're scared to do marketing.

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  • You don't know what to say. 
  • You don't know who to pitch.
  • What's the best way to reach out?
  • You wonder and worry... and take no action.

You're frozen in fear.

Stuck working way too hard and earning way too little. Tired of friends and family asking when you're going to give up and get a job. You're starting to realize that if you don't up your marketing game, this will never get better. But you don't know HOW.

Is this you?

Let's end the uncertainty.

I hear these marketing fears all the time, from aspiring and new writers, and even from working freelance writers looking to move up to bigger magazines or business clients.  

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You ask:

“What's the one best, cheapest, fastest way for me to market my writing?”  

Here's the good news:

Freelance writing isn't like that.

There are many simple, proven ways to market your writing.

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In Marketing 101, you'll get a crash course in MANY proven marketing methods.

Whether you're an introvert article writer or a confident ace copywriter, there are methods here you'll love. Combine these best practices with your own interests, personality, style, and target audience to craft your killer marketing plan — and start getting better clients!


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Meet your coach: Carol Tice

Hi! I'm a longtime freelance writer who's written for Forbes, Delta Sky, Costco, American Express and many more. I created the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog in 2008. Thousands of my readers have taken Marketing 101 over the years, and used its lessons to find better clients.

To coach writers more closely, I founded the 1000+ member Freelance Writers Den learning and support community in 2011. I've coached hundreds of writers to higher earnings over the past decade, and I've presented more than 25 virtual courses.

Carol Tice

It's time to make more money.

You know there are better clients out there than the lowball scum you've seen on Craigslist, Upwork, or content mills.  

Marketing 101 ends the mystery and teaches you how to connect directly with great prospects. Learn how to cut out the middleman, get off race to-the-bottom platforms and start earning pro rates.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Marketing 101  

  • How to connect with better clients — in 60 seconds flat (Day 6)
  • Stand out with this strategy that works great — because few writers use it (Day 19)
  • How to avoid scams and connect with good clients via online job ads (Day 5)
  • The technique that land you good clients — even if you have NO samples yet (Day 7)
  • Get gigs from a quick chat — learn exactly what to say (Day 17)

...and much more!

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More raves for my courses!

Debbie Curtis

"I learned much, much more from you in Article Writing Masterclass than I did taking a ‘Writing for Magazines’ class at Cornell! I’m working on an article now that I’m sure will find a home in a nice, juicy paying market, thanks to your wonderful advice!"

Debbie Curtis

Writer Thomas HIll

"I got two clients during this class! At a career-oriented website I pitched, the editor said, 'I think this idea will work on our blog,' and I'm getting $200 for articles in their email blasts, after a free tryout. I honestly wish I'd taken this course sooner! It's helped me analyze publications more efficiently, which helps me get more assignments faster."  

Thomas Hill

Marketing 101 Includes:

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  • 20 Simple, info-packed lessons, that arrive daily in your email inbox 
  • Links to resources in every lesson, so you can learn more.
  • An accompanying workbook, so you can brainstorm and build your own marketing plan.

"Y’all, I highly recommend this fantastic course."

"Each lesson has a marketing prompt, showing you how to tap your network on LinkedIn, use Twitter, or what to say at a networking event. Taking Marketing 101 was a great way to get me thinking (and acting!) when I had no idea how to get started.” — Amy Hardison White, B2B SaaS copywriter and content strategist

Amy Hardison - Marketing 101

Ready to find better clients?