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Carol Tice

Free Blog Reviews by Carol Tice. Makealivingwriting.comWould you like advice from a successful pro on how to turn your blog into a money-maker? Well, today’s your chance, because I’m calling a free blog review day.


Well, I’ve been quietly working on a whole new blogger training program that’s getting some pretty cool results. But I suspect many of my readers don’t even know about it!

So I’m here to give you a free taste of my blog coaching and introduce you to what I’ve got. And celebrating by putting my two Small Blog, Big Income ebooks on a 2-for-1 bundle sale this week.

These e-books outline my 7-Step system for positioning your blog to earn (without a huge audience).

They unpack all my tips from 9 years (!) writing this blog, and building it into the basis of a multi-six-figure business.

First tip: When you have a small blog audience, one way to stand out is to surprise readers with fun, free goodies. That way, your audience thinks you’re awesome, and they never want to unsubscribe.

And so…free blog reviews today!

Ready to turn your blog into a money-earner? Here are the blog-review rules:

How to get your free blog review

It’s simple: Every blogger who leaves a comment on this post the day it’s published gets a piece of feedback on their blog from me.

A few ground rules:

  • Put your URL in the right place. If you leave your URL in the body of your comment, the comment will go straight to spam. To get your free blog review, don’t get lost in the shuffle — leave your URL only in the box provided. It’s right at the top of your comment form. I don’t want to miss you, and won’t have time to dig through my spam to hunt for lost comments. It’s going to be crazy here!
  • State the age of your blog. When I know how long it’s been around, it helps give me a sense of where you’re at.
  • Tell me your top blog question or problem. That way, I can give you the feedback you need most. If you have a question, I’ll just pick the thing that jumps out at me as the biggest issue.
  • Deadline is midnight Pacific time. That should be enough time to see this post and leave me your URL, no matter where in the world you live.
  • Allow 48 hours for response. I usually get pretty swamped when I offer free blog reviews! So please be patient.
  • One blog per customer. Be fair and let everyone have a chance. Remember, if you try to list more blogs in the comment text, you’ll just go in spam.

Small Blog Big Income ebooks - free blog review dayI’m excited to give back to my terrific readers. I check out your URLs when you post on my blog comments, and I know a lot of bloggers really need help!

Happy to share my (sometimes contrarian) advice on how small bloggers can earn real money. This post’s comment thread will be like a free taste of those Small Blog, Big Income e-books.

Extra: 3 winners get review videos

To give you an even more robust taste of what my blog mastermind group is like, I’m going to pick three interesting cases and do a more thorough, 15-20 minute blog review video for each of those.

I’ll get those video reviews on a page and share that link with everyone on the next post coming up.

The videos will give you a much better sense of the level of feedback you get as a member of my Small Blog Big Income small-group mastermind.

UPDATE: Videos taking a little longer than expected, thanks to a cold — I will email them out to subscribers later next week. If you’re not already one, subscribe here to get that link.

On beyond blog reviews

If this whets your appetite, how can you get more feedback from me on your blog?

That’s what my blog mastermind is for. In this small group, I help you execute on my 7-step system, saving you a boatload of wasted time and helping you see your best earning opportunities.

The mastermind has got room for a few more members — and once it’s full, the price is going up. A lot.

It’s an application process to get in, so if you’re interested in that, read up on the group and apply now.

Ready to get started? Then let’s fix your blog!

What’s your biggest question about your blog? Tell me in the comments, and I’ll give you a quick free blog review.

Make your small blog EARN BIG! Join the Blog Mastermind with Carol Tice, Author of Small Blog, Big Income: One Niche Blogger's 7-Step Formula




  1. Susan A.

    Cool, I’ll look into ways to do free marketing. Could you just look at this blog example really quick? Linked it into commentlove. It ranks on Google, and it was one of the blogs I was trying to copy with my site. Do you still think it’s missing anything? It doesn’t have an about page for example, so I just want to see what you think a blog really does need, like the absolute things.

    • Susan A.

      Oh, here it is, the link didn’t go thru the first time.

    • Carol Tice

      I’m confused, since you’ve stated that same site as your site. Yours is something different?

      I’m not really reviewing individual blog posts here — but if you want to drill down at that level, feel free to join me in the mastermind!

    • Carol Tice

      And remember, just because you found A post on a competing blog that ranked for some search, that in no way means that site generates money. Knowing how to turn visitors into buyers is a whole ‘nother skill set.

    • Susan A.

      That’s a good point…I don’t know if it generates money. There is Adsense but the payouts can be so low…You gave me a good POV thanks again.

    • Carol Tice

      My experience is typically, people using AdSense report to me that they’re making about $1 a month. It’s a joke. I’m always asking, “So why do you still have that up? People hate ads.” But I guess it’s hard to admit that what you’re doing is NOT going to work…because then you have to engage in the harder work of finding out what DOES work.

      This is what my blog mastermind is all about! Stopping the insanity and finding how to really monetize your blog.

  2. Carol Tice

    Just want to note that — review day has officially ended! I will be reviewing the URLs that are BELOW this comment. Writers have continued posting far beyond the 24 hour deadline, and at this point, I’m calling it. Thanks for the chance to look at so many interesting blogs!

    Next, I’ll be selecting 3 of these for video reviews that are more extensive — stay tuned next week for a link to those!

  3. Akshay Gupta

    Hi Carol,

    Love this idea of blog review. I can’t wait for your feedback!

    Please tell me how to make my blog an authority in the career development niche.

    Age – 2 years.

    Thank you.

    • Carol Tice

      Akshay — your blog seems to be having technical problems. It’s got a lot of messages across the top telling me you haven’t posted in a while and changes have been lost, etc. Not sure what’s up there… and then each of your social proof ‘as seen on’ graphics appear twice. So it’s sort of a mess.

      But I’ll just say that “Up To Work” is one of those phrases that native English speakers never use. Not really sure what it’s supposed to me — like am I up to working or not? I need to get up in the morning and go to work? You’re going to help me feel up to working?

      I see a lot of blogs that use English this way, coming up with word combos that don’t make obvious sense in English. I’m not really sure what the blog’s about, not seeing a tagline except in meta, where it says ‘Best career advice articles for Job Seekers’ — which your blog headlines seem to relate to as well.

      If you want to blog in English, you have to find a blog name and tagline that communicate well in English.

      Headlines actually seem pretty strong! But you’ll need to fix the many technical problems here that make this blog visually uninviting to visit. Maybe time to collaborate with a designer.

      More importantly…what is your vision for how this would be monetized? Are you hoping to get resume writing work through it, for example? I’m unclear what sort of ads you might be able to get if you built it up, maybe from temp agencies? Look at what earning methods are on competing sites.

    • Akshay Gupta

      Thank you so much for the valuable advice.

      Yes, we will find a better name. And, I’ll hire a tech guy to do the needful.

      About monetization, I intend to get readers to buy the premium plan which offers resume and cover letter writing services.

      Any other tips on how to build engagement and traffic?


    • Carol Tice

      Akshay, have you seen any other website earning by that model, of trying to sign up resume/cover letter clients thru the site? Because I haven’t.

      My experience working with MANY freelance writers, though, is that resume is the WORST writing niche there is. Clients are consistently broke, want to pay peanuts, and they do one resume, and then they’re done! And you get to start over and find another client. There’s no ongoing work, which is the mainstay of successful freelancing. So in general, I’d say to do more research into this niche and see if there’s anything you can really upsell here that will work. I’m not seeing a lot of job-seekers buying a ‘service’ level on a platform. 99% do their own resume using free online forms, at this point.

  4. Nick Segal

    Hi Carol,

    Love what you are doing for the writing community,

    Many Thanks,
    respect and goodwill,
    Nick Segal

    • Carol Tice

      I’m assuming you wanted a review, Nick?

      I find your blog…mystifying. You use abbreviations and words that we don’t know. You’re making jokes we’re not in on. There’s also a sloppiness to the writing, extra spaces, grammar/typo problems.

      If you want to create a blog that earns, you have to begin by caring about the reader, inviting them in, and giving them a great experience. Start with a tagline we can understand, not:

      Walking the extra mile in the mind. Don’t believe me , check it..Any questions replied to

      What does that mean, walking the extra mile in my mind? Your tagline needs to EXPLAIN it, not say it over again.

      Then there’s another tagline: Be the author of your ity. I don’t know what that means. If you’re hoping readers will read further hoping to decipher it, I’m afraid most won’t.

      Who is your intended reader, and what will we learn here? I’m seeing everything from apparently hardcore erotica to advice about mental health issues. Successful blogs are not a catch-all for whatever you feel like writing about each day — they have a focus on the reader. See if you can find your one passion topic that readers would benefit from, and put your focus there. Explain what’s going on to the reader, in plain English, so that they feel like this site is for them.

      And of course — get it off free WordPress, if you’re serious about it!

  5. Benjamin

    Wonderful, Carol! I have learnt lots of stuff reading comments and immediately implementing some of your advice. In fact, I’m presently writing an eBook to offer as freebie to my audience based on your responses on this post.

    I hope that’s not plagiarism 🙂 Of course I will acknowledge you in it.

    Book Title: What Veteran Blogger Carol Tice Says About Your Writing Site

    Quite amazing!

    • Carol Tice

      Benjamin — my comments on my site ARE my property, as are my blog posts. So I’m afraid ripping them off to create a product for your subscribers would be plagiarism. I expressly DON’T give permission for my blog comments to be turned into a product someone else offers their audience. You would really also need to seek permission from each of my posters to use their questions and URLs as well, but since I’m a no, that won’t be necessary.

      Please come up with another idea for your giveaway! That is not really ‘writing an ebook,’ is it? It’s copying text from this comment thread. Please stop.

    • Benjamin

      Hi Carol,

      I’m sorry for that…Its ok..Alright…I’ve stopped! No Problem.

      I thought I was being a little bit creative here as this is one thing you’ve always insisted on as a mentor.

      Offer them freebies and get their email :-)want to sell? email is where the money is…

      Lots of love from a hustling writer aiming to make mid 5 figures in 2017.

    • Carol Tice

      There’s an ocean of difference between ‘being creative’ and plagiarizing. Yes, of course you want to create a free product. But make it one built on YOUR expertise. That’s how you build your authority and make YOUR blog successful.

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