Find Your First Freelance Writing Client with These 7 Pitch Templates
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Find Your First Freelance Writing Client 7 Pitch Templates

Find Your First Freelance Writing Job with These 

7 Pitch Templates

Struggling to get your first freelance writing clients? Use these easy templates to get prospects to say 'Yes'!


What you'll learn:

  • Exactly what to say that gets you hired by business clients 
  • A proven formula for query letters that get assignments 
  • The template for landing business blogging clients
  • How to confidently and quickly ask for — and get! — referrals to good clients
  • How to pitch for pro bono projects to quickly get great clips and build a portfolio that impresses

There's more!

• Success tips for each template

• 4 templates for email subject lines that get more opens

• Bonus pitching tips for newbies that help you get the gig

Proven Templates That Get Gigs!

Hundreds of writers in my Freelance Writers Den community have been using these templates to get clients for years. Now they can all be yours, free.

If you hear crickets when you send pitch emails or letters, grab these templates and let's get you some clients.

Let's get you earning from writing — today!

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