Writers’ First Friday Link Party! Share Your Best Post Here

Carol Tice

Woman-party-hat-arms-upI’m excited to introduce a new feature here designed to help writers who read this blog grow their own blog audience. It’s a monthly link party!

I learned about link parties at the New Media Expo, from the wonderful women at the blog Six Sisters’ Stuff.

Apparently, link parties are common in lots of other blog niches, like food and crafts. But I’d never seen one for my type of blog, about freelancing, writing, and blogging.

Here’s the thing: There are now nearly 6,000 subscribers to this blog, and over 24,000 writers read it every month.

I know a lot of you are great writers! And have blogs of your own. (Because when you leave a link in the comments, I often head over and check it out.)

I’ve been asking myself how I could do more to help you promote your own blogs…and then I learned how to make a link party.

This is a great opportunity for you to bring a wider audience to your blog, by sharing a post link here on this post.

Instructions are below — look forward to seeing your posts linked below!

P.S. — just have to come back to apologize that I didn’t manage to enable voting properly on this link party…but I’ve researched it and hopefully we will have voting after posting closes next time!


    • Karen Cioffi

      Ah, didn’t realize it would hyperlink the actual url – cool.

    • Carol Tice

      Hi Karen — the official link party is the thumbnails you see above…and it did close on Friday, it just runs for about 18 hours. But people are free to leave more links in the comments! Maybe we’ll call this the after-party.

      You don’t really have to code your link into the post, because you can use CommentLuv to attach it, Karen. You’re lucky this didn’t end up in spam since now it’s got 3 links in it…I’ve trimmed one off.

      Next time I’ll have voting enabled, so people can spotlight the best posts among the party. Try to show up the day of the event to get your link posted in the more prominent official party area, where you can leave an attractive graphic for us, and be part of the voting. 😉

  1. Leslie Lee Sanders

    Wouldn’t it be something if we all did a link party on a particular day, that way we all are encouraged to visit each other’s websites, read posts, and leave comments as well as others from outside sources?

    That would be the ultimate link party and a huge boost to traffic and engagement at a large scale. Just an idea.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Carol! Can’t wait till the next one. 🙂

  2. Rachelle

    Thank you for the opportunity to post my link and network. When is the next link party?

    • Carol Tice

      First Friday is the name of this…so that’s when it’ll be back!

  3. Missy

    I missed this one, but will try and make April. Thanks, Tice for the opportunity to meet and mix with other fabulous writers.


  4. Crystalee Beck

    Carol’s in the spotlight on my blog today – come see what she has to say about vacation time, balancing family and work, and what she wants her legacy to be.

    • Carol Tice

      Thanks for featuring me, Crystalee! I love the header on your blog.

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